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  1. Fair play to Hibs, I only seen the 2nd half and although they didn’t create much they didn’t let us create anything and still looked dangerous. The boy McGinn is impressing me more and more. There’s a lot lacking from our side. Anyway, I hope Hibs get pumped every fucking week from here. c***s. [emoji4]

  2. They're quite comfy but no way worth that much! My parents dogs sometimes go under them when someone is sat in a reclined position and then get hit by the mechanism when it closes, hopefully my child doesn't wonder underneath it without me realising!

    A common theme with sofas, beds etc. It’s important to get comfortable ones though.
    Will be a while before wee throbber is crawling about by themselves, get plenty use out of them before then.

  3. I’d say it’s far more tragic the ever increasing number of posters who have conversed with me at some point in a decent, civilised manner, but then are quick to turn and follow the flock, unable to think for themselves, ‘liking’ even the most tedious posts by their heroes, desperate to be one of the bois. Looks far more ‘trying to be mates’ than anything I’ve ever posted tbh.

    Ah, Mr Mile...you’ve spoiled the point I was going to make.
    I’ve asked, to no reply, if these messages have been shared before - I don’t think they have? So now, a year or something on from them, Magee (who I’ve no issue with) decides to share them. If it’s not just to join in and ‘be one of the bois’, then why?
    I’m in no way white knighting 8mile. I have no dog in this fight. Just frustrated this whole carry on has distracted from the real issue, of course, Rodger’s Jimmy Neutron head.
  4. Mobile website.  Took a wee bit of getting used to as I was an avid app user but for P&B i find its much easier.  Pretty sure Div said he was trying to run the App down.

    Had a look. Think it would take a lot of getting used to. P&B will just have to suffer without my sizzling humour displayed picture content until the app is repaired.
  5. I had no idea happy hour was banned in Scotland until now.

    They just banned happiness in Scotland, time of day is irrelevant.
    I’ve not had any alcohol since Saturday 14th. Don’t think I’ll be drinking this weekend either. Pretty often though I do like to just unwind and get hammered. Usually it’ll be a Friday, pub after work then up to my mates. If it wasn’t for football training I would probably have gone up the pub and had a few pints watching the football tonight.
  6. The App?  How quaint.  How 2016.

    Which antiquated posting method do you use? 2016 trends are still about 3 years off before they reach Dundee. Yes, consider this as a bite. Well played.
  7. Just seen a fat man walking the streets in a tight Spiderman costume, almost tripping over the flapping advertising board running down his front from a multi-national pizza delivery firm.

    Is this the marketing of the future that I'm witnessing with my near burned out eyes?!

    We had Spiderman and another red and yellow one from a competitor vying for attention from passers by. I suspect their Universal Credit was under threat and they opted for the dignity of honest toil.

    Holy shit, it’s spreading! We had a Spider-Man standing beside a roundabout (all day) the week there was an offer on (any pizza, any size £7.99 iirc).
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