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  1. Just as well none of you are remotely bothered by a 12 year old saying you're shite then.
  2. Was just playing Warzone with my 12 year old godson, having a wee chuckle at your misfortunes - as you would do if it was ICT in the same position, and rightly so. He's not allowed to swear, so he suggested replacing "the other word for poo" with 'Falkirk'. It does work, a little bit of Falkirk came out when some c**t came out of nowhere and flashbanged the room then we had to melee him to death.
  3. Never saw it myself but I believe it was called 'Whistleblowers' or something like that.
  4. Off topic and probably says more about me than anything else but I genuinely thought that lad's name was Carrick Packaging for a second there.
  5. Can't imagine why people refer to this paper as the 'Daily Rangers'...
  6. Was Ricky Foster actually not bad on co-comms or should I be immediately sectioned?
  7. Galatasaray being abbreviated to 'GS' is absolutely triggering me.
  8. Worth a wee nibble at 12/1 I'd say, good luck lads and ladies.
  9. "Ralston should be able to clip a 30 yard ball to the front man's feet", f**k me, I've heard it all now! Said with a straight face as well, Jesus!
  10. Alright folks, I have absolutely no idea why I put this up at the time but Facebook reminded me that I did 6 years ago. Probably because you guys are box office, right? And obviously, wid.
  11. Fair fucking fucks lads, what a result! Cost me a couple of quid as I thought Hacken were great value at 2.90, shows what I know! Well in, enjoy.
  12. You might be right here, I was a bit surprised. They did claim it as you can see, can't get the stream to launch though. Anyone else having any luck? Fucking Murdoch
  13. It just said "Free to watch on Sky Bet Player" when I logged in earlier, from Scotland. I mean, surely a Rupert Murdoch-run entity wouldn't lie to people?!
  14. Can watch the game on Sky Bet if you have at least 1p in your account, for anyone who's interested.
  15. Uncle Roy must be investing in one of those mobile phone signal blockers they use to stop terrorists detonating bombs this morning...
  16. This is a very good point, whether it's Eddie Howe's missus' opinion or not it hasn't exactly been a great advert for taking the plunge into the murky waters of the Old Firm, has it? Win the league and your fans leave the city looking like a warzone. Lose the league and it's your actual fucking house.
  17. Malky 5:21 - "He that is without colour among you, let him make the starting 11."
  18. First I've heard, despite having lived 34 of my 37 years in the Highland capital and generally cutting about the rest of the north. Perhaps I move in different (non-fictional) circles. Anyway, once again randoms on the internet have not let us down and someone on Facebook has coined the phrase 'Ro SS County', top work.
  19. Obviously having a laugh at County is good fun, Mackay is a thick, bigoted c**t though. Unfortunately, as we have all seen many times, that doesn't seem to hold people back in Scottish football and indeed seems to be a requirement for many punditry/journalism gigs. Ironically, it was only last night when I was speaking to my sister in Zimbabwe who is planning visiting the Highlands at some point now COVID is (hopefully) a bit more under control that I said there's a very low tolerance for racism and well, intolerance up here. Despite Uncle Roy's best efforts, I think the reaction of most County fans here has shown that. I would also say that while bashing someone's coupon in with a baseball bat and getting caught punting ching are of course bad things, at least the perpetrators got the jail and were punished as part of their rehabilitation, whatever you might think of them. I'm not saying that offensive texts are comparable to GBH but Mackay got sent on some sort of diversity course ("Now Malky, that's not what we say, is it? We get Singapore noodles from the CHINESE!") then walked into a cushy, generously-paid job at the SFA doing... what, exactly? He got a shot at managing our national team anyway, despite being a pretty average manager at best, as some have pointed out. A deeply cynical person might also say that Show Racism The Red Card and whoever else are backing him because the alternative is admitting that their solution of week or two looking at Powerpoint presentations might not be enough sort out a grown man in his 40s who thinks it's alright to send misogynist, racist, homophobic and anti-semitic texts like that ON HIS FUCKING WORK PHONE.
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