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  1. Just in case anyone missed it on the match thread...Neilly's been spot on with the rest of his predictions this season, relating to QP. "And, yes, QP will be here the full season. Their board just don't want to tell their fans. The usual from them."
  2. Unlikely in the short term but for projects in the pipeline, probably if it holds it’s current the-end-is-nigh course. Most obvious short-term impact would be wages and salaries so it depends on contract terms. Sectors will vary, can see housebuilding going down sharply. This would be relevant to our North stand, perhaps. For our wee fun palace, as our leaders signed off without having a programme of works then there’s no measurement tool or penalty for failure and I wouldn’t be surprised if the contractor tried to squeeze a bit more out of us. I learned a while back that the QS on our team is none other than one of the City businesses. I also noted that our most recent sponsor, Cruachan Civils, lists only two projects on their books; Lesser Hampden and the new housing project in Crown Street. You know what links both of those? So it’s a tight wee circle and our guys seem to be on the outside. Sorry to say, the normal predictable rules of engagement no longer apply.
  3. We’re moving into the fourth round which wasn’t on the map last year. but interestingly it doesn’t explain the draw rules for the quarters and semis? According to SPFL Format, fourth round is all in draw, no seeds.
  4. Sorry fellas, QP fans only. It is a very wee bar! Personally, anyone cultured enough to drink in the Guildford should have a free pass to any pub in Scotland. There’s a pub (used to be the Warriors Club) directly behind the ground. Called the Ochilview now. Good choice of drinks, TV, banter etc.
  5. Cove had a sluggish start last season too. Their success was down to winning more games than everyone else. I’d expect this year’s champions to also win the most games. We’ve had a decent start, like we did last season, but other coaches will figure out our style soon enough, like they did last season. Then it’s down to the players. Long way to go! I’m just enjoying not drawing one-each every other week.
  6. Thanks very much but we still have to win our game tomorrow. Linfield won their tie today.
  7. Next round (four) is 10/11 December… https://spfl.co.uk/league/challenge-cup/format Three fixtures in R3 still to be played as mentioned above… https://spfl.co.uk/league/challenge-cup/fixtures
  8. The pitch provides 3 small pitches for youth & community football on Saturday mornings. Long term arrangement. Unsure currently but it used to run up to 1pm
  9. For anyone going to the game on Sunday, here’s a wee peek at the ground and Cliftonville scoring for fun, just 3 weeks ago. Decent sized crowd too. I’m guessing the Black & White Army will be in the wee stand to the right. Enjoy yourselves!
  10. He did indeed HD and I’d expect the starting line-up to reflect that. I’d also expect an experienced bench though. Cliftonville will be a tough opponent, especially at home, and an even game with 25 mins to go needs to be won. This “diddy” tournament represents the best chance of winning a knockout cup for every team that’s in the hat. I think the rejection of it is largely down to the B team introductions but if we somehow made the finals it would suddenly become special. The players in particular will want to win. As for the big picture, a winning run in a cup is massive for morale and team spirit and would boost league performances too. Anyone at Oswestry that night knows how important these games are.
  11. Heard that Simon Murray’s agent slapped an injunction on it
  12. Bit of trivia for Challenge Cup week…the 2007-8 tournament was won by St. Johnstone in a 3-2 thriller against Dunfermline. Manager for the game was Sandy Stewart, long serving no. 2 to Owen Coyle. Coyle had departed a few days before the final to join Burnley but Stewart stayed behind for a week to take the team in the final before joining his liege in East Lancs. So Sandy’s managerial record at Saints was played one, won one; 100% win ratio. It was St Johnstone’s first ever cup win in their 122 year history.
  13. His presentation back in February was a spectacular introduction and was so far out I wondered how he would make it all work in Scotland. In just half a year, his philosophy and training techniques have now filtered from the first team through YQP and then the Academy and now even the community coaches are on board. The detractors from other clubs who think this is another “Gretna” are in for a shock. Take nothing away from Coyle and the work his team are doing here and now but Beuker is the future of the club.
  14. Another 7-8 years and the big leagues will have a very different list of clubs. It’s interesting how teams like Camelon and Drumchapel have loitered at their levels but suddenly when a pathway opens up, growth happens. Maybe the HL hasn’t recognised this yet but I’m inclined to think, with the rural landscape predominant, the gap between north and south is likely to get wider.
  15. And you’d have been bang on if it hadn’t been for that penalty v Ayr.
  16. This might well have been one of those 1-1 games last season so it’s a big plus for me we’re converting mediocrity (first half) into points. Delighted for Ferrie to get his shut-out at last; he had plenty to do but to be honest it was mostly bread and butter stuff thanks to some wasteful and woeful efforts by Accies attack. The save down at the post though was a game changer. I’ve mentioned it a few times now but Thomson really is shaping up to be special. In a first half of half-hearted tackles and misplaced passes all around him he continued to carry the torch for his mates. Second half was much better but I’d say we’re still in the mould of very good up front and a bit scary at the back. I’ve already had my say on Eze! Davidson worthy too of a mention; he’s actually the epitome of the team. Very good going forward and a bit scary going back. All very well saying the Dundee game wasn’t ever going to define us bit it was still a poor day and so it was important we got a reaction today, and we did. We fully deserve our league position. Picking up points at the likes of Hamilton will decide whether we’ll end up in the top half of the table or down near the bottom. I’d also say this result will give the lads confidence for our big game in Europe next week. MotM: Ferrie for the shut-out, but big Jack a smidge behind him.
  17. Is it still cash/silk stockings/2lb of link sausages/dirty video (delete as appropriate) for entry at NDP?
  18. They don’t know what to do with it yet. The green containers are to do with the pitch system and are permanent, although I don’t recall seeing similar at Anfield or Old Trafford. So on the east and south we have an architectural feature with a co-ordinated roofline and fully enclosed. On the West side we have the unique shape of the Pavillion, a cabin system with cladding to match the West stand, a gap between those two and the Director’s Box (Rogue’s Gallery?) two big green plastic thingys and then lots of space. Guess which parts are done by the recognised and experienced architect and guess what parts Big Jock and his Percy got involved in.
  19. Spent the day in my cave making more darts for my blowpipe.
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