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  1. There’s been 12 post-match posts about the game and, including this one, 13 about our away shirt. Nuff said!
  2. Davidson has been our weakest link in every game so far. Not a criticism, he’s just not ready for this level yet but will develop as a squad player. He’s been used in 3 separate positions which I’m sure will cease when we’ve more players back in. If we had been leading at around 70 mins it’s probable that Lyon would have got a run. And as with any OF loanee I’d expect Thomson to start regularly too. Ironically, I think we’ll do better against stronger teams who’ll attack us and give us room to attack from the back though the midfield. Laurie’s post-match highlighted how difficult this league will be and how our shape and tactics will need reconsidered for each opponent and venue. It was telling from the Fife support just how much their team had played above themselves, whereas we were a bit underwhelmed. Reality check, if needed.
  3. Suspect we’ll see a lot of games like that this season. When you pack nearly everyone into a third of the pitch it’s very difficult to get a clean shot at goal. 4 on target from 15, and two of them were free kicks. Praise for Fox for the goal. Despite all the possession and control it took a dead ball and a big lump of a defender for the goal. He’s certainly improving quickly. Also thought Morrison looked comfortable alongside him. Service to Murray was poor. Number of long passes/crosses that went straight to a Fife player was incredible. Moore had the best chance of the game but as at Annan not even close to the goal. Industrious enough but I’m still insure as to what impact he makes. Longridge looked comfy coming back in. Thomson had five mins but demonstrated how Belief at Rangers is part of the DNA. His speculative 25 yarder was the best effort we had, other than big Charlie’s of course.
  4. Thanks. So a full afternoon, evening and a couple of hours this morning before QP Facebook had the info up. Our FB page is closed so Fife didn’t have the opportunity to Share.
  5. I agree but when you’re told by EFFC at the start of the week that QP will have 3 sections, I trusted that. I responded asking if I could share on social media (PnB) and was asked to hold back as there was a glitch. I kept my part of the deal. The “office” didn’t. I’ve no problem with something changing. What’s disappointing is being told in a subsequent e mail that “office” would get back to me and didn’t. Compounded by QP not communicating to all fans, especially those who aren’t in the right WhatsApp chat.
  6. Which social media? That’s like advertising a will in The Times of London. It wasn’t on the official site and the FB page is timed around ten this morning. Why in this day in age with software available to run the very same article on multiple platforms at the very same time can we not have consistent information on all of the advertised social media platforms?
  7. It’s about someone at East Fife writing 3 e mails and promising to let me know when tickets would be on sale, and didn’t. I contacted them due to our own club not having information. I just checked the Facebook post you mentioned and it’s timed at an hour ago so must have been posted very close to the sale time. I guess some people are luckier to “get in quick enough”.
  8. Looks like you got your wishes. Your back office is even worse than ours. Can’t keep to their word either. Piss poor! Thought Fife was better than that.
  9. I don’t see anything on our website stating a time?
  10. I’ve been e mailing since Monday and getting told there was “a wee glitch” but they’d let me know. Seems like we’re not the only one’s blessed with poor performance off the pitch. She also told me we had 3 sections to choose from, not one.
  11. There’s two left down the front, section K Sorry, sold out.
  12. Ticket office for Saturday but looks like there’s still a glitch. Every seat is marked as “not available”. E mailing EEFFC now. https://eastfifefc.info/tickets?ftredirect=1
  13. The mystery benefactor is a Knight of the Realm and Member of the House of Lords. That’s about as Loyal as it gets.
  14. Enjoy your football Davie. Keep that smile on 😉
  15. Season ticket info all here… https://queensparkfc.co.uk/making-new-memories/
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