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  1. If ever 8mile was going to fling a shite at someone. A stinking dog shite at the Tories seems ideal!
  2. That’s nice you’re thinking of. Nobody gets in much of a fuss about mice (except the wife that looked after Tam the cat).
  3. Hyland dominated first few rounds then Ormond took over. Very harsh decision I though. ZZ definitely needs the stoppage to win.
  4. Hopefully. I’d be fucked if the fridge in mine broke! Certainly not ideal.
  5. Squirrels are quality wee laddies. Playful and busy. Never see a squirrel just moping about.
  6. Have you managed to get your hands on a working one yet?
  7. Always worth helping your gran! The curry is a bonus though. Yass! Good on her. Getting cancer telt, twice!
  8. That’s onions and potatoes you’ve made there mate.
  9. Shouldn’t have bothered, she probably won’t make it through winter anyway... (I sincerely hope your gran makes it through winter)
  10. You don’t need to reply with green dots or anything like that. Take solace in the fact you’re not alone, others (as they have said) have gone through the same and, even those who haven’t had the misfortune, are here for you if need be. Try and keep the chin up mate.
  11. Never good mate. Better than the wee man living in pain.
  12. Different strokes for different folks. They’re debut album was very laddy (imo) and was released when me and my mates were 17/18, so we latched on to it immediately. They’ve changed a lot since then and put on a terrific live show if you like them.
  13. Lead singer of the courteeners. Doing a solo (acoustic I believe) tour.
  14. Is that the boy Garry Parker that looks like he’s eaten Paul Hartley?
  15. Offside? Edit: no, Stevenson played him on.
  16. Livens the game up though. Good decision imo
  17. Sutton was right, boy had to hit the target with that header. Bit more attacking intent from Hibs so far this half.
  18. Ah, so you’ve come to the appreciation thread to criticise...[emoji17] I’ll marry her then!
  19. Marry her. Marry her now. Usually I think it’s strange seeing women drink pints but she’s got taste and a wid.
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