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  1. Clan to be sold to TDL Media - owners of Premier Sports Ireland & Asia, W Sport and have obviously had previous involvement in the Elite League through Premier Sports UK before they were bought out by viaplay.
  2. I'm sure absolutely no one will be surprised that the team that played the majority of the second half was absolutely miles better than the team that started the game.
  3. Ali Crawford stays in Calvin Miller comes in I might just stay in the house...
  4. Season over for us. Likely a 7th place finish as well.
  5. Ali Crawford starts again. Congratulations on securing your playoff place, Ayr.
  6. I'm not saying Lyon should be in our team right now, and I genuinely have no idea how he's doing at Annan, but there's no doubt that he was playing very well when Dougie initially came in and we went on a bit of a run and *at the time* should not have dropped out of the team. If Calum Waters is the replacement then it's even more bizarre not to at least offer Strapp something. He's not very good.
  7. This is now the 3rd homegrown player that Dougie's treatment of is questionable. Reece Lyon was excellent when Dougie first came in before being left out for no good reason then scapegoated every time he did play. Lewis McGrattan this season who's bizarrely fell way down the pecking order despite being an extremely important part of every good spell we've had all season. Now he doesn't want a player as good as Lewis Strapp?
  8. Confirmed today that Lewis Strapp is not part of Dougie's plans moving forward. He must have another one of his mates lined up for left back...
  9. Of course they deserved it. We scored from a penalty that should never have been given and our only other decent chance was the Muirhead free kick off the bar. There's absolutely nothing from open play. Persisting with Miller and Crawford has been our downfall and it's on Dougie.
  10. Never want to see Ali Crawford or Calvin Miller again..
  11. Fair point ... if we completely ignore the fact that Dougie chose to go with Schwake for the season, Dougie didn't sign real back up, Dougie has persisted with Blues all year who's proven over 100 games that he's not actually any good, and Dougie has completely changed the teams shape and style to accommodate Ali Crawford (and Calvin Miller but I'll stick with the players you specifically think cost us). Apart from that though...
  12. I mean more for our general poor form and our season being over, not specifically tonight's result. Although when you are chasing a win and the only sub you bring on is Calvin Miller then you've got a problem..
  13. Not for the first time either... He's got to take his fair share of the blame tbh. Team selections baffling, changing from a winning system, and persisting with Calvin fucking Miller while ignoring Lewis McGrattan.
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