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  1. Agree, but both goals were finished at the LB position. Have a look at Summers position on both as the goals were scored. Billy did other things during the game that redeemed him. Finnie seems a strong defender but still to see what he offers going forward. Summers had a howler start to finish. The whole back line was a shambles positionally with only Little having a decent shift. Never a good day when your goalie is the only option for MotM.
  2. Yes. Take nothing away from Rovers but we sadly missed his leadership at the back. Panto season started early with screams of “he’s behind you”. [emoji33]
  3. Then why jump on the love boat and criticise a QP player? If there was anything said, it’s our club’s governance that’s at fault. Or do you advocate a witch-hunt on one player as though that makes the club look better? Rough banter is part of the game just like the occasional flying tackle. Like Tommy Block’s at Dumfries. Didn’t see any witch-hunt for that one.
  4. I don’t assume anything, either way. I wasn’t on the park or in the dressing room so I don’t know what was or wasn’t said. Nor does anyone on this forum. So I won’t be criticising any QP players for those reasons. Players are employees of the club. If Fox had a particular problem he and his manager should have channeled it via the clubs, not the media. What I can say confidently is that Fox should have had at least one yellow in the first half for repeated incidents of aggressive behaviour and his first yellow was a violent attack, whilst sitting on the ground and play had been halted, which for many other players would have been a straight red. He had been bullying - something else that isn’t acceptable in the modern world but seems to be okay if you have mental health issues - our right back in the first half but he had been swapped for another player who with his first tackle let Fox know he was in a game. Ten minutes later he was off the park with two incidents both of his own making. That’s what I witnessed. Then there’s the obvious issue of why did it take 3 weeks to bring this matter out? If it’s about wider issues why then specifically mention Queen’s Park? The way the report was framed made it look like he was targeted. Bollan was also interviewed which suggests it’s been endorsed, perhaps suggested, by the club. Perhaps they don’t know how to cope with this situation anymore? My wife works in Criminal Justice. She’s not a psychologist but has significant experience and training in identifying people at risk of both physical and mental abuse/damage. She watched the tv interview and immediately said the guy needs an intervention and quickly. That’s social work jargon for professional help. I trust her judgement. Putting the guy in the glare of the public, especially via the gutter press, really isn’t helping the individual. And whilst the snowflakes might argue that all other clubs and players have a collective responsibility to look after this poor man, that’s a ridiculous expectation that’s unachievable and offers nothing but false hope. The club aren’t doing him any favours following that path. Whatever events have brought him to where he’s at, blaming everyone else isn’t part of the solution. Cowdenbeath have adopted something that’s been developed over a long time, probably the lifetime of David Fox. It’ll take a long time, maybe decades, for him to manage his illness. For a footballer to have the focus of his game aggressively winding up other players and violently attack one in particular and then use the press to blame everyone else then he’s a long way short of a coping strategy let alone wellbeing. And that’s the crux for CFC. It’s brutally obvious that continuing to expose this fragile character to the testosterone-fulled environment of the Scottish Leagues is only going to be worse for his health and consequently worse for the club. It’s an enigma for me that coaches - unqualified medically - will accept a decision by a doctor that a player can’t play for physical reasons but everyone feels uncomfortable accepting medical advice for someone with an injured mind. The boy needs time away from playing football. Maybe there’s a more therapeutic role for him at the club.
  5. And you learned about it how? From the Daily Record? You assume it must have happened because the Daily Record reported it? Was there any formal complaint to the club from CFC?
  6. Both teams finished with ten men. You had the ballboys playing for you as well mind. From about 30 mins. But it'll be forever remembered for the Jungle Book dance scene by the big keeper at the end. King of the Swingers right enough🤣
  7. Rovers run out of pies before half-time due to huge visiting support?
  8. Fantastic news for the club and the individuals. I'm sure Roberts will accept on behalf of the team.
  9. In Gibby's absence, Galt is the skipper. Tough call!
  10. Rovers have had one win from their last five games, against Stenny at home, their previous win there being back in August. Their breezy start to the season hasn't been sustained. I'm confident Coach Roberts and his group will only be approaching this game with a punishing win in mind. It would have been no shock if the team had dropped the tempo after the fantastic win at Dumfries; instead they jumped even higher and without our talisman. Despite league positions, we had a much tougher game on Saturday. The confidence that is back will also create a mental strength and it's looking good at the moment. QP by 3 clear goals.
  11. 1) Correct. 2) Correct again. Though the tiring defender gave him opportunity to excel. Check the highlights. 3) New to us too. They’re usually punted up to the east end. Although the EC squad players in the central stand were sharp with the language too. And they were sober! 4) Nae luck! 5) We share your hope. Massive result psychologically. The miserly defence is back and with goals from The Striker and a midfielder, again, we’re looking very healthy. Top marks to the coaching team too. Consolidation over the next two games will convince me about what play-off we’ll be heading toward.
  12. We’re probably in a better place than ever before for this match-up and perhaps EC not quite the machine they were for this fixture last year. A different test again this week; how to keep jumping over that very high bar. If the Galt/Lidouren interview is a measure of team spirit we should win 6-0. A tense 2-1 to the QP is more realistic.
  13. Must have been distressing for Annan players, ruining their silky passing game.
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