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  1. Just a reminder…we’ve been trying to upgrade (that’s all it is) Lesser for two years and it’s still not near ready. The Millennium refurbishment of Hampden was less than that. You could build a new village with 500 new homes in 2 years. The Shard was built in 2 years. I understand the logic of QP fans first but the club ethics was about improving the game and taking it to others, not locking them out because of our clusterfuck organisation. We need to see some creative thinking from the boardroom, and soon. Although I suspect the best solution will come through friends and relationships.
  2. A hybrid pitch would be up to the job, short term. Outside of the OF I doubt if anyone would turn down the money. As we will also have a hybrid pitch I don’t see anything in the SPFL laws that would stop us switching to Lesser at any given time. Lesser won’t be ready for July but we only need a stand, pitch, dressing rooms, floodlights and turnstiles opened to get the Bronze license. All of which is well under way. The south stand and hospitality etc can follow at their own pace. Where there’s a will…
  3. You’ve an excellent track record on “rumours” Boris. All my shillings are on you.
  4. Interesting thought. So we could drop the goalie out the team and get that strike duo we’ve been missing?
  5. Signed a pre-contract. Williamson was a great result, well worked by the club. And when the deal at Lochinch goes through and the proposed investment follows there won’t be any clubs in the Championship with facilities to beat ours. Better players will come. The likes of Craig Sibbald would be the type we should talk with.
  6. At Airdrie, we had to complete half the season there so that all our opponents each had one game on artificial and the second fixture on grass. If we had moved back after the first round of games, when Hampden was ready, some teams would have complained. So if it was about fairness and the pitch surface maybe if we are at a ground that also has a hybrid would allow us more flexibility when Lesser is complete? He's just fishing...Stenny's not on the list. The clues are fairly obvious...somewhere with a similar surface, somewhere with good/sizeable hospitality. Not Ibrox or Parkhead. Doesn't necessarily have to be the same venue for the league cup and the league fixtures. We have new people at the club now with different contacts in their phone book. Anything is possible! There's technically an AGM due this month but I'd expect another (shorter) delay to answer this question which is critical to the opening of Lesser, and vice versa. There's also another milestone due on June 1 that will settle all the "whiff of Gretna" nonsense.
  7. Courtesy of Diamonds TV… https://www.airdriefc.com/dtv2122/150522/airdrieonians-vs-queen's-park
  8. Never been a fan of the SPFL management team and their obsession with the Big Six, although even that is variable these days. Have to say though, slowly but surely the pyramid system is creating stronger leagues at all levels and those who stand still are losing out. Harsh on some of the old favourites but equally clubs below the senior leagues need the chance to improve. Sadly, it’s all about money but that’s the case in countries all over Europe. Better opportunities for players and coaches these days also. Still to be measured if the whole thing is sustainable though. Prize money is laughable in Scotland and certainly doesn’t compensate some of the investments. And as long as we are in the shadow of the English leagues it won’t improve much.
  9. I’m more relaxed about this summers dealings than any year previously. The only thing that would restrict progress would be if the Committee wanted to put the brakes on. I’m certain that’s not the case anymore and with the combined connections across Scotland, north of England, Ireland, Northern Europe, Australia, The United States and Cambuslang, plus much better relationships with the SFA, we have everything going in our favour. From what I hear of Beuker, that laid-back, laconic style has a razor edge to it. Instead of keeping schtum all summer in case an Ayrshire Juniors side gazumps us by fifty quid we’ll be at the front of the queue with agents chapping our door. Mr Coyle’s shopping list is already being worked on.
  10. It’s almost like when the players aren’t on the pitch some fans go into the concourse. Tragic day for Airdrie fans if this is all you won at. Should be fun next season though when you and Clyde meet up for relegation battles and argue who had the bigger crowd in the 1980s.
  11. The bit you don’t know was it was his brother taking the picture
  12. Yep! And that’s what this season has mostly taught us, getting that balance. And I think our season has shown that precisely, fitful is how I could best describe it. Despite the urban myth nearly all the playing squad is made up from frees, mostly the McKinnon era, loanees or the better parts of the youth system. The whole salary structure is hearsay too and only a handful at the club would know the exact numbers. McKinnon’s departure, and a very public statement from the club on why he left, proved that his purchases were only to get us out of L2 which was the club’s primary target as there was a real fear of hitting the Lowland league, never to be seen again. After he left, the only published buy was Liam Brown. We have had loanees this season from Celtic, Rangers, Hearts and Liverpool but that’s not about money per se, they have all been impressed with the playing & training regime. The club will have another massive transition next season regardless of Sunday. We’ll be expected to win L1 or sit bottom half of the Champ so maybe 3-6 league places of a difference. The higher we go the more difficult it is to work in the youngbloods. Most of the McKinnon Originals will be moving along. Great faith has been put in Beuker and Coyle to transform us for the next push in less than 2 months, although I’d hope it’s well under way by now. We’ll still have old men howling at players for a while yet. Over and above all that, off the pitch there’s been a series of events that harks back to the inexperience of being an amateur team in a professional league while in the same timescale newcomers to the club single-mindedly pushing on with their agenda on the club’s future development. We have a long-term plan for the club’s growth and stability, a medium term plan for the football development and now thanks to Coyle arriving a short term plan to get up to the next level. There will be bumps on the road of course, but I’d wager most clubs’ directors wish they were on the same journey. Including a few in the Championship. Thanks for viewing…must go….pyro shop closes at 1pm and I’ve got flute practise at 3. All together now….
