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  1. He was superb during the time he spent in the east super league with Fauldhouse . IMO he’s a very good footballer and will benefit someone . Could still play at a high level , again IMO .
  2. Can't help the weather mate unfortunately . They played Blackburn last night and held there own for a long time , went ahead actually . Finished 2-1 . Still a few lads to come in for Saturday . Fingers crossed things come together and we improve again this year . Always a tough game against easthouses though . Very tough .
  3. Not the greatest of games football wise . Few lads from both teams on bookings were lucky to stay on the park , not just big Evan . The " half a team" comment doesnt wash with me at all . Just to add that we had 4 players missing from our previous weeks starting line up and 2 lads on the bench who were still struggling with injury added to that a young lad on trial .So I suppose you could say it was an even game all round . I Hope big Jordan is ok and recovers soon as well . Looked a sore one again .
  4. Dykehead to win the Sunday semi and go all the way IMO . A very organised amateur side .
  5. Yes lee our big goalie had 3 or 4 "worlds" saves yesterday though your goalie had a great save at the death one on one to stop us snatching the 3 points . Over the moon with a point in the end as we were up against it when down to 10 men . Consistency has been the problem with us and it's just been good timing that we've had a strong side the last few times we've played you . Hopefully the performance yesterday can be carried over now into the next games . Think at any level of football consistency breeds success . Dont think the old heart good deal with playing west Calder every week . Best of luck to the Calder lads for the rest of the season .
  6. Hope you didn't go and buy yourself a calculator !!
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