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  1. From a man who has presumably seen Andy Brown, that's quite the claim!
  2. Not kept up with the whole thread so apolgies if mentioned before but the reason people should be demanding (and getting) wage rises in the with inflation is because if you get a much smaller increase now, you're unlikely to get a greater than inflation increase in a year or two to make up for it, so will be forever be worse off in relative terms as a result.
  3. Last season there was a guy with a 'scanner gun' scanning QR codes from people who had bought via the Fanbase app. Nothing built in to the turnsytles. 95% of people have a season ticket or paid cash (except for first few games where it was app purchases only). As far as I'm aware you can't pay by card at the turnstyles or pie shop.
  4. 1. Annan Athletic 2. Forfar Athletic 3. Stenhousemuir 4. Dumbarton 5. Stirling Albion 6. Stranraer 7. Bonnyrigg Rose 8. Elgin City 9. East Fife 10. Albion Rovers
  5. For full temper tantrums, people need to post their 1-10.
  6. Looking forward to my first jaunt down to Berwick in 10+ years on Saturday. Angel Inn, oh how I've missed you!
  7. The bookies initially tend to favour relegated teams, especially if they have a larger fan base/more recent 'success' before letting the market find it's level after people start placing bets. As a result, it wouldn't surprise me if Dumbarton started bookies favourites. I'd be very surprised if more than a handful of people on this forum thought Dumbarton are favourites.
  8. I'm going to prefix this by saying that there's a cigarette paper between the vast majority of teams in the division and every set of fans could rightly claim they should be making the playoffs and perhaps make a title challenge. Dumbarton fans initially claimed their retained/2 year deal players were a waste of a jersey, the club off field was in turmoil and 'doing a Brechin' wasn't off the cards. After a few signings which seem like largely mid table league 2 quality, the mood seems to have drastically improved. Was it just a case of pessimism and despair after a poor season and overstating how bad the current crop were?
  9. For people on low wages, the enemy isn't people who work in 'average' jobs earning far more than you. It's your own employer.
  10. Not a player I've heard of or know anything about. A quick check of his credentials suggests he'll be a decent enough versatile squad player. Would have preferred if he'd been a left back who could play right back rather than the other way around.
  11. In some ways, being 'proud' to support a club that plays football games once a week is a bit absurd. However, with assisting people in the community during Covid, the mental health work, taking into account the cost of living and speaking out about inclusion and LGBT rights, I do actually feel proud to be a Stenhousemuir supporter.
  12. Nonsense. If you're reading this SFC Twitter admin, go baws oot. Photoshop a picture of Sean Crighton lifting the league 2 trophy with the caption 'We're Stenhousemuir, we're better than you' below.
  13. I think given that he successfully overcame cancer fans didn't ever want to be to critical but he was not League 2 level.
  14. At the moment, I'd say 4-3-3 The back 4 picks itself. Yeats, Jamieson, Crighton, Corbett. Midfield 3 of Bryson, Wedderburn, Miller. O'Reilly wide left but dropping deep left to receive the ball with Orr and one of Sewell/Yates up top
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