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  1. Christ. That was my first post in the gaming section for the best part of a year. I see it's not changed much.
  2. Fall guys is tremendous fun. Rocket League levels of fun.
  3. First of all, what fucking kit is Gary Oliver wearing?! When was that announced? Happy to keep McAlister and Nesbitt in current circumstances. The best thing that could be said about McGinty and McLean is that they're not Peter Grant. Millar looked finished last season. Muirhead and Oliver are just garbage. No idea about the new guy but doesn't seem particularly exciting. A bit left field like the signing of Orsi last year. Yes he's become a bit of a cult hero, but he's also pretty useless. Our squad does not look good at all at the minute.
  4. I see Tumilty has signed for Raith. Never been a massive fan tbh but he definitely improved after his loan spell with Dumbarton and gave us the balance to the squad that we lacked at the start of the season when we were using the absolutely awful Welsh there or shunting Jacobs out of position to cover it. I'm not hugely disappointed (and I never thought I'd say it) but I genuinely think he is one we should've probably held onto for this season.
  5. I signed up on Thursday last week but still good to know, hopefully I'm an exception (or 1 of 2 exceptions with the poster above). I would've expected it to be an automated thing. It's an area we know Morton are poor in and will need improved especially if the club is fan owned so it just sort of surprised me not to get anything.
  6. It's very "Morton" that you become an MCT member and don't even receive email acknowledgment other than from the direct debit handlers.
  7. Not quite the hard hitting question, as they've vaguely answered those already but how long does the merchandise deal with Smiths have to run? That could be problematic in trying to improve certain income streams, which is obviously something they should be keen to do.
  8. No idea I'm afraid but it was said to be from people with no previous connection to the club or the local area. I'd be very interested to hear but I doubt we ever will.
  9. This news was accompanied by a statement that there WAS another solution that was rejected.
  10. Jim Duffy is in hospital recovering from a heart attack. Hope he has a speedy recovery!
  11. Is no one else worried that Hopkin seemingly wants to sign this entire team up for next season?
  12. That was awful. Can't believe we've given that useless carthorse Orsi a contract for next season already on the basis of him running about a bit. Felt a bit for Muirhead tbh, don't get me wrong I don't think he's good enough for us (or full time football at all) but Hopkin shouldn't be throwing him in out of nowhere and certainly shouldn't be playing him as a centre mid playing deeper than Reece Lyon, or having him as the man back when we're taking a corner/Strapp throw in.
  13. Taking off your lone striker at 2-2 for a central defender deserves defeat tbh.
  14. Dreadful conditions, but not to blame for that howler from Rodgers for the first Queens goal. Happy enough with a draw in this one. We would've lost that in the first half of the season without a doubt. Both penalties looked undeserved tbf. Hopkin was quoted as saying he had a full squad minus Cameron Salkeld to choose from ... are Chris Millar and Cameron Blues really ahead of Reece Lyon in the pecking order or have I missed something?! If Strapp wasn't injured as well then Hopkin is wanting shot.
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