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  1. Not sure if I posted before but I was within a couple of hundred metres of the Address hotel blaze in Dubai 18 months ago, it happened on Hogmanay very close to the Burj Khalifa firework / laser show. From first noticing the fire on the lower 2 floor balconies to it being a 20+ floor blaze took literally 2-3 mins. Cladding was the cause of speed of spread or if I'm not remembering wrongly, more to do with the epoxy that fixed the cladding? It's now unlawful to attach non fire retardant cladding and new cladding has to be retro-fitted to buildings over a certain number of floors.
  2. That is unbelievable, like another mentioned, it's a catalogue of concerns going back years. Surely there will be manslaughter prosecutions on individuals responsible? Not a time for jokes but couldn't help but notice the nearby tower that caught fire was called "Adair Tower" - which immediately made me think of Red.
  3. Whenever we are making love, he insists on giving me the "reach around" and whispers in my ear, I knew I had gone all the way through. Wears thin quickly!
  4. Not Rolly B, that's for sure. He coined the phrase fAthletic"
  5. It is not a sport!* Even on a technicality. *Even if the technicality on my side of the argument is that it infuriates Lichtie
  6. Just because you consider it to be, doesn't make it so. P&B has spoken!
  7. In no way ever, has anyone described a set of irons as a team, or woods, or a putter. Your argument is nonsensical.
  8. Ok, I'll walk you through this. A team is a group of individuals who work (or are supposed to) towards a common goal. The "TEAM" in American Egg doesn't work towards a common goal. They have 3 or 4 different teams. The "deeeeeefence" works towards one goal, thee "offence" works towards a completely different goal. What skill is involved in being a fat c**t trying to stop a slightly less fat c**t getting to your mate, just cos he has something you want? If you define this as sport then I am a sportsman cos I got inbetween Craig Wetherburn who tried to attack James Crighton because James started going out with Laura Renfield.
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