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  1. The slight silver lining is seeing Kilmarnock fans on Twitter defending O'Donnell. He's an above average SPFL Premier League fullback.
  2. You can blame the manager. A good manager can arrange and organise a good defensive system and strategy.
  3. The Athletico Mince comedy is extremely puerile, which is the sort of thing usually enjoyed by easily pleased simpletons. The sort of people who enjoy 'A league of their own' and watch 'Jeff and the boys' every Saturday afternoon in Wetherspoons.
  4. I've had Athletico Mince recommended by people I though were sensible. It's for the sort of people who drink in Wetherspoons and like James Corden. Mortimer's accent makes me want to commit genocide.
  5. Not a huge bargain, but it certainly isn't ash tray juice!
  6. I think that's harsh. Jura is adequate 'table whisky'.
  7. I'd play him in an attacking/creative central midfield role. He's exactly the type of player we've been crying out for
  8. There were a fair few in Siem Reap. It definitely won't be an issue.
  9. My wife's friend is coming round this evening at about 8pm. She's recently found out she's pregnant (the friend) so I expect that an evening of horrendous baby chat awaits. I've been actually been ordered to go to the pub to give them peace. Many TL will be enjoyed.
  10. I went to university as a means to an end. While there, I found no enjoyment in listening to lectures or reading, even though the course I did was in a subject I enjoy. I'd liken it to Higher English sucking the fun out of a book by making you analyse every single line.
  11. Some of the dogs pictured in the 'SHOW US YOUR DOGS' topic are utterly pathetic. I'd be ashamed for passers by to see me walking some of them.
  12. Have the benefactors stopped chucking money at it? That's a shame.
  13. I had a full time summer job during summer while at uni. About a week after joining, we had a team night out and I got a bit flirty with one of the girls (she was late 20's and I was 18). She was quite a big girl but had a pretty face. Even though nothing at all had happened I had the fear the next day and felt a bit sheepish going in to work on Monday. I said hello to her in the morning and we all had a laugh and a joke at break and during lunch so I felt a weight off my mind. At the end lunch it was just the two of us walking back to our desks and in a matter of fact way she told me that she didn't want a boyfriend but had a high sex drive and would I like to go straight to hers for sex after work that night. I said yes and for the 4 months I was there, every night without exception we went straight to hers. Let me tell you, for an 18 yr old lad whose sexual experiences up to that point had been a few drunken one night stands with probably equally inexperienced people, this was an eye opener. Many of her tastes were 'unconventional' and I truly do thank her for corrupting me sexually.
  14. Throughly enjoying seeing Vincent Kompany's Anderlecht do badly.
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