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  1. Just had a quick look at the PFC player pool….quite a heritage of clubs there. I’m guessing their current position is false at the moment. https://www.peterheadfc.org/players/
  2. Only the person who thought it a good thing to sign him would be able to explain why he’s here. Laurie’s post-match suggested all our loanees are here so until Baynham is fit it looks like Murray and McHugh are it.
  3. If it’s Airdrie visiting it starts about 25 yards from their goal line Enjoy your trip.
  4. I said before the game to have someone shadow Goodwillie but either Laurie’s been a bit naive or his nominated person ignored him. I think the former as no-one in particular was focussed enough. The other big guy was enough of a distraction and Goodwillie found himself regularly in space, wandering and drifting where he wanted. Couldn’t see the stramash at the second but the first goal, although perfectly executed, was shameful from our perspective. Aside of that Clyde threatened very little but were certainly up for it and worked hard to disrupt us. Several of our key players were woeful today, especially Murray and Gillespie. It’s a sad day for Murray when McHugh was more of a goal threat. The second shot off the post was a great effort from Bob. Good goal from Longridge, we’ll paced and accurate. On the upside, all 3 subs looked lively and most importantly knew where the goal was. That’s 3 games in a row where we’ve been industrious so let’s give these young footballers some space next week. I saw Kilday with the subs today so hopefully he’ll be back and Gillies can have a period of reflection. But the big problem remains. Despite their best efforts, both Murray and McHugh are players with variable foot skills (especially Murray) and neither attack a cross ball with conviction. Murray gets the vote because of his energy and enthusiasm but as a goal machine, neither are even close to Goodwillie. We need a single-minded attacker to get this team completed. Frustrating thing is we’ve seen much better from this group. But mediocrity is becoming the norm. Time for some changes next week.
  5. The quality of loanees is remarkable. Teams like Celtic, Rangers, Hearts and Liverpool don’t let their precious talent play at clubs unless they are getting support and facilities commensurate with their own set-ups. The Lochinch move is looking value for money already.
  6. Not expecting much change tomorrow but if Kilday is fit I’d pair him with Fox and let the big man just sit on Goodwille all day. Neither Doyle or Kilday have the pace for Goodwillie over a short distance. Longstaff for Moore would be the other change. Gillies on the bench to accommodate the skipper, unless Kilday is out. Other than that, shots on target please!
  7. Good post. The selling-on bit was a big part of the decision to change the club’s direction. As an amateur team, every player had a one-year contract which meant every summer the entire squad could just walk away. The process has already started of bringing through some of our youth on professional contracts so that if they are poached by a bigger club at least we get some return from our investment over the development years. And those that stay with our first team can be sure of a future in the game. As this evolves in years to come, the plan is to have more of that and less of the end-of-career/high salary type of player. The plans for an enhanced city-wide community football programme, with a strong bias toward the Southside, are under way too. As well as the entry level for the ladder system, this is potentially a strong revenue stream too. It’ll be interesting to see how things go around March. Fans, players and coaches all want to win the league, get promotion etc. As a club though, would we be ready for the Championship? The CEO talks in terms of a decade for development and consolidation. But progress has been rapid this last six months and it’s expected to keep evolving for the rest of this season, at least. As for humble riffraff like me, all of the future starts with beating Clyde on Saturday. ‘Mon the Hoops!
  8. Actually, he was brought up in the Gorbals where the global centre of his main business now sits. His official title at the House of Lord is Baron Haughey of Hutchesontown. Both areas of course being within walking distance of Shawfield. It’s a funny old world!
  9. We haven’t “left our ground”. Lesser Hampden is ours, lock, stock and two smoking barrels. It’s getting a professional make-over at the moment.
  10. I think we should have got Marmite to sponsor it rather than Irn Bru. Love it or hate it, it’s unique and clever.
  11. Thanks for sharing that Alf...hopefully Airdrie FC will deal with the matter, aided by QP officials where appropriate. Sadly I've witnessed vile abuse against coaches and their families, not race related, whilst stewards are within earshot, one a QP game the other involving Falkirk fans. Coward is probably the right label for it but it won't stop until the offenders are punished by the law.
  12. Time will tell. I doubt QP will go bust, more likely it becomes something else that we don't recognise. A jigsaw piece for Haughey's legacy perhaps. But as humble fans with little influence, it's quite nice to be sitting with the sun at our backs for a bit after a lifetime of wind and rain in the face. Enjoy it while you can.
  13. Not so. I know for a fact Ronaldo knocked us back. Turns out he didn’t like our away strip. Picky!
  14. Did you mean this one? sorry, I don't know how to stop the loop....
  15. Maybe worth reflecting we’ve only lost one league game since Feb 20. I’m sure Laurie will find a way to get the goals coming. It’s just a timing thing.
  16. Play Charlie Fox to man-mark Badwillie and that’s Clyde’s game plan scuppered. The other nine can get on with rectifying our poor goals-for column with a 98% effective pass ratio. Simple as that. QP to win 7-0. Or maybe draw 0-0.
  17. Anyone reading the stats would think this was a belter but it didn’t feel like that. Agree completely with bridgeofweirdo in that we keep playing in crosses with no-one capable of winning them. Murray had one good knockdown to Gillespie and Longridge one straight at the keeper but a really fruitless afternoon otherwise. Brown was again in good control but could do with some direct shooting from him on occasion. Tommy Robson had a real input again. Ridiculous amount of loose passes by numerous players. Struggle to understand why so many experienced players who can hit crisp passes across the pitch can’t get their body over the ball when shooting. As for Fox; I noticed Doyle giving quite a bit of coaching to Gillies in-game so it may be that Laurie set them up for that realising that if Doyle gets injured we don’t have a back-up and Gillies is very short on grass time. Morrison’s and Grant, and maybe now Kilday again, all injured so important that cover at RB is available. Fox was impressive again when he came on.
  18. Murray’s award specifically mentioned scoring in all four games. Can’t ask anymore of him. Laurie’s set up for two holding and three attacking midfielders which has resulted in extended spells of dominance but those attackers should be weighing in with a few goals by now. Wingers hitting the line and cutting back to the penalty spot would make a difference, but much improvement needed with getting shots between the sticks. As DNA highlighted above, similar to my conclusion previously, we’re struggling to break down the teams who sit deep. The width at Firhill, plus a faster grass surface, will help with that as displayed v Dumbarton. I’d also like to see the two new ball players showing their skills and inspiring others. So I’m hopeful of a two-clear-goal win and some “aw yes” moments today. Could be a very good month.
  19. And we’ll deserved. Not only top of the league with three shutouts from five, we’ve also beaten the two main contenders for the title.
  20. Can anyone advise on what the roles is of the man on the right, black shirt?
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