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  1. Whatever the reason, as stated or otherwise, be grateful you have a club who think about their fans. Besides, from what I saw on Saturday your B team might be enough to win the game.
  2. The local someone’s are enlightened people. They’ve accepted the 21st century.
  3. Mon the Lok. Big Southside Derby beckons, hopefully at your place.
  4. Blaming Covid etc. is a smokescreen. Even for those close to the club and the personalities involved, it’s nigh on impossible to establish who has been responsible for what. My keenest observation would be that those mostly involved in the development of football are not those involved in running the club. But even in that, there’s a nuance that says it could be completely the opposite, depending on who is really running the club. There has also been a policy of distancing going on; we are run by a committee, no board, and many members and supporters had access to these people. That access is now much more contained. The formal access route is almost non-existent now. Communications have been poor. The latest example of this was just this week when members were advised that privileges they used to enjoy at Hampden are no longer available, most notably access to the centre stand and private facilities. The reason given was due to other events in the centre stand lounges, hosted by the stadium operators. I’ll boldly predict though that those at the club who will soon be part of the elite, gated-community at Lesser’s West stand will still enjoy the Millennium Lounge and Director’s Box at Hampden, well away from the rest of the fans If you’ve previously been a Director at a big club, say Celtic or Hibs, having tiered exclusivity is the norm. We have a hardcore support of 500, a third of which travelled to Kirkcaldy on Saturday, so the ratios are very different. Despite the incomers regularly mentioning our club’s great history and that we need to keep the QP ethos, nothing is further from the truth. QP were pioneers, they took the beautiful game to the world and freely shared. Our ethos was inclusiveness and everyone welcome. Now it’s the haves and don’t haves. Just like the rest of British society. Which brings us back to the stadium. A succession of poor choices, ignoring good advice from people at the club who cared enough to offer their skills for free, at least two million quid wasted. In any other business heads would have rolled. A dependency has been created that we can’t now do without. That’s why a thousand seats were given up to create 40 really good seats and a lush dining room. It’s bad enough being the haves and have-nots. Now we’ve added in the have-mores. Ethos my arse!
  5. Normally I’d be concerned about a coach just leaving; bounce-back, job-threat etc. but Peterhead seem to be on a downhill trajectory and it’s hard to imagine a rush of candidates for that job at the moment. So if we prepare well and turn up to win it’ll be okay. Bigger question will be how much OC will tinker/hatchet a winning side given we had a fairly poor run for a while before the last two wins. He keeps reminding us of QP’s history so maybe he’ll fancy our eleventh Cup win this season. As a fan I always want the best team out but a few others need to stretch their legs. What’s the odds for Eze coming back in? 3-0 to the QP.
  6. Cheers. Definitely looked like something our coaches had spotted and worked on in training.
  7. I also noticed at Raith’s bye-kicks we had four sitting very high ready to pounce on the defenders sitting around the box. Would be interested to here from any Raith fans whether or not Murray is coaching them to play it on the ground out of the box?
  8. I suppose there’s a chance these two teams could meet in the Challenge Cup
  9. Possibly the tightest 5-2 win we’ll see but the epitomé of how to finish, or not. You’ll be hard pushed to see a better free kick than Murray’s first goal in the upcoming Wold Cup. And the breakaway at the third goal was way above this league level. Best of all for me is Thomson’s goal; he drove the whole move and finished it like a striker. As for the so-called deflections, it takes enormous skill to pass the ball off a defender to wrong foot the goalie. Superb tekkers. Fair play to Raith for keeping going but it was great, in a game of pace and ball wizardry, to see our defence battling for every ball and some heroic goal line clearances, three from Robson alone. Hard to beat, braw to watch. Great day out.
  10. I missed out the most interesting stat. We’ve both played seven league games since that fixture. Queen’s accruing 8 points, Rovers 13.
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