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  1. I genuinely want to be on the anti SPFL bandwagon if supporting material is there. Your arguments and lack of evidence, to me as a neutral however, are pushing me further away from wrongdoing being a possible reality I think? My mind is open but I only see SPFL incompetence rather than obstruction (or even illegality) at the moment. It's not a 'given' that the process was flawed. It definitely felt unsatisfying for us that watched the embarrassing vote unfold, especially those that's club lost or didnt gain from it. How was 10 of 12 enough to carry in this instance? Well unfortunately, in the cold light of day of this SPFL voting system it's always the case, historically, that only a small number of clubs gain from the votes of the Board. It's quite incredible that a members association of equals requires on voting that only 80%, or 11/12 of votes, are required to decide a motion. That's a conversation of equals and bullying for another time though. Normally this voting system sets aside the concerns of smaller clubs (known as diddies) as inconsequential. Currently it renders the 2nd largest Scottish club (or also considered by some as the most successful domestic club in the world) as out voted in the current circumstances. Amazingly Scottish football has had a great laugh at the Rangers expense for a decade. At the moment every club is feeling a dislike for the way the game is run, and how decisions are taken. One club claims they have evidence that will blow it all open. Release it and we, the diddy fans of Scottish football, will be on your side. You cant fear them brushing it under the carpet if we all know. If you have truth, tell it. My main point is that, if the SPFL Board did something prejudicial, illegal or even in our view morally wrong, what would the other clubs fans do? If Rangers brought their evidence to the table and it showed clear deviation from sporting integrity do you think other clubs fans would ignore it or stand behind it? Those clubs would equally laugh at their rival Glasweigian brothers should fortune transition. It's time to show your evidence and take us with you on a breach of sporting integrity charge. Or let's all go back to preseason training, seeing who we can afford to sign, and battling amongst our friends, peers and rivals for our own type of glory.
  2. It's terrible to send Hearts down based on the current table. My team, Accies, are 4 points above them and even on the next fixture I'd have been looking at a possibility, if they won 3 points and we lost, they could go somehow go above us (relegation mindset - of fans not players). Of course they couldn't but that's how close it was and also that's Accies fans mentality. On that gap the consensus between our fans was that Hearts would come good and and catch us ( not based on any talent or ability or form, just based on we always think we'll get beat) so we'd have to catch at least one team above us (which we definitely would have, ahem, paisley or Killie or some other fodder for sure, like we always do...) Just like I dont care who is voted league champion but can agree something about the current vote is not quite right (Kinky) I also dont care who is voted down, as long as it isnt us, even though I admit that it is wrong. I dont think it's right for Hearts to go down but if Accies were bottom now not a single club or their director would have argued our favour. So roll on 20/21...
  3. Well quoted on one sentence in my post. What about the rest of it? The part where I say it's a shambles but struggle to see anything illegal. Also, the part I say other clubs will undoubtedly get behind Rangers if they have evidence that's shows any kind of criminal or inappropriate act? Until then its the 2 big brothers squabbling which we dont care about. Show us something wrong by Celtic or SPFL and the fans of every other club will come out in force together and stop it. Like the fans stopped Rangers Phoenix admittance to anything but the bottom tier of the professional league when the actual club chairmen themselves would have voted them in higher. If Rangers have anything serious or consequential the other clubs fans will back them. Otherwise its another squabble with your mates across the city. None of which affects any other club in Scotland.
  4. Come on everyone, is this even serious anymore? The vote is a shambles, an embarrassment, amateur, even maybe influenced. Is it illegal? Most likely not. Definitely embarrassing beyond belief for an organisation of its size. Clearly not properly led by a guy on Doncasters salary. Is it fundamentally wrong, unfair or illegal though? Absolutely not from what we've seen so far. If Rangers have something more incredible then get it out in the open. At that point some other people will get behind it if the evidence is there. At that point the SPFL wont be able to row back and hide it. Basically, we continue with the current people and their obvious self preservation policy. Or Rangers show what they have and we change path. No one outside rangers or celtic cares who wins the league cos it is "wan eh yez" and doesn't impact us. Hopefully it will one day.
  5. Utterly superb episode. Dont think I've ever seen such a tense scene in anything before as the one in Saul's flat at the end. 10/10
  6. Josh Taylor coming out strongly in defence of him
  7. That's really close to the O2 academy so assume it's a clip from another time when some pop music was on
  8. Hmmm...or I actually know what I'm talking about, just like when I said Josh would go to Top Rank. While I'm predicting things Fury v Joshua will be arranged as a trilogy with the first fight in Saudi but one of the fights in England. Matchroom will go to DAZN and MTK will set up a promotion and get the Sky contract. Maybe I just read all that somewhere though and have taken it as gospel.
  9. Billy joe is gonna fight Canelo the same night in the US and they both have Ben Davison as their trainer. I dont see top rank letting their new investment go into a fight without his trainer in his corner, especially when they have 2 massive money fights lined up for him in Ramirez then Crawford. Cant take the risk of Davison not being in the corner. As soon as BJS v Canelo gets announced, then Taylor will pull out injured soon after.
  10. I wouldn't worry too much mate, taylor will fake an injury and pull out
  11. I'd say the draw is best result if we're hoping for 10th place. If we're hoping for 11th and take out luck in the play off then either of them taking the full 3 points is probably better.
  12. No, what hes doing is justifying why he thinks it could quite probably be any decision and doing so in a relatively insightful way, with each option considered. Hes admitting hes torn on predicting the outcome.
  13. I've officially stopped watching now. May come back and watch once its finished but cant take anymore.
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