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  1. Edinburgh City

    No match thread in the Cups forum so here will do. All the best tonight lads. You'll physically match their long ball game and you've more skill. If the strikers do their bit it's yours to win. We'll take care of Peterhead while your away.
  2. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Should it have been Dan then?
  3. Bloo Toon v Resurgent QP

    That's a level of reverse pyschology that Alex Ferguson would be proud of. Can't ever recall anyone calling us there bogey team before. Might even copy that as my signature it's that good. Naw, naw, naw. You're getting it all wrong there macclyde+. If your looking for greenies you have to say something obvious, immature and churlish about QP and there'll be the usual utterly obsessed wee gang along in as much time as it takes for them all to pm each other. But fret not, QP fans won't dish out the riddies. We're all growed up . Good effort though. Make the same post this time next Friday and I'll buy you a QP scarf.
  4. Bloo Toon v Resurgent QP

    Think it would be suicide to change much, if anything, for this game. Mortimer and McLean have actually been defending well in addition to their attacking work and they both seem to have the pace to sustain it. However twice Billy's been subbed to manoeuvre Summers into LB again but I'd be nervous about any change in defence. Gerry's clearly not up to scratch yet which is probably why Jambo is still sweeper. But that's having a knock-on in the middle because Galt and Gow both sit very high and leaves just two patrolling what can sometimes be a 30-40 metre gap. For me, the best place to defend against Peterhead is as far away from our goal as possible. They're not actually that good a team but have two predatory strikers that can snatch something from nothing. I'd bring Gow on as an impact sub. Moore's more of a pace man and we need a bit more aggression alongside McGrory and Roberts, maybe Peters to start. Whatever the format, everyone needs to be on their toes from the go. Heid aren't the silky passers like EC, just really good at scoring. Get amongst them and keep the ball when we have it and we can outplay their defence. Then all we have to do is score.
  5. Bloo Toon v Resurgent QP

    The game doesn't start until 3.
  6. QP v Cowden

    Thanks for that. I feel almost guilty that I've highlighted big al's team are in the same trench as Clyde FC. There but for the grace of 150 years of financial prudence go I.
  7. QP v Cowden

    Ach, I’m in the mood for a ruffle. So who owns and operates Central Park and what is the relationship exactly between CFC and the race track guys?
  8. QP v Cowden

    Glad you weren't at the game. Trying to mop up boiling blood means overtime for the stewards. Can't afford that, what with all the expenses and stuff.
  9. QP v Cowden

    He had half a game at Stirling. He's a good passer, when he passes, and very good at close control. He also has a remarkable ability to not get the ball knicked from his feet. Clearly a confident ball player. Easily argue that's all skills we don't see too often. Everytime he gets near the box he wants to just shoot. Nothing wrong with that if you have a chance (or a decent whip) but he wants to shoot even if there's a defender two feet in front of him. In most cases there's a better option available with a pass. On Saturday he had 3 of the seven shots at goal, none of them was troubling for the keeper. Most efforts don't get past the first defender. As for his experience, I've watched him off the ball and haven't seen him yet coaching or supporting others around him. By stark contrast, guys like Gibby, Jordan and Gerry are always reminding those around them what's to be done, and every body in the neighbourhood knows it. In any walk of life experience shared helps the greater good. I'd expect a guy at his stage of his career to enjoy his game, help where he can and make the most of what's left - give something back. His main focus to me is Alan Gow getting on the score sheet. If it's not adding to anything for Queen's Park we'd be as well giving more play time to a youngster who'll most likely be with us next year. We're not going up or down so it makes sense for Mark to build for next year and if Gow can make a contribution to that, good and well. I just don't see it panning out like that at the moment. I really hope he breaks his duck on Saturday and he might settle and use the skills he's got to better the team. We'll need all the help going to win up there.
  10. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Anyone know how to do the crowdfunding thing?
  11. QP v Cowden

    Nonsense? Hasn't scored in 5 years. Fact. Jambo was much deeper than his defence. Fact. At least 20 metres. Watch the highlights. We had loads of shots. Check the stats above. Fact. We did better than Cowden. Check the stats. Fact. If the nonsense is absolute, that must mean I'm wrong about Gow's close control and passing. Or did I get that bit right? Did you know he had two trial games with Stirling just before coming to us and they knocked him back. Wonder what they saw that you can't. Tick, tock.
  12. QP v Cowden

    Courtesy of QPTV.
  13. QP v Cowden

    Yes it does. Unfortunately the individual's knowledge of the game didn't quite match his good grace. Quote: " Is that Gow that used to play fur The Bairns? Only yin I ken in this team." Simples.
  14. QP v Cowden

    It was a Cowdenbeath fan who was the sponsor. Honest!
  15. QP v Cowden

    I was at a different game too. Gow’s a good dancer but his impact on the game is virtually non-existent. Check his career stats. Hasn’t scored a goal in five years. Billy’s Boots. McKernon is too slow for a sweeper. As soon as the oppos get possession he drops very deep to compensate for his lack of pace. The cameras might prove me wrong but if he’d been closer to Gerry the goal might not have come. As it was, he had the guy on his wrong foot but somehow let him tee it up on his stronger foot. That said, we had loads of shots on target. Keeper had two real saves but mostly had the ball hit straight at him. As for the midfield, the two in the middle got very little support from Gow and Galt. Gow barely came into his own half for the last 30 mins and when he lost possession he just let players run away. He’s a good passer and great close control but not a team player. Maybe if he scores he’ll relax but the way he shoots that might be a while coming. We beat Cowden at everything today but not in the goals. Back to earth again.