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  1. Right cuntos, it seems me and my mate are driving through to Perth at 5pm for this carry-on tomorrow. Main and most important question, are the McDiarmid Park pies any good?
  2. Just realised all of the Partick players had 'Raya' and the number 71 on their training tops, which makes me look a bit thick. Although possibly not as thick as a professional, full-time footballer offering to meet a fan in the car park for a fight after the game because he shouted "you're not laughing now"
  3. Some boy Raya or something for Partick having a head's gone, offering a square go to a fan and saying he'll "wait for him outside" after. Blimey
  4. Apologies for double post, but using your website breaking down to have a dig at another team is excellent, even by Scottish football standards. I told my pal who lives in Alloa, he said he used to go to those games and there was some atmosphere, is there a big rivalry with you guys and Stirling?
  5. I went to your website the other day to check something out, page wasn't working so I saw this and felt the need to nip in and congratulate such top-tier shithousery. Great work [emoji1433]
  6. Jesus wept, I knew this new TV deal had the waft of Setanta about it but even by our standards this would be a rapid shift from deal done to utter shambles. As [mention=11624]craigkillie[/mention] alluded to, certainly can't rule out the usual pish journalism but we're currently looking at the Daily Record spouting shite or a massive f**k-up from someone in charge of Scottish football. Talk about the toss of a coin
  7. Nar is banging, enjoy! Edited to be a bit more helpful, me and a pal had the mixed grill for 2 which was a delicious stack of meat and if you have a sweet tooth the baklava is amazing. It's like freebasing sugar.
  8. That tackle O'Donnell was fucking disgraceful. I know the referee can't see it but in the replay you can see the guy looking up while he's sliding in then putting his studs up to actually try and hurt him. Horrible c**t
  9. Some effort actually making the most and least surprising signing in Scottish football [emoji1787]
  10. Just as well none of you are remotely bothered by a 12 year old saying you're shite then.
  11. Was just playing Warzone with my 12 year old godson, having a wee chuckle at your misfortunes - as you would do if it was ICT in the same position, and rightly so. He's not allowed to swear, so he suggested replacing "the other word for poo" with 'Falkirk'. It does work, a little bit of Falkirk came out when some c**t came out of nowhere and flashbanged the room then we had to melee him to death.
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