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  1. Like any other Limited company, they can be taken to court and wound up if necessary. Excerpt below from their 2019 Annual Review.
  2. I wasn’t having a dig at folk who can’t make it. Just those who couldn’t make it and decided to challenge my opinion on the game.
  3. Loving how all the Rayvers couldn’t actually make it up to Aberdeen. We are going in the right direction but when you’re starting point is position 39 and we employ six pros in the January window it would be hard to go in the wrong direction. Once we make the play offs and beat teams above us over two legs in a knockout tie I’ll get hysterical. In this league, with the squad we have, play-offs has to be the minimum. The next four games are the bottom four teams. 12 out of 12 would be impressive.
  4. Thanks for the constructive response. Sounds like a plan.
  5. Not negativity. Bit of pragmatism in the midst of hysteria. We’re you at the game yesterday.
  6. That's very true. But at all of the meetings held by the club over the ground sale, the vote to amend the Articles and everything that surrounded both those events the question of supporting youth development was repeatedly highlighted as being very important to the members and fans. There was then an implied threat from the club that if we stayed amateur, and the inevitable drop to the Lowland occurred, the youth set-up couldn't possibly be maintained. A fait accompli. Professionalism woul be a key driver in retaining the highly acclaimed youth development structure. It's not hard to see how some might be questioning that commitment already. It was even mentioned that it was an "ambition" for QP to offer parents a viable alternative to Celtic or Rangers for their little starlets. And regularly mentioned that one of the big draws to coming to QP was that "we give youngsters the early chance of first team football". Seems a bit hollow after punting Gibby and Billy. Who by the way could have put in a better shift than young Davidson yesterday.
  7. It's maybe more about the fact that he thinks that's where he should be playing rather than Tier 4. He's not been part of the turmoil and settling we all have been through the last 2 years. It's a message to his pals and any agents listening. Not a statemnt on behalf of QPFC. If we do get promoted you can expect a lot more like this, from a lot more players. The most disturbing part of all of this is to learn that at least one of our fans still reads the daily Record 😄 I didn't join in the "Ray McKinnon" song yesterday. All of these guys are in it for the money and to reboot their careers. They don't love QP like I and the rest of our fans do. And as mercenaries have done since the dawn of time, whoever has the biggest bounty to offer will get their services. And consequently, they will be used and abused by their employers. And QP fans, like all other pro teams, will have the right to applaud or criticise without shame. It's who we are now.
  8. Bit of a wake-up call. Really half-asleep first few minutes followed by a gift of a goal. After 10 mins we started competing and held Cove in their own end for much of the half but we seldom got near goal and often players in possession were struggling to find support. By contrast when Cove moved forward they were cohesive and available. Grant was to blame for the second goal by dropping well behind the line and playing on the winger. Only Davidson will know why he kicked the ball into our net. The wind advantage made no difference in the second and only Sal with a long-range effort warmed the goalie’s hands. Both pen claims were valid and the Lidouren one, had we scored, was a critical time in the game for our recovery. Only the ref and his assistant saw it their way in the whole ground. Gamechanger. Regret to say that our new coach was outflanked on a couple of areas today. Our midfield was man marked tightly and too often the ball carrier struggled to find a spare shirt. The other clever tactic Hartley has is at corners he leaves a couple or three midfielders at the edge of their box to pick up the second ball and run with it. And no tactical change in the second where we were clearly going nowhere. To be fair, Cove were well marshalled by our defence, particularly Jamieson. Dog was the stand-out again. The disappointment comes from having full-time players now, some of whom looked ordinary today. Lidouren was the best of the midfield, Moore and Sal both did some clever stuff and Doig was special. And a Jamieson of course. The rest were ineffective, including the sub. In summary, an industrious performance lacking a cutting edge and two sloppy goals lost it for us. So what’s new?
  9. Joffers got a wee shot at the end last week. Wonder if he'll get to start this week. Think King will do well in this environment. A high press will serve us well here. I see Paul Hartley was quoted last week as saying Cove are as good as Liverpool at Balmoral and the fans get praise too for turning out in HUGE numbers 😂😂 Pin this up on the dressing room wall. http://www.coverangersfc.com/news/boss-paul-praises-cove-players-and-fans-for-helping-us-be-the-best-of-british-alongside-liverpool
  10. One of those that undoubtedly would look talented in a development squad but can't cope with the physical side of the Scottish game big leagues. Wish it was the other way around, but we ain't Brazil. The further down the leagues that skill goes the more it'll be wasted by cluggers. Best of luck to him. Never say never!
  11. In Glasgow perhaps but fairer where the game is. Blustery but dry. Make sure the kit man takes factor 50.
  12. Obliterated the England score. Hard not to tie this into the extremist element of some of our right wing Britnat inhabitants. Hope the Plod bounce them off the cells.
  13. I was standing on the grassy knoll and witnessed the whole thing. I’m saving it for my memoirs. IBF scandal!
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