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  1. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    How exciting
  2. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    Just played against Ben yedder for the first time. He's basically a cheat code. Unplayable.
  3. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    I like to try different players and not just jump straight to the OP guys but I packed OTW Rodrigo earlier and holy moly he's good!! If that gets any sort of upgrade I'm laughing. I'm really enjoying using Ziyech despite him being completely one footed. Currently 10 wins in WL with 13 left to play. When I lost one I generally lose several in a row though, so I could just as easily finish on 10 wins as I could get Gold 2.
  4. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    This is why I like playstation and the option to turn off messages from people outwith your friends list.
  5. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    Instead of buying the ultimate edition or whatever, I bought the standard edition and then bought 30odd quid worth of points to spend straight away instead of getting the two packs a week or whatever you get with the ultimate edition. It's worked out well. Didn't pack any of the mega stars but I've packed a few 40k+ players. I've also done a bit of trading, somehow sold the Totw Suarez I mentioned earlier in the thread for a small profit despite his price going wayyyy down. Lazy bidders probably. I'm going to take coins as rewards first few weeks and try some OTW trading as it seems like it could be pretty effective. I've made 10k+ profit per card on several Nathan Ake cards already.
  6. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    I've been absolutely ripped apart by two individual players tonight - Werner and Rashford. Rashford in particular I just couldn't get near!
  7. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    I used the bronze pack method for a bit last year and I'm pretty surprised to see it being used this year at all with no fitness cards in the game tbh. Combining it with the upgrades/keeping players in big leagues for the league SBCs that will come out can work out if you end up packing something nice along the way but it's going to be untradeable and takes a lot of time.
  8. Two days later? The car didn't even make it out of the fucking garage car park here... The "streaming service" itself was also clearly not the issue given the game was live streaming on some dodgy website the entire time... I think it's fairly obvious the issue is Morton's website which has been an issue for years. It crashes every time Crawford farts. If you want to stick with your garage analogy, no you can't take it back to the garage 12 years later and say it's their fault.
  9. An unnamed spokesperson for the club: ""we're a football club, not technical internet gurus" Nice to see Dave McKinnon not even putting his name to statements anymore. f**k off. Pathetic response to the whole thing.
  10. No surprise whatsoever to see Robbie Muirhead miss with a free strike from 12 yards. Everything about that guy is just infuriating. His hair, his lack of ability, his penalty run-up, the fact he actually thinks he's good... I really feel for Reece Lyon. He really was breaking through and putting in some very good performances and now is for some reason about 42nd choice central midfielder.
  11. Didn't buy this as I know it wouldn't work. Turned YouTube on just before half time as someone told me about it. This wasn't worth £0 so I really do feel for anyone who's paid a season ticket if this is what they're getting all season. Only good thing about it is Gerry and Andy doing commentary.
  12. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    Hmm. I kind of thought Suarez would be more popular mainly due to the pretty crap alternatives in terms of la Liga strikers. Bollocks 😂
  13. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    I have little knowledge of the market tbh but I kind of took this approach on a smaller scale and got a couple of Suarez totw card and a couple of Fati's. So far they've been down and back up but never much above what I bought them at. I'm still thinking I might've fucked up but your post gives me hope 😂
  14. #Gary

    FIFA 21

    I got a standard gold pack (1 rare) in squad battle rewards and got Diego Carlos in it... 60k-ish 😁
  15. It's up to the game developer/publisher really. Every Ubisoft game on PS4 for example will have a free upgrade to PS5. Your PS4 disk only entitles you to a digital version of the PS5 game and then acts as your license for playing it. Of course, most games are backwards compatible so will play on PS5 anyway whether that's with it without the updated visuals etc.
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