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  1. When the Beta releases, can you access the editor or do you have to wait for the full release?
  2. One of the main things a person/family could do to reduce their Carbon footprint would be to use public transport to get to work or have a fully electric car. However, when trying to get people to change to an alternative, the alternative has to be at least as good as the current option. With public transport to work, I/my wife live 4.8 miles and 5.6 miles away from our respective places of work (as the crow flies). This is a max of 40 minutes return trip for me, 50 mins for her. Taking the fastest series of public transport connections, It's 1 hr 40 mins for me and 2 hrs 40 for her. We looked into electric card when we bought a new car earlier this year and despite the savings in fuel, the up front cost was thousands higher than a similar petrol version. We stay in a flat so can't get a charger installed on a driveway and it seems that although some of the faster chargers can complete a charge in 30ish mins, others take several hours. We like going big road trips and the hassle of trying to plan in stops because the range is 300 miles worse than my current car is not appealing. I do my bit in daily life with regards recycling, cutting down plastic use etc but won't buy an electric car until the range and charging infrastructure improves significantly.
  3. I downloaded untappd recently and when I tried to join it said my username/email was already registered. I tried to login with my usual user name/email/password combo and it turns out I'd set up an account a few years before, presumably while drunk . I'd reviewed 2 beers, Tennents and Tennents Super. Both received 5/5
  4. If you're a Falkirk fan down on your luck, Janey Godley is doing a gig at Falkirk Town Hall tonight. Maybe something to cheer you up.
  5. Wedderburn, Forbes and Hughes all start together. Sack Swift regardless of the result.
  6. This could probably go in a number of threads but here will do. My wife was looking through her phone calendar/smartwatch App and said 'oh, my period should have started on Tuesday'. After about 5 seconds she then casually said 'my mistake, it's this coming Tuesday'
  7. Some of the takes at the beginning of the thread are genuinely extraordinary.
  8. Let us not beat around the bush. The views of Islam towards homsexuality are utterly abhorrent and countries such as Qatar should be treated as pariahs by civilised societies.
  9. The Bangladeshi government do little to help their citizens trapped and mistreated in Qatar and other gulf states because of the billions of dollars they send back to Bangladesh each year. I'd fully support a boycott.
  10. Given they've had some reasonable results and very rarely lose heavily to even the best teams, I assumed their first 11 would be mainly foreign based players with a fair few in top to flight of Denmark/Sweden. It's nothing of sort. This should be comfortable!
  11. I am seemingly in a minority of 1, but I thought the atmosphere wasn't particularly great. In the games where the Hampden atmosphere has been excellent, it was wall to wall noise with one song followed immediately by another. First half there was barely a song and it was a very subdued half time sing song. It improved in the second half and there was obviously carnage at the goals/full time but overall it was a significantly poorer at than v say Italy in 2007 and the like.
  12. Full marks to Stenhousemuir for incorporating a pint of T in the image they use to accompany tweets promoting hospitality packages.
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