  13. Always find it humorous when fans say “we didn’t play well” when it was their opponents that didn’t let them play well. QP ran Airdrie into the ground and passed them off the park. The only reason the tie is alive for the Diamonds is our continued inability to capitalise on extended periods of pressure. That’s our biggest challenge on Sunday. A superb goal from Murray, winning and turning and then shifting his body for the strike as 3 opponents ran after him like they were asking for his autograph. So to win the tie, do everything we did last night, which was the same as both legs v Dunfermline, plus more strikes from midfield. Although to be fair, referee Mason Boyne could have helped if he had applied the same rules when judging Airdrie flying tackles, especially on Celtic loanee Connell, as he did on Afolabi’s cartwheel. Maybe we’ll get a neutral ref on Sunday. The pen? From the highlights there might have been the slightest of touch but with the ball flying high over the bar it was a very lucky break for Airdrie. Ferrie’s naivety at work again perhaps. More importantly, we had done a great job for 85 mins keeping Airdrie away from our goal and for the minute or two before the penalty we had sat deep again and allowed a dangerous ball into the big striker. Can’t have that next time. We’re more than still in it. Mentally we have the upper hand. If Airdrie’s players believe as some of their fans do they can rally like last weekend they’ll be disappointed. The reaction from a large, silenced Airdrie crowd when they were gifted a penalty shows how rattled they are. They did a great job in the league pursuing Cove but this is now the psychology of a cup final. All or nothing. QP were never expected to go up yet. Airdrie are absolutely desperate for it. Strap yerselves in boys!
  14. I think everyone outside QP fancies Airdrie to win the tie. Owen Coyle will see that as an advantage.
  15. Dearie me! Touched a few raw nerves there. Fact is it’s a criminal offence (The Football Offences. Act 1991) to encroach on the field of play and like it or not, Airdrie has a bit of form with football hooliganism. I notice all the protestors completely ignored the reference to the boy from Cove getting jumped when he was getting on his coach home, just a few weeks ago. And whether the fans are 9 or 69 is irrelevant. YouTube has loads of videos of pitch invasions that start off us “fun” and end up badly. The all-black uniform is designed to make it hard for authorities to identify troublemakers. It was also the choice of colour for fascists in the Second World War, most notably the SS. I haven’t seen those types when we visit Airdrie. They only come out the shadows when there’s a big crowd and they can get away with lax security compared to where they normally watch their football. I’ve no doubt you’ll have your local UB interlopers on Sunday. I’m surprised so many Airdrie fans think this is okay. These day trippers could be getting your club in trouble. Think you’ll ever see these guys in Peterhead on a cold winter Tuesday night shouting for Airdrie? It’s just as much fun singing and dancing in the stand as it is running around a pitch. Don’t let the shadow warriors spoil your day.
  16. Eh, the crowd was over 1400 and you brought about 250. JH stand takes over 6,000 so it might have looked thin. Besides, we're just barely professional, just promoted last year, scraped into fourth spot and got the Ugly Sisters on either side of us. Not a big club like Dunfemline. Just a work in progress.
  17. Didn’t hear anything about this…all black outfits not really the Airdrie colours? After the recent assaults on Cove fans I’d have thought the club would have done more to try and can these hooligans.
  18. A fixture Clyde fans can only dream of. With Dunfermline and QoS coming down plus Kelty and (most likely) Edinburgh City coming up it’s going to be a very tough league for Clyde to make an impact on without a mystery donor. And of course no Goodwillie.
  19. Two and a half years ago when QP Members voted to go pro the comparators that were used were “to be more like Alloa or Arbroath” that is, safe and secure at the top end of League 1. The difference at your club since then is phenomenal, really is. By comparison I had a wee peak at your game last night and saw half-empty stands at ICT and wondered, why bother if your local community can’t show up for a semi-final. So, for the sake of the game as well as all your own wishes I hope the Lichties get though and get the chance to show the Premiership what you have to offer.
  20. There is indeed, D6. Perhaps that’s why Ms Dempster alluded to her having “fixed the broken relationship”. Except these are SPFL rules and our collective hump was with the SFA. Getting an extension at Firhill is hardly an achievement. There’s a better solution much closer to home if she really is as good as she thinks. And the SFA definitely would have a say in that. All assuming that Lesser isn’t open for business. Odd that we’ve no info on who’s actually building the new stadium. Maybe there’s a sign up somewhere, like there is on every other building site?
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