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  1. I avoid this scenario by only dining in pubs with ex-pat owners and staff.
  2. Thoroughly looking forward to my full English and pints of Carling in Benidorm in August.
  3. I think come mid March/whenever tier criteria and what's allowed in each tier is announced, people are going to be pleasantly surprised.
  4. You're allowed to leave your local authority for exercise now.
  5. As what I want to happen has no influence on any decisions to potentially deprive me of things I enjoy, seeing people go full Alan Brazil because they can get a pint two weeks later than those in England will provide some light relief.
  6. Thoroughly looking forward to the meltdowns this afternoon.
  7. Can't wait to vote in May for a party with diametrically opposing views to my own because you can get a pint two weeks earlier in England.
  8. I would like life to return to normal quite quickly. I'm not going to claim it's for mental health reasons or wider economic reasons because I think that's a bit of a smokescreen people use to hide behind when really they just want their old life back. Come winter, more people than usual may die due to vaccinations not stopping all severe disease. I'm happy to admit that I see that as acceptable.
  9. These days, you can't even drink Tyskie without the SNP trying to deport you.
  10. My penalty miss rate is incredible. Is there any way to check the penalty stats? I'm positive across 10 seasons (5 of which I've been the best team in the world, give or take) my success rate is less than 50%. Anyone who takes my penalties has at least 15 for penalties and composure.
  11. Some people are seem to be absolutely seething about things that haven't happened. Folk wanting to write to their MSP based on a half quote from Jason Leitch, others refusing to vote for particular parties because they're going to have us locked down until 2022, despite there being no evidence of that. Those who appear most mentally impacted seem to spend an awful lot of time looking at various social media and news sites for any covid story going. A Scottish route map will be published in the not too distant future. If the one published last May or whenever it was is anything to go by, it will be fairly detailed. You may or may not like the time line. Wet your knickers then if you're not happy but the nick people are getting themselves into at speculation is a bit embarrassing.
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