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  1. Never saw it myself but I believe it was called 'Whistleblowers' or something like that.
  2. Off topic and probably says more about me than anything else but I genuinely thought that lad's name was Carrick Packaging for a second there.
  3. Can't imagine why people refer to this paper as the 'Daily Rangers'...
  4. Was Ricky Foster actually not bad on co-comms or should I be immediately sectioned?
  5. Galatasaray being abbreviated to 'GS' is absolutely triggering me.
  6. Verging on head's gone... Not entirely sure why but funny to watch.
  7. Worth a wee nibble at 12/1 I'd say, good luck lads and ladies.
  8. "Ralston should be able to clip a 30 yard ball to the front man's feet", f**k me, I've heard it all now! Said with a straight face as well, Jesus!
  9. Alright folks, I have absolutely no idea why I put this up at the time but Facebook reminded me that I did 6 years ago. Probably because you guys are box office, right? And obviously, wid.
  10. Fair fucking fucks lads, what a result! Cost me a couple of quid as I thought Hacken were great value at 2.90, shows what I know! Well in, enjoy.
  11. You might be right here, I was a bit surprised. They did claim it as you can see, can't get the stream to launch though. Anyone else having any luck? Fucking Murdoch
  12. It just said "Free to watch on Sky Bet Player" when I logged in earlier, from Scotland. I mean, surely a Rupert Murdoch-run entity wouldn't lie to people?!
  13. Can watch the game on Sky Bet if you have at least 1p in your account, for anyone who's interested.
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