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  1. With albion winning today I'm being to fear the worst thats a bit of a gap to claw back looks like the play offs for us. Unless we pull off another great escape
  2. Dunno where he's got the cheating bit from [emoji848] we never took our chances elgin did can only blame ourselves for not winning that
  3. Our live stream is terrible pay 200 quid for a season ticket and what do you get in return ? See half a game and the team is absolute garbage
  4. Soon as page came on we just went back to looking like last year's team gutting to see gerry and abs go off hope they aren't serious dont know why we didn't drop O'connor back and bring a midfielder on instead of page hes garbage
  5. Think an experienced striker would have helped
  6. The guy from Rangers or is there more to come? He looks like a good signing
  7. Any more additions to come ? Or any one being moved on ? Surley we dont need 3 keepers
  8. Well didn't see that one coming [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. Yes I'm very upset [emoji23] how dare you let people know what is going on with our club [emoji23]
  10. Polish striker is away too. Hopefully means a few more are coming in soon
  11. Not overly disappointed always put in the effort but no big loss.
  12. Sounds like a good work out any idea who scored ?
  13. Now we have Hutton surely we dont need 3 keepers one leaving or going out on loan ? Question is what one ? Personally I would keep Paddy
  14. I wish but I really doubt he would come back seems happy at Stirling
  15. Delighted to see big gerry back fusco next ? [emoji6]
  16. Any news if we will sign any one before Saturday?
  17. Well if whats promised is going to happen actually happens then yes I do
  18. The way some people go on you would think so. Hutton would be a good signing for us always looked good when we played airdrie
  19. Start with the committee 3 managers appointed and not thing has changed why we gave pation a 3 year contract f**k knows why I know its not his players but why 3 years. Whole lot of the players need to go
  20. Sooner this lot of players are moved on the better
  21. Yeah have to admit he did make a difference happy to be proved wrong.
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