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  1. I had a terrible job, kept scraping against her teeth...
  2. When the ball is punted up the park from kick off. Just giving the ball away for the sake of it!
  3. The pop up ones are a pain in the arse. The paypal one is the worst for me.
  4. Michael Owen - boring Paul Merson - Stupid Jamie Carragher - c**t Owen Hargreaves - Deluded Garth Crooks - No mark. (And his teams of the week on BBC are shite)
  5. Booby Roode ffs. Greensboro coliseum having a mare!
  6. Lethal display from Dortmund today! Gladbach are a shambles. Haven't really been the same since Lucien Favre's last full season.
  7. I'm optimistic about The Pars winning the league now. Before i thought we would probably get 4th and get beat in the playoffs. Can't remember when we had so many goalscorers in the squad.
  8. Mahal was showing the same picture of Nakamura on the titantron for each of his shitey jokes then said something like he always rooks rike that.
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