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  1. Since the announcement about mandatory face coverings from Friday, anecdotal evidence suggests usage is way up. I'm just back from shopping and would have estimated 75%+ had a face covering and almost all were 'proper' masks.
  2. I'm only taking the piss. Everything was uncertain in early April but I did have a laugh at some of the predictions which have turned out to be wild. Enjoy your meal and pints!
  3. Contemplating making an alias account to upvote this a second time.
  4. Below is the transcript of what Nicola Sturgeon said regarding the 2m rule and the reopening of businesses. I can provide no stronger evidence to explain why what you have said is incorrect.
  5. The science says that to eliminate the virus in your country, in a closed system, a lockdown of sorts should remain in place until active cases are 0. Everything else is a political decision based on acceptable mortality rates, damage to the economy and the impact of restrictions on health and wellbeing and civil liberties. 'Why are we not making the same decisions as country x?' is like asking if there is a perfect political ideology, why don't all countries elect the exact same types of political parties. There is no one size fits all.
  6. 'The science' is not an exact thing. A quick google suggests the R number in Austria is above 1 and they seem to have more positive tests per head of population than Scotland. Perhaps we now have it right with regards measures and they have it wrong. Or is it just 'they're doing what I want us to do so I assume they are making good decisions and we are making bad ones?'
  7. Really happy with the changes announced. Seems a very fair balance of risk and responsibility.
  8. You are aware that pubs, restaurants, cafes etc will be open inside and out in a little over two weeks? I had a read back over bits of this thread as I'm seriously bored. I know the situation moved quickly and no one was really quite sure what was going on but some of the takes were wild. A prediction of pubs and restaurants being closed for TWO YEARS was my personal favourite. Throw in the hissy fits, curtain twitchers, driving to the shop to sit in the car gate, it was an enjoyable read
  9. I'm extremely surprised that people will be able to fly to and enjoy a quarantine free holiday in Europe in a week or two. I distinctly remember being told by one or two experts on here that foreign travel was off the cards for years.
  10. My wife and 3 of the other women who live in my section of flats are going out to sunbathe in the communal garden, which is in direct view of where I'm currently sitting.
  11. It would cause a lower level of compliance across the country. 'If it's ok for *insert council name* that's 5 minutes away, it's good enough for me' I do think the islands are a different case though.
  12. Agreed. I wish people wouldn't congregated in parks and not social distance. I'm saying everything from the perspective of having no children and both my job and my wife's job being safe as houses. What people now want almost entirely seems to be determined by personal circumstances and I understand that. No issue with people looking after no. 1. However, when people on here and elsewhere are discussing/arguing about what should happen next it just annoys me slightly they often hide behind utilitarian pretences to argue for what suits them best.
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