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  1. Carabao Cup

    P&B bingo klaxon!
  2. P&B Meme/GIF Bank

    For some reason I'm picturing them both holding the pizza box with Connor Sammon's face in it instead of the awards. Memeception.
  3. P&B Meme/GIF Bank

    Well, I asked and have not been disappointed P&B faithful, give yourselves a round of applause. Some epic efforts there, some of which I have nicked and used, many thanks. Was there not a GIF of David Murray being chased up a road by Dave King in a car or something? Might be vice-versa, not sure. Might also be someone else involved, I only saw it once but I remember it was widely liked and my sides almost split when I encountered it. Apologies for not giving you all much to go on, I have faith though.
  4. Which soccer jerseys do you own?

    I have Charlie Christie's long-sleeved ICT shirt signed by the whole team back in the day which I wore when we won the Scottish Cup - and was also photographed in on the centre spread of the Inverness Courier that day, buckled and greeting like a wean with sheer joy, but that's another story - with autographs from legends like Mikey Teasdale and Jim Calder on it. I also have the Newcastle goalkeeper top with the multicolours and the silhouette of the bridge in the city, I'm a Toon fan as I was late getting into football - being fat and shit at kicking the ball, hence a goalkeeper - and my best pal at primary school supported them. Recently got a Mainz top on the cheap, my girlfriend at the time studied there and it was a great place, she lived in Grenoble too and although I don't have a shirt of theirs I have a flag she got me. I attended a game with her and her mates who had zero interest in football but humoured me - Sod's Law dictated that it was a dreadful, 0-0 affair in the pissing rain but I was able to decipher with my very limited French the Valenciennes fans singing a song about the familiar Jean-Claude Darcheville having a small cock. Being a 'keeper and loving Football Italia on a Saturday and Sunday when it was on Gianluigi Buffon has always been my favourite player so I have a couple of Parma tops, including this rather sexual piece of kit:
  5. Bit harsh, Republic of Ireland have qualified for a World Cup and two Euros since 2000.
  6. Pretty much, aye. Was genuinely about to congratulate Celtic fans for being magnanimous in defeat - not something I would expect from either team in the game - and accepting that the better team won. Also note that I said "THE factor" rather than "A factor." I should probably have said "the overriding factor" if we're being semantic but to be honest I'm not sure having Neil Lennon in a balaclava with a load of semtex in his pocket and an Irish tricolour with "Up the 'Ra" printed on it draped around his shoulders refereeing the game would have made a difference with that performance.
  7. People can disagree over whether the ref had a good game or not, anyone who thinks that it was the factor which determined who won today needs their head examined though - assuming NASA or whoever can actually find said cranium with it orbiting the planet.
  8. Hope my fellow "diddy" team supporters are enjoying the game as much as me, whether Celtic get an equaliser, win or things stay the same for the last ten minutes we are absolutely nailed-on for some epic heads-gone now.
  9. Has been the defender and possibly player who has gotten you out of jail the most all game though.
  10. The kick on Brown was funny to be fair. "These things balance themselves out over a season," mind. It's taken about 10 seasons, made it all the more amusing.
  11. Other than yellow and red cardswhich would have been dished out in pretty much any other any other football match anywhere on the globe, you're bang on. That's standard Old Firm though, actual decisions-wise Beaton has been good.
  12. What? Bobby Sands is dead? Jesus, really? Have people been made aware?! Joking aside, as people have said, deserved goal. Scott Brown is done at this level, not necessarily because of footballing ability but he's now getting wound up rather than doing the winding. I daresay he'll be taking that permanent move to the land of toilet spiders, Crocodile Dundee and hats with corks hanging off them
  13. Fucking great two stops from Gordon there, especially the second one. Still convinced my bet on Celtic to win is safe though.