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  1. Clyde v QP

    Assuming you want Clyde to win and Peterhead to lose or draw on Saturday, I'm wondering at what point you'll be back next week drivelling your oral diarrhoea and begging for "QuePee to do us a favour". Or, the Scooby Doo ending when Clyde and Peterhead get beat this week, The Fash comes to the Big Hampden but all our lads are lounging around, sucking on our cocktails. Oh dear! I hope that doesn't happen. What a nightmare that would be.
  2. Clyde v QP

    Just in case anyone's remotely interested in the football; Saturday was a disappointment. I had hoped that a healthy run against the also-rans might give us the momentum in the last 3 games and it looked on track up to 4pm on Saturday. There's a lot about Roberts playing style I like but shuffling defenders like that was madness. McLean played 3 positions in 15 mins. Coupled with both Galt and Moore sitting higher to counter the very deep Annan back line we ended up with huge gaps in the middle. On the upside, I heard Kurty mention he was hoping to be back this week and with McGrory back on the park these two might be the bit of class that was missing on Saturday. McGhee looked to be a tactical move against physical teams and did his task well. We've struggled against the physically stronger teams big-style this season. Of the top four, Clyde are more dependant on skill and pace than the others which perversely might suit our game better. But we have to get the minds right. That end-of-season shit we saw in the last 20 mins on Saturday needs to get left in the dressing room.
  3. Clyde v QP

    Does it have an EU standard safety certificate though?
  4. El Disastrico 2; Relegation Boogaloo (BRFC v. ARFC)

    Nice to see the Rovers lads back out in force again. It’s not over ‘til the fat referee blows the whistle. For both teams.
  5. Clyde v QP

    By contrast, we’ve been silky every week but had 10 offsides plus 12 penalties against us. Not to mention 7 red cards.
  6. Clyde v QP

    Genius. Never saw that one coming.
  7. QP v ANNAN

    Interesting debate. Like the first game at Annan we had decent spells and matched Annan well but they were sharp and accurate with their chances and we weren’t. It would be interesting to know their goals scored v shots on target ratio. Likely to be very high. As for the manager’s tales from the boot room; Blackburn had one golden summer and many winters of discontent since. They were the product of Jack Walker and were blessed with the SaS attack force. When he passed away so did the glory. Maybe over on the QP thread is the place to debate the management team.
  8. The Albion Rovers Thread

    A coupon buster of the first order. If EC don’t go up you can maybe teach QP the secret of how to get goals against them[emoji6] Proper day out next week now.
  9. QP v ANNAN

    Worked for Montrose and Brechin[emoji6]
  10. QP v ANNAN

    Generally or was that aimed at Roberts? What caught your eye?
  11. QP v ANNAN

    Not at all. QP had all the good stuff in the first. But like our first game at Annan, their boys know how to finish. We've had a good run so it was a bit disappointing. Goals win games, wins points, wins prizes. Reset and go again next week.
  12. QP v ANNAN

    Fair play to Annan. Defo the ugliest football in the league with their diving, rolling and petty fouling. But they made something out of nothing 3 times in the second. We had much more efforts toward their goal and troubled the keeper once. Have to say the Annan coach out-manoeuvred Roberts today. Taking two wing backs out for some sloppy play seemed to be the turning point.
  13. QP v ANNAN

    Not too many Annan fans seem to be keeping it going [emoji57]
  14. QP v ANNAN

    Buzzing for this. Probably the best match in the division today. I’d settle happily for a one goal advantage. Mon the Hoops!
  15. Queen's Park v Clyde

    Funny. I have no gripe with Clyde FC and the decent, mature fans who love their team like I love mine. Clyde seem to have a larger than normal percentage of supporters, not fans, who are ridiculously out of touch with reality. All I've done is catalogued a few facts. It's now digitally stamped for moments of reflection in the future. Hopefully it will improve the mental wellbeing of some of your brotherhood. It's clear to all that, as in real life, this homelessness has left a deep mental scar and it's really worrying to see so many affected. On a deeper level, so many of these poor individuals are of an age (25 and under) where they've known nothing else other than L2 football and to hide their scars they join in with rhetoric on how "great" Clyde were and will be. Out of the top tier since 1975 and even then the league positions would be in the Championship in today's money. Early 60s I think since Clyde had their highest league position. So, like QP and many others fans have done, I sincerely hope the young men of Clyde can come to terms with reality. Who knows, maybe one day Clyde FC might ground share at the new Fourth Hampden. Now that would be a thing worth dreaming about[emoji4] Happy Easter to you all and may your God be with you.