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  1. Also, Patriot on Amazon Prime is worth a bash. Found it a wee bit hard to get into at first, season 1 is a bit of a slog in the beginning with loads of stuff going on, loved season 2 though.
  2. Made a rare foray into this part of the forums to start a thread about Goliath, here will do fine though. Really enjoying it, at the risk of sounding a bit wanky there are some amazing, natural performances in it. Loved Bad Santa, Billy Bob Thornton has almost reprised his role there but his character is a bit more switched on. On an unrelated note, Altered Carbon on Netflix is absolute sex and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Ruel Street, bring yer maw.
  3. Bump. Also, can't help but feel that this recent one from perennial P&B favourite Jose Mourinho has potential. Probably more to come from him with Spurs' recent form too.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the most recent episode, especially the BSC Glasgow bit and Last Minute Winner. Keep up the good work lads.
  5. This not on telly anywhere? If not, a friend of mine in a place where it isn't illegal could do with a stream.
  6. Thought "surely no-one could be that thick" for a heartbeat, then I remembered it's Scottish football.
  7. Anyone got a stream for this? Genuinely asking for my old man, he loves to see Rangers fail even more than the rest of us.
  8. Stop it. Stop it at once. Utter filth, and I for one am fully on board.
  9. Yeh, absolutely. Aye, the referee has made a bad and inexplicable mistake. Not that it's any consolation to Keatings, but imagine it had happened to us in the forthcoming Scottish Cup quarter final against Hibs for example, rather than the Tunnocks' semi final against Rangers' U20s. Most of us within the Scottish football bubble know that the SFA's panel has come off worse than the referee in this, with Gary Lineker and various others tweeting and making it go viral though I do feel for the referee. Not that they're wrong to highlight it, it was a mad decision, I just think that outside of Scottish football fans the narrative might be unfairly focused on the referee rather than the fact the decision wasn't overturned, which is the most ridiculous thing. Completely unrelated, but let's not forget that Gary Lineker shat himself on the pitch in a World Cup match while wearing an all-white strip. His missus though. Wid.
  10. I think there's several angles in this which previous posters have all alluded to. The work analogy you use is key, if you f**k up at work, fair enough, it happens to most people. And, as in pretty much every workplace, a f**k up is reviewed by 'superiors', or whatever you want to call them. There's oversight. The fact that at least 2 out of 3 in the panel reviewing it have backed up a universally reviled decision isn't doing the referee in question any favours and has completely undermined what little - if any - faith people had left in the whole procedure and the SFA in general. It feeds the flames for everyone - rightly or wrongly - who thinks there are agendas within the SFA when it comes to this shit. It takes a hell of a lot to unite Scottish football fans, and this is the closest thing I've ever seen. Somehow, the SFA will ride it out though, they always do. That's what bothers me most, as well as Keatings missing the final obviously, for his sake.
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