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  1. On the upside, we don’t have to go bananas when robocam thinks the bald linesman is a football.
  2. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/leeann-dempster-joins-queens-park/
  3. It’s a public page. Anyone can read it. Dick!
  4. SPFL could have sorted this easily. Whenever a team has to miss a game due to the pandemic they forfeit the fixtures they miss and 3 points go to their opponents along with payment of the win bonus by the reckless club. At all levels. And then of course a lower final league position could result in relegation or at least less prize winning cash. That would have focussed attention for club officials.
  5. How do you know that? Just because we've not been told? Perfectly feasible she's still seeing out her contract at Hibs. Ross Jack's interview stated she wanted to spend more time with her family, who live in Glasgow. Her Mammy, whom she was obviously close to judging by her Facebook page, passed away last year. Her wife works for a charity in Castlemilk. So maybe a similar role using her expertise but with less work time, less media and home for tea with the one she loves is where she needs to be right now.
  6. Rangers, Celtic, Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee Utd. It was a thing back in the eighties/nineties based on number of honours won originally, then money came into it. Probably waned when 3 of these clubs enjoyed time in tier 2, although current positions have five of them in the top six.
  7. You see the appointment of Leanne Dempster, former Chief Executive at one of Scotland's Big Six clubs, as a small step?
  8. The current list of registered Directors doesn’t quite match the Committee. June 1903 was the date of Incorporation. Regardless, the vote was to amend one of the Articles of Association, a legal document required when forming a limited company. The Articles refer to The Committee, not directors. It was 1986 when annual accounts were first returned so maybe the term came into play then. So apparently two different bodies, although largely the same individuals, are running the club. The Committee supposedly report to the Members, a complete fallacy in my opinion when the Articles grant absolute power to the Committee on all decision-making, and this is evident at an AGM where accounts are shown and office bearers I.e. committee deliver the presentations. However, those legally responsible for good governance at the limited company are the Directors. In the modern world, I can’t think of any other organisation or business who would have both. Directors are linked to business and the purpose of any business is to make a profit. The language used at all the pre-vote presentations to “onboard” the Members was very business-like. A Committee is nothing more than a specific group appointed by a larger group. I’d be more tolerant of the club’s Directors if they would give the Membership the same consideration and time as they did during the campaign to amend the Articles. Your sparring partner, The Man Who Would Be King, was never off here when the camp was considering what next and he needed to keep channeling people. Seems to have lost interest now. At the summer AGM there was nothing of substance about any of what is happening now. Like the fans, I’d say some of the Directors are being played. QP was always something different, something special for me. We’re on a trajectory to become just another mediocre Scottish football club.
  9. Except all the new guys are on 2 or 3 year contracts. Virtually a full new squad. So if some of these guys aren’t good enough for L1 why did we pay over-the-odds for them now? And who is going to buy them on an early release from Queen’s Park? QP members voted on a sales pitch of fear, that if we didn’t go pro we would end up in the lower leagues. I still believe that would have happened. Nothing was ever discussed about being a top tier team, five year plans and spaffing the money on cumbersome defenders. Our committee, who now call themselves directors, didn’t have the imagination to even talk to Leanne Dempster let alone have the capability to bring her to the club. So who or what is really driving the pace of change? if we really have a five year plan to get to tier one (and why would somebody of Dempster’s pedigree come if we’re only planning for the top of tier 3) why isn’t that being shared with the members? Just who is running QPFC?
  10. So McKinnon is a one trick pony and we’ve employed a disconnected group who’s only common connection is knowing Ray McKinnon and past their best? Honestly never saw that coming.
  11. Dumpster seems to be extremely well respects by Hibs fans which is a rare event at any club. She also likes labradors so that’ll do for me. The phrase “widest possible community” doesn’t quite fit for QP though. More a fit for the nation. Scotland FC badly needs a reboot too.We’ll find out soon enough.
  12. But might not have been when the tie was first postponed. All the other ties have progressed.
  13. http://www.huntlyfc.co.uk/index.php/news/league-cup-news/2610-scottish-cup-tie-switched-to-new-venue
  14. Bit of a myth about the synthetic pitches. Relatively easy to clear snow from with the wee tractor but if there’s enough moisture to freeze and ice settles in it’s as useless as grass.
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