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  1. Can't remember anyone questioning where the money was coming from when JD owned the club although I would agree that if I was the current owners would be expecting to see some progress & as a fan would be worried if this doesn't materialise within their timescale and they decide enoughs enough.
  2. Couldn't agree more everyone has a right to criticise the bad stuff & praise the good even when its the same player doing both. Everyone can have a go at the manager even call for him to resign if they are sick and tired of the negative play, the set-up not to lose until we go a goal down then start to attack, the 75 mins of slow build up only to panic in last 15 or when a goal down, the refusal to play our best goalscorer as a centre forward (winger or leave on bench) in favpour of two guys not quite cutting it. Could you imagine the 'abuse' previous managers would have got if they left Coyle/Ryan out the team or played them as wingers. I was one who was willing to get behind this team & manager but something is not right & that lays squarely with the managerwho a quarter of the season in still doesn't know what his best team is. I get that projects like this take time but you also expect to see continued improvement not a steady decline, if I had this sort of pattern of results in my workplace I would be revisiting the model & making changes. The most worrying thing for me in the managers decision process is that certain errors are repeated. IF our DF or Chairman want the happy clapper 200 crowds then good luck with that but I thought they had bigger ambition than that. However, if they want to reduce crowds further by critising the loyal PAYING fans instead of addressing the core issues then managed decline continues & shame on them.
  3. Stewarts form had dipped well before Murray I would say probably half way through season before. Had lost pace which was a big factor in his game & positional sense was getting worse under Findlay.
  4. Strongly suspect he is the missing Number 2 in squad numbers & therefore prefered right back
  5. Forfar seaside? Yeah I know its a stretch but your a lot nearer a beach than us
  6. 1 Airdrie 2 Raith (will fail in play off again & Victoria will go missing for at least 2/3rds of the season but will score against us) 3 Seaside Team 1 (probably Forfar) 4 Seaside Team 2 (EF or Montrose) 5 Falkirk (reckon they will almost do a Dumbarton) 6 Clyde (could be our Stenny this year) 7- 9 Rest of the Seaside Teams 10 Dumbarton (Scullion LOL, no Thomas or C Gal)
  7. Livingstone managed it(with a core of our ex players) & Ayr looking at the playoffs this year. Hamilton were where we are when JB took over & look where they are now managing to maintain a spot in the Premier season after season. Falkirk / Partick / St Mirren/ even Dumbarton have all enjoyed success & failure in recent years it is about getting the support core above 1000 & maintaining a support ranging from 1300 to 2000 in the upper two leagues we have just managed this ambition badly JB not investing when in the league above / wrong management choices we all know what has gone wrong I fear this may be our last chance to get it right & alienating an already dwindling core support will not help but a winning team will be a start.
  8. Yep similar & wondering how this will now play with theHybrid model proposed
  9. Keep: 1st Team: Hutton Crighton O'Neil Macdonald Wilkie & Carrick Punt rest & start again Reserves/subs: Gallacher (if fit)/ Mackenzie Hawkshaw Robertson (as back up only) Cairns Punt rest & start again Loanees (Out) would get rid of them all (In) would like to see Campbell back rest were just Meh
  10. See Victoria missed a sitter last night Looks like sending him Stranraer way has done us a turn after all we now need a result against on form Brechin though.
  11. Didn't think we wrre particulary bad a t time wasting even when in the lead & even some of the Dumbarton free kicks / shys were a tad slow. For real time wasting take a visit to Stenny when they are in the lead and witness the Goalie take a large pole to try to retrieve the ball from the nets at the east end & walk slower than an octegenarian on a zimmer every time he goes for the ball.
  12. Did everybody miss the second McIntosh header where it was easier to score than head back towards the keepers hands should clearly have been two up at half time. Also large possession statistic could be mainly down to second half & possession gained from the too many to count soft fouls (Thomas dives) in the first half.
  13. Was refused entry to stand as was wearing colours no doubt some in plain attire got through. Sign above entrance clearly said Home Fans only. Possibly a new policy from two seasons ago but would have said stand looked no more than 2/3rds possibly even half full. However upside was got a really close view on Conroys header & that save at the end. Although we were far away felt Robertson played the ball and then Cook tripped over the leg from highlights unclear but what is clear that Page was covering so yellow at best.
  14. Airdrie Arbroath Raith Montrose East Fife Dumbarton Forfar Brechin Stenhousemuir Stranraer
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