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  1. Randall, Callachan and Stockton if he gets on. The seethe it would generate if Lafferty was to body someone would be glorious.
  2. Her lips are absolutely horrendous, imo. I’d imagine she looked much better before surgery.
  3. He didn’t even get booked for that either! Andy Webster tried to turn Didier Agathe’s knee inside out when he was at Celtic. I assume it was because he previously played for Hibs.
  4. Jesus this thread is brutal already. I’d be content with a 2-0 win and a seething Neil Lennon. If Bauben plays then forget it.
  5. Robbo hurt them a few times. I’m sure Bruno, Mahe and Phil Stamp won some 50/50’s as well but can’t remember any particular cementings.
  6. McLaughlin. Smith, Souttar, Berra, Brandon. Walker, Callachan, Cochrane, Mili. Isma, Lafferty. H2H [emoji4]. FTH.
  7. Only if WTM wears your face on the cruise. Another one notched up for him.
  8. Something to do with travelling to London and not being real prevented him.
  9. If you’ve plenty coin, Sterling furniture.
  10. If you’re skint, the above is a fair shout. Instant neighbour or something as well. Don’t know where you are but I know there’s a place in Fife that sells second hand stuff but has to be decent standard. Assume there’s such places in most cities.
  11. Did you not see his posts?!Edit: sorry, misread as what? Is he using? f**k knows what he’s using but stay clear.
  12. aye, you get them telt Robbie. Jet fuel, steal beams and all that.
  13. Yeah, lucky if it was 5 seconds. Second booking is for his complaints/reaction to first booking. Complete roaster.
  14. Dumb as f**k from Mandzukic to get sent off as well
  15. A fair skelping dished out by Juve there. Udinese not had the best of starts and get thoroughly rogered by a ten man juve...
  16. Great finish from moult. Defence gets caught not marking while coming up...pleasing!
  17. As for Warrington Selby. I agree that I think Selby outclasses him. To play devils advocate, selby fights at his own pace...could Warrington’s relentless work rate trouble and frustrate him?
  18. Finally watched everything this morning. Enjoyed the Burnett fight. Thought he’d just stick to picking off ZZ and keeping out of trouble, was more than happy to trade and won most the exchanges. Warrington was good, his fitness is unreal. Not sure how good the Danish lad was really and not like Warrington to stop folk. Nurse really never used his size advantage in the fight. Particularly once you here Cattaral had been struggling to make weight. Jab and move, make him really work to get inside. Gassiev fight was pointless but two lovely shots to finish it.
  19. I just hope, that for the neutral, it’s a good game and that Motherwell win convincingly. Mon the Well!
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