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  1. Guessing the laddy Marciano will be back in nets against us on Tuesday...
  2. Sincerely hope both teams kick the f**k out each other and it goes all the way to penalties. Don’t mind who goes through as long as Motherwell win the final.
  3. Just watched Hutchinson. Really impressed. Aye, the boy he was fighting wasn’t much but the variation with his punches and shot selection was really impressive.
  4. Dependent who I was in with, we’d do the same. A wee lucky 15 or a placepot, then usual Saturday coupon. We had a boy who never played the machines then ended up dropping a load daily, a walking example of how addictive they can be. Anyway, as we’ve both said it is a good part time number. Had a really good laugh and can be flexible.
  5. You stayed through Scottish independence (or lack of) and Brexit but the Tynecastle delays have claimed a scalp. It is frustrating, isn’t it? Anyway, it’ll be pish and you’ll hate it. Nae tennents. f**k that.
  6. Who said he was an embarrassment? I’d say that’s a harsh assessment. I was critical of lewison and his condition because, as I said, he is good but is his own worst enemy. If he could get somewhat close to shape, I’d fancy him to beat Sam Sexton. In that shape last night, I can’t see that happening.
  7. I gambled less when I worked in the bookies than I do now. Think it’s easier to see the downside when you can see your shops profits etc.
  8. Took two towels but we got there. I’ve been speaking up for Lewison saying he’s good just unfit but that’s him finished, he’s nothing left. Job done from Joyce, took longer than it probably needed to but no risks taken understandably
  9. Nope. He should be stepping up the pressure and looking for a stoppage. Lewison has essentially stopped throwing back. Force the ref to stop it.
  10. It’s been dog shit mate. Lewison is about 3 stone too heavy. Joyce looks tidy enough but nothing exciting. MVP was entertaining but as you say not sure how he’d go against an actual opponent.
  11. Joyce v Lewison has been pretty woeful so far tbh
  12. It absolutely must have been. Who else is going to wear Spartans top abroad? A real life sighting of grim o’grady. This should wake the forum up.
  13. I assume that’s the real reason his current one is knackered but boys will be boys...
  14. f**k sake. Never rains but it pours! Must be some c**t in or around Dundee with a wee spare available for a week or so... Edit: if you can’t get your hands on one, when you go shopping get stuff for curries or stews which you can cook and leave in a pot a couple of days and obviously don’t buy a lot
  15. Anyone in or near Dundee got a wee fridge spare for a bit?
  16. Hiya Dundeh fans, hiya pals. I hope you’re enjoying the leadership of one of our glorious sons, Mr McCann? Anyway, I ken you’ve had a bit of a time of it with that cunto taking the money and what not but hopefully it’s all sorted now. Anyway, our P&B pal @DA Baracus has fucked his fridge. Anyone that doesn’t know he’s had a bit of a time of it recently and it’s nae use. So, has anyone in the city discovery got a wee fridge the boy could have a shot of? No wanting to ask those DAB’s! Best o’ teckle and get them telt! (DA, if you’re wanting this removed just let me ken and I’ll delete it) Edit: if someone could tag him so he sees this and can say, that’d be good. Not working on my phone for whatever reason.
  17. It’s a right pity they’ve banned giving the wee shites a skelp eh? Soon as it’s happened they pipe up with the jokes. Good to get some comedic relief though, hope you and the family are doing okay [emoji106]
  18. None of my “mates” were up for this or couldn’t manage for whatever reason. It’ll be terrific, enjoy!
  19. f**k, sorry to hear PB. Can’t imagine what you and your good lady are going through. Sorry mate. [emoji17]
  20. Liquidate and come back as G_Man2017. You’ll even get to keep your irn bru!
  21. Just don’t get cooncil. Pay more, need half as much...I’m told...
  22. But then I’ll have no money for hookers, ching and bevy? Pay day next week, can maybe help you out then...
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