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  1. From last season…. https://uk.soccerway.com/teams/netherlands/stichting-fc-utrecht/1523/ Looks like it was a strong line-up. Very encouraging.
  2. Did Utrecht field a strong team? Four goals against anyone is a big improvement.
  3. Going back on your earlier re the kit man...I'd expect two strips to travel, just in case. That makes more sense now...the new one is in the DoF's bedroom pending the big launch. No doubt we'll be getting online offers to buy, tomorrow
  4. Maybe just trying all the options, just like players/formats etc. I recall one game last year where the armband was worn by 3 players. As for the colour, Arnhem has an uncomfortable seat in German history. Respect to our hosts perhaps.
  5. Just a pit of perspective on our opponents yesterday… “In the 2019–20 season, which was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Lokomotiva had the best season in its history, finishing in second place in the league and finishing as runners-up in the Croatian Football Cup, losing 1–0 to Rijeka in the final. With Croatia's improved UEFA Ranking, this meant that Lokomotiva went into the 2020–21 UEFA Champions Leaguequalifying rounds for the first time in its history, where it drew SK Rapid Wien in the second qualifying round.”
  6. Wouldn’t be the first time a manufacturer has oversubscribed. Must be a hectic time for them across the globe. Unless of course somebody forgot to sign-off the proof Update: just read a story on Thistle’s new top, due for launch on Friday. So it’s probably a contractual thing for us too. Ignore my speculative nonsense above.
  7. That adds to your theory then. Sure he would have asked for it.
  8. That’s the thing, the matter of time. It’s actually written into the Articles that it should be held in May. Hence why they just can’t glibly change it as it would necessitate a members vote. Instead, they just ignore it. I found the last impromptu one in August quite positive but sadly, like last August’s, it’s all been a damp squib regarding the non-playing events. I guess anything regarding money is increasingly awkward for the Director’s to discuss/explain. In other news, I hear the owner of the Warrior’s Club is a bit moist at the thought of weegiecash coming through every couple of weeks. Glad somebody’s happy.
  9. Sometimes you just need to throw the shovel away. Live and let live.
  10. They’re definitely in Arnhem…. https://www.facebook.com/NKLokomotivaZagreb/ Oddly though they have advertised their friendly next week against Maccabi Tel Aviv, but not the Mighty Hoops. Heathens!
  11. If only we had some kind of formal meeting platform to direct these type of valid questions to the people running the club.
  12. This from the OS...pretty much wipes out the PATG customer. 'The club will be providing Free Transport to and from Ochilview for every League and Cup fixture for all Members and Season Ticket Holders – more details on transport will be announced soon.'
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