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  1. Eagerly awaiting kick off in the Nepalese second tier's Yogi Hughes Derby.
  2. Bad start to the day for Rangers' bogey team...
  3. Hard to tell with the face mask in that photo but could it be none other than Shouty Old Unionist Highlander from Question Time in Inverness? Skin tone comparison isn't on the same Dulux colour chart, but to be fair he was indoors and somewhat... enthused during his live TV appearance
  4. 36 year old man from Inverness likes this.
  5. Trying to get my 11 year old godson the current Scotland top with his name and number on the back, I thought this would be a relatively easy task on the Scotland and/or JD Sports website but alas not. Anyone got any suggestions? Want to make sure I get the official lettering and would rather not faff about getting the top then trying to find somewhere locally when it arrives, JD Sports in Inverness won't do it.
  6. They're all at it, they should at least make it a bit of fun by trying to sneak in controversial stuff like the BNP manifesto, Mein Kampf (possibly the same thing) and the Jim'll Fix It Annual.
  7. So... We've qualified for Euro 2020, we have a good manager and some good players but we're still a bit shite? Is that where we're at?
  8. Is Trump going to pay tribute to P&B tradition by having his meltdown tomorrow, on a Sunday? Not long until we find out!
  9. Should we save a space in here for Donald Trump? If he loses the election and the toys (hopefully not nuclear missiles) are launched out of the pram in a truly epic, flailing, spittle-flecked implosion we could be in for quite a performance.
  10. They can say it as many times as they want but anyone paying £15 on top of their subscriptions to watch Wolves vs Crystal Palace needs fucking sectioned.
  11. Every time the commentator says "Laxalt" it sounds to me like he's saying "wax on" from the Karate Kid. Sent from my SM-G975F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  12. Think it's only from the last 32 onwards, could be wrong. Gordon Strachan doing a bit at punditry, he must be impressed that Rangers are the tallest at half time.
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