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  1. Any more additions to come ? Or any one being moved on ? Surley we dont need 3 keepers
  2. Yes I'm very upset [emoji23] how dare you let people know what is going on with our club [emoji23]
  3. Polish striker is away too. Hopefully means a few more are coming in soon
  4. Not overly disappointed always put in the effort but no big loss.
  5. Now we have Hutton surely we dont need 3 keepers one leaving or going out on loan ? Question is what one ? Personally I would keep Paddy
  6. I wish but I really doubt he would come back seems happy at Stirling
  7. Delighted to see big gerry back fusco next ? [emoji6]
  8. Well if whats promised is going to happen actually happens then yes I do
  9. The way some people go on you would think so. Hutton would be a good signing for us always looked good when we played airdrie
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