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  1. That was all very Gus McPherson-y... Pignatiello should never have been dropped as he's been one of our better players, Grimshaw was dire but probably hasn't played for a while. 2-0 down at half time and Dougie takes off an attacking player (I don't care how shit he may be) to bring on an extra defender... Even if he hadn't scored, Lewis McGrattan was by far our best player and he was only on for about 10 minutes... Not going to repeat myself every week about Blues and Muirhead... If we don't sign a striker we are 100% getting relegated.
  2. Cameron Blues survives again... Pignatiello dropped (f**k knows why) to get Grimshaw in at RB.
  3. Good but somewhat surprising signing. Pretty sure Dougie moved Pignatiello into midfield a few times during the preseason/league cup games, so I wonder if Carlo/Grimshaw will be used there to get Cameron Blues to f**k away from the team. I think Pignatiello has been pretty good for us so far. Now if we could get a couple signings for up the other end of the pitch that'd be great.
  4. FIVE new assassin's creed games surprisingly revealed last night. Two are shit mobile games (shit because all mobile games are shit). One looks like a proper back to its roots game - proper Ezio vibes from the trailer - set in Baghdad. Mirage. One set in Japan where you are a ninja/shinobi - Project Red. One that seems to be more centred around Europe and witchcraft - Project Hexe.
  5. If only we could have foreseen that Robbie Muirhead and Cameron Blues were utter fucking shite before we gave them contracts... Oh...
  6. Probably would've won that if we had two real footballers instead of Blues and Muirhead. Kabia's not looking much better. Alex King, however, is the real deal.
  7. #Gary

    Fifa 23

    This is the first year I've not been given a beta code. Usually get FUT/full access.
  8. Thought we looked pretty good defensively but that everything else was utter horseshit tbh. I think we'll have quite a lot of 0-0s or 1 goal games this season. Been pleasantly surprised by Gillespie the couple of times I've seen him now. Muirhead is not the complete waste of a jersey he once was but still doesn't do enough imo. Cameron Blues IS still the complete waste of a jersey he's always been however.
  9. If Edinburgh are covering 100% of his salary that has to give us some room to bring in someone decent. I'd imagine he was near the top end of our payroll given his experience and that he's been club captain. I think he has a role in this squad and is far better than some of the other shit we have in midfield but Dougie clearly doesn't rate him much and so it's the right move in that sense.
  10. Do we even know what we get from the Easdales? If they're just paying the going rate for sponsorship then assuming we wouldn't survive without them is a bit drastic surely.
  11. Oh, and any ideas about taking out loans should not be entertained regardless of interest rates or any other terms which might seem appealing on the face of it.
  12. Might be wrong here but were MCT not implying early doors that they would eventually be able to run the club at break even without member contributions being taken into account? With regards to the statement itself, I know energy costs have been on the rise but 325% increase has to be partly an increase in consumption as well surely? If so, why is there an increase in consumption? Regarding the investor wanting anonymity, I guess it could be a new lottery winner who hasn't went public with their win and would rather people not know. If not, alarm bells would be ringing for me with this one. Only those who have had the early discussions will know who and why. Finally, this squad is fucking shite and we are 100% getting relegated with about 6 goals scored if that's it, which it sounds like it is.
  13. #Gary

    FIFA 22

    Also rumours of an Ultimate Team x Marvel collaboration in FIFA 23... Hopefully it's nothing more than some stadium items for the weans...
  14. Anyone know how the tickets work these days? I've got a season card which I thought would just act as a fan card when it came to cup games. There's also a section on the ticket website for "your digital tickets" ... But the only option at checkout is to collect from the ticket office (which doesn't save queuing on match day). Is it just the checkout option that's wrong or do we genuinely have the most pointless turnstiles/ticketing platform known to man?
  15. This has just become super difficult out of absolutely nowhere...
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