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  1. "We're trying to keep Blues, Oliver and McLean. Buy a season ticket." is not doing much for me I have to say...
  2. Whilst we have SNP boards around the pitch then yes I'd have the same opinion if it was the Tories as much as I don't like them personally. If we have SNP plastered around the stadium and refuse to let other political parties even hire a space, then that's the club being political. We either let them all advertise/rent space if they want it, or none at all. I would personally rather it was none at all, but I'm not going to stop my MCT contributions over it. If the club itself were to start associating with and favouring any one particular party, that is when I would have an issue with it.
  3. Why is there uproar on twitter about the Alba party hiring out a room at Cappielow? There's been SNP boards up pitch side for years and no one has complained or threatened to pull their financial support from the club...
  4. Robbie really should have scored right before Hamilton took the lead. Reilly really should have scored after that. We've then hit the bar twice and scored a perfectly good goal which has been chopped off because Willie Collum. Second half was a bit shit though and we didn't do enough. The save from Hamilton in the 2nd half from the header was fucking phenomenal btw.
  5. Version 1 went out today and the gameplay is much improved, but I don't think it's any better than PES 21 still. No master league etc yet either.
  6. This is almost a yearly post for me now... Don't watch wrestling regularly anymore but always tune in to Wrestlemania and Royal Rumbles. I made it through the whole 8 fucking hours of this but it done absolutely nothing to make me want to start watching again. The best bit was watching Stone Cold drinking beer. The stunner on Vince should've been great for nostalgic reasons but it was just a bit sad. Garbage.
  7. Dougie Imrie is taking Morton to the Premier League next season so you might as well just all not bother turning up. Shafted by a referee for what seems the umpteenth time. When do these things start evening themselves out? I've not been Wilson's biggest fan but he was tremendous tonight, easily his best game for us.
  8. Got what we deserved from that. No real desire to win it...
  9. This shower of greedy b*****ds are worse than EA and 2K combined... GTA+ monthly membership fee for GTA Online announced.
  10. I picked up 2k22 over the weekend. Pure arcadey fun once again. I love it! I done a lot of reading and watching YouTube videos before committing money to this after the last disaster of a game. This, however, is a bit of a throwