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  1. Haha dont worry was just confused. Yeah looked OK going forward just can't defend
  2. Keeper has cost us too many goals hopefully we get a replacement in jan
  3. But will they help with our fortunes on the pitch ?
  4. Those running the club need to take responsibility for this the last 3 managers appointed by them have been a total disaster. I know they give up their time and put alot if hard work into running the club and do a good job of keeping it going. But when it comes to appointing managers they have no idea
  5. Not much chance of that since they play in the lowland league. Were going in to the Highland league if you going to have a dig at us at least get your facts right
  6. Hmmm I might delete my pervious post [emoji848] new keeper needed
  7. Was a much improved performance last week we looked like a totally different team and that was done with just one training session so I'm willing to give them a chance. So instead of moaning and picking at every little thing lets just get behind the team and support them ( hope im still saying that in a few months time)
  8. Yeah would be happy with them if that's the difference they can make in a week after one training session
  9. All seems to have gone quiet on the managers job. Are we maybe giving paton a couple of games to see how he dose ? Any one herd any other names ?
  10. Was waiting on him being mentioned. Would love to see him back involved with the club in some way but don't think hes the right man for the managers job maybe a coach or assistant manager. Think we need some one with a proven record that is going to get us out of this mess. I really thought Mark was going to be the man that did it he certainly talked a good game
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