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  1. Some of that defending today was an absolute embarrassment it's like they just parted and let the guy shoot right through the middle as of to say there you go heres a free shot. Theres just no fight or urgency
  2. Jamie Reid has left the club is this the start of the clear out? Hopefully a few more will follow
  3. I would swap one of the keepers we have just now for Calum Antel
  4. Out of the loan players I would keep hamilton prob one of our better players the other 2 can get tae should have never let paddy go to keep a loan keeper that's not even that good
  5. Aptently was shouting and swearing at the linesman
  6. Dont know about that but think our defence got lost or the might as well have
  7. The blame for this mess has to lie with Smith the brought in all this shite. Had the chance to sign Hester and turned him down hes banging the goals in.
  8. Same old shite we score then almost straight away we give away a goal. The sooner all the shite Smith brought in is gone the better
  9. Not saying any names most people will know who though
  10. Really poor yesterday lest it was a cup game though now to concentrate on the league I get that Crawford was rotten yesterday but why was he not just replaced by another striker ? Think we play better with 2 up front. To top off what was a bad day was a certain idiot throwing his toys out the pram shouting and swearing. Who then turned round to two women who were laughing about some thing and telling them to f**k off and shut the f**k up about time this idiot was banned I know he reads things on here but I dont care his behaviour is totally unacceptable
  11. Fionn Mccloud kay signed for glenrothes didnt really get much of a chance with us thought he looked decent in the few times he played
  12. That was Paddys last game for the club not sure where hes off to but all the best to him really sorry to see him go
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