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  1. 'I'm not getting an X% pay rise, so you don't deserve one either'
  2. My experience is that people who earn more than teachers support inflation matching wage rises as it's a graduate job with a significant degree of responsibility. It tends to be those who earn less who get in a tizzy. There seems to be a real bitterness that other people are getting higher % wage rises. I fully support ALL council/govt employees getting meaningful increases. It's divide and conquer. Teaching wages have fallen significantly below the amount expected due to inflation over the last 20 years.
  3. 3% backdated a year as there was no pay rise for a year, 7% then an additional 3% the year after. In the last 2 years, pay has risen 1.22% then 1%
  4. The previous pay rise was not 10% in a year. It was just over 13% over 3 years.
  5. A 5% increase for a teacher at the top of the scale (after teaching for 6 years) works out at something like a £110 increase a month in take home wage. My costs for electricity/gas, shopping and petrol have gone up more than that per month over the last year. I would be surprised if it was not the same for the vast majority. I simply don't think I should be expected to be worse off just because other people earn less money than me.
  6. Don't clubs cover the cost of operations (usually through their insurance cover)?
  7. A question for @Marten I'm over in Amsterdam on 18th - 20th Nov and plan to get the train to Leiden and then bus to Katwijk to watch Quick Boys v AFC. I am presuming for a game at this level, pay at the gate would be the norm. However, was wondering if there is any way to buy tickets online? I had a look at Quick Boys website and the online ticket sales section seems to lead to a dead end. Am I just being an idiot?! Any help would be much appreciated
  8. Are there any real pubs in Pitmedden? A quick google suggests there's upmarket country restaurant and an off licence with a couple of tables inside. Neither seems like it'd be ideal for a bus full of football fans. Is there a social club/bar at the ground?
  9. I was sat beside a couple of Ireland fans who were singing about the IRA both while the actual away section was and at other times. They were fairly in my face when Ireland took the lead. When we scored the winner, was I the bigger man, willing to forgive their indescretions? No. I was not
  10. Thoroughly looking forward to being as disresprctful as possible during the minute's applause
  11. What do Rangers and the Queen have in common?
  12. I hope the board act quickly. I've no ill feeling towards Swift but if he doesn't go ASAP he'll just get hounded until he does which is fairly undignified. Looking forward to booing them on to the park at Forfar!
  13. Pay up the wages of Cantlay, Forbes, Higgins and Joseph and sack Swift immediately. I doubt there is a single fan who wants him to stay.
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