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  1. Hampden/Mount Florida and Cappielow/Cartsdyke are about 100m apart. Cowdenbeath station easily 200m from Central. Brockville and Grahamston would have pipped them both back in the day.
  2. Maybe if you discount the penalties... Good in the air...not so much the ground. Low on pace. So a good balance for Murray. Davie Galt our highest for assists, all the more remarkable given is shortage of pitch time.
  3. Good luck to all the teams involved. Four teams battling for promotion on the last matchday is great credit to this league and the quality in these teams. Personally, it’s four clubs I always enjoy visiting so hopefully we’ll meet one of you next term. Have at it!
  4. Good to see Ineos lighting up a couple of the flares at the refinery to honour the event. #grangemouthluvsQP
  5. When Cox finally left Cowdenbeath even his most loyal defenders there had to admit he was a liability to their club. To get another chance with ARFC should have been appreciated but sitting in a car wearing the ARFC strip with their club badge in full sight and making reference to braking someone’s legs doesn’t reflect the respect he should have for his club, teammates and fans. I’ve no idea if he’s been part of Rovers recent resurgence but I'd be surprised if he’s asked back next season. As for the other guy, if proven guilty, thrashing the soles of his feet with a bamboo cane seems an adequate punishment.
  6. I didn’t watch the game live so I’m surprised nobody mentioned Sal had the ball in the net 4 times. The offside one from Galty’s perfect cross must have been very close. DG has the second highest assists in the league despite his relatively low number of starts.
  7. Too close to home for you, was it? Ouch! Let’s try these. Who, on behalf of QPFC, signed the contract with Bell Building Projects? What was the agreed contract price? What was the tender price for the second and third bidders? What contract type is in place? Is the contract with BBP now terminated and if so by which of the two parties? Subject to above, is QPFC now in arbitration with BBP? Subject to above, are matters being resolved and If so what’s the most likely completion and handover dates? If the contract is terminated, is QPFC in dialogue with an alternative contractor and if so is it one of the two unsuccessful bidders? The advertised contract value is £2.6m. Given our settlement with the SFA was £2m “up front” and an additional £1m when completed I.e. with habitation certificate, is the club now in financial peril? Is it possible or probable that the existing design will be value engineered to offset losses due to the failure to complete the original contract on time and within budget? From memory (as no slide packs were ever issued) the total sum for Hampden was £5m with the balance of £2m being paid in equal annual instalments over 8 years from the date of handover to SFA. To achieve the £5m selling price two benefactors offered to “top-up” the SFA’s original undervalued offer. Is that offer now consolidated in writing and will it still be available to the club over the next eight years? What is the risk to Queen’s Park Football Club Limited being liquidated?
  8. I can’t recall the detail but your spot on, no interaction with members. From memory there were 37, including committee and office bearers, on the call which was significantly low compared to the usual herd of blazers. I also recall thinking we charged through the main event and although the formal part was reporting on 2019 I was shocked that not a word was mentioned, especially during the President’s inaugural speech, of Willie Haughey. It was his introduction in the final meeting before the vote that implied financial security to what had been a debate based on “the lesser of two evils” previously.
  9. 25th May is provisionally set. Applicants for committee closed some time ago so the opportunity for fresh air is gone. I’m beginning to wonder if a coup d’etat is under way. I’ve said before, it’s incongruent to have a committee representing members also acting as a board of directors. And committees don’t have CEOs. This stadium fiasco would be enough to prove a significant change in the administration of the club is required urgently with a sweeping personnel change such as we’ve seen on the park.
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