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  1. Will make it all the more satisfying when he delivers the goods for us (hopefully). High hopes.
  2. Duffy away and loan deals for Brands and Byrne "likely" apparently.
  3. Duffy being permanently punted to Dundalk by Timmy. Thank the lord it gets him away from Dens and frees up some readies to sign Stevie May and Scott Allan Hoping the Dutch lad Brands has done enough to earn a cheeky wee deal until the end of the season. He looks like he could be a player and is exactly what we need. Creativity and goals from midfield.
  4. Magnificent. Wee haters well and truly pumped. Could've have been four or five. Happy new year all
  5. Shite. Forgot he was a froot. Point(s) is: 1. The "who's out there thats better?" argument can't and won't last forever if PH continues to clown around. 2. Many of the players aren't up to it but Bruce Forsyth would probably get more out of this squad if he deployed them in a simple shape and allowed them to play their natural game in their strongest positions.
  6. Not me pal.. I sit in the Derry with my two boys (both under ten) and eight other family members. My fitba etiquette is exemplary I just take issue with Dees like you who, if you continue with your denial tactics, will soon be sitting amongst 2000 Dundee supporters paying £30 a game or £500 a season. Open your eyes. There are season ticket holders for 30 years+ amongst my group (myself included) and at this stage at least half aren't renewing next year and will just pick and choose their games. If you have kids yourself you'll understand what that means. Desperate to bring them up as Dees but faced with shelling out £12 (£15 for Cat A) a pop to take an 8 year old kid to Dens when other grounds are letting them in significantly cheaper or for free in some cases. The list of games that folk actually end up attending gets shorter and shorter. Before you know it, we've turned into a St Johnstone or Killie in terms of supporter base. Not to mention the ridiculous situation with no cash gates and queuing twice to get a ticket on the day of the game. Crazy, And another unnecessary barrier preventing folk from getting to the game. All this at a time when we should be growing the club and capitalizing on the demise of the no righters next door. So yes, I'll continue being a live wire and you continue to not face up to the reality of what's currently going on. Home crowds are most certainly down over the last two seasons. It beggars belief that you would deny that to be honest. Unless you don't go to Dens; that would maybe explain it. My Hearts supporting mate refused to pay what Dundee wanted for him and his three kids (all under 12) last week. £70. The same fixture at Tynecaslte would have cost him as little as £33 for all four of them. I'll be there tomorrow as always; cheering on the team and hoping for huge improvements from both players and manager. If it doesn't happen sharpish, this big handsome b*****d should be tapped up. Fairly certain he'd do a better job with the same level of backing that Hartleys had.
  7. Which stats? you wouldn't need to reduce by anywhere near a tenner. It's kids prices that are the main issue however we are generally far too expensive in comparison to every other Prem team across the entry types. The pricing and ticketing arrangements from FPS have been an absolute disgrace.
  8. Wind yer neck in Sweetheart. A'body and there Doag knows home crowds are down and prices (especially kids) are a major issue at Dens yet you want to divert attention away from the issue and get wrapped up in a pointless debate. Overall attendances may very well be up however Dee fans are not showing up in their droves and home attendances are without question down. ST sale's as well. Don't worry though, as long as you're cool with it. Go and slaver yer pish tae someone else. To add - if you want irrefutable proof, look up the crowds month on month, game on game over the past two seasons and deduct the away support yourself.
  9. Beg to differ. Home support attendance is way, way down.. OF away supports driving up the average so far this season.
  10. Last time we done it the game was in doubt, there were biblical proportion floods, pitch problems and the game was eventually rescheduled more than once if I remember correctly. Was never going to pull a decent crowd. They have got to waken up to the fact they're driving folk away from Dens with their pricing. Young adult and kids prices inparticualr are disgraceful in comparison to almost every other club in the league.
  11. High risk strategy Ludo. What if January passes and we get the usual "it's a difficult window" shite? We've looked utterly lost in terms of tactics, imagination and skill since Dingwall on day one.
  12. And charge ridiculous prices whilst having nonsensical ticketing arrangements in place. Have you seen the prices for the St Mirren cup game? Scandalous.
  13. Do you not feel let down by his transfer business and the teams performances this year?
  14. So you don't think Hartley has been well backed and you don't think we have the fifth largest playing budget in the league?
  15. Crazy logic if you ask me. Regardless of how badly they may be performing, we don't part company with a manager until an agreeable replacement is lined up? There's literally a whole world of candidates out there who would be qualified, available and motivated to show what they can do with the fifth largest budget in the Scottish Premiership.
  16. Absolutely not. We're a mess. We'd better be weighing up all our options right now.
  17. 2-0 Dundee. A goal in each half will keep the hordes of Gorgie zombies silent as per usual. Never seen us lose at the footballing cathedral that is Tynecastle. Mon the Dee.. Back up the road with the points please.
  18. No "Nelmsy" never. The money collected in recent weeks combined with some private donations and DFCSS money bought the sculpture. DFC and its supporters actually ended up contributing £20k to the Archie Foundation. £8k from the club to sponsor it and £12k from the supporters to buy it. Out of our depth? A job well done by all for a great cause.
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