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  1. Is no one else worried that Hopkin seemingly wants to sign this entire team up for next season?
  2. That was awful. Can't believe we've given that useless carthorse Orsi a contract for next season already on the basis of him running about a bit. Felt a bit for Muirhead tbh, don't get me wrong I don't think he's good enough for us (or full time football at all) but Hopkin shouldn't be throwing him in out of nowhere and certainly shouldn't be playing him as a centre mid playing deeper than Reece Lyon, or having him as the man back when we're taking a corner/Strapp throw in.
  3. Taking off your lone striker at 2-2 for a central defender deserves defeat tbh.
  4. Even after conceding the equaliser we had a glorious chance to win it and McGuffie made an arse of it. It's an absolute shambles that Reece Lyon is fit and not in the squad as he's a better central midfielder than Millar (I think I might be as well at this moment in time), McAlister and Colville. Kalvin Orsi is pish btw and also could've sealed the win earlier on if he wasn't so greedy.
  5. Dreadful conditions, but not to blame for that howler from Rodgers for the first Queens goal. Happy enough with a draw in this one. We would've lost that in the first half of the season without a doubt. Both penalties looked undeserved tbf. Hopkin was quoted as saying he had a full squad minus Cameron Salkeld to choose from ... are Chris Millar and Cameron Blues really ahead of Reece Lyon in the pecking order or have I missed something?! If Strapp wasn't injured as well then Hopkin is wanting shot.
  6. Dundee are absolutely rotten. I like that we have Sutton as an option this season but he shouldn't be starting games imo. Despite McGinty being on the park I didn't ever feel like we were going to lose that even down to 10 men.
  7. Assist from new Morton signing Sean McGinty you mean. Literally no one surprised.
  8. Peter Grant has to be one of the worst footballers we've ever employed. Called it in pre season, and he actually turned out even worse than I expected.
  9. If it wasn't for Sam Ramsbottom we'd be comfortably in a playoff spot... as mental as it may seem!
  10. No. Therefore it's a load of bollocks to say he was being forced to play Easdale. I wish you nothing but failure under Snake.
  11. Are you sure you're not making things up here?
  12. Yet again the entire stadium could see we were struggling down our left hand side but yet again Hopkin waits until we're behind to make the change. Yet again we lumped the ball up the park at Sutton but yet again there was no one fucking near him to pick up any balls that he did manage to win. Yet again... Yet again... Yet again... Nothing is changing and nothing is improving that's the most worrying thing. Peter Grant might well be the worst centre back we've had in years. Welsh, Grant, McAlister, Jacobs, Livingstone, Nesbitt, Sutton... we wouldn't miss any of these guys if they left tomorrow, yet they're all getting regular game time.
  13. We released Derek Gaston for this clown btw...
  14. Thought Lyon was one of our better players the other night - certainly better than McAlister and Jacobs - so surprised to see him being the only player dropped for tonight. Not that it matters because Sam fucking Ramsbottom is playing again. Joke.
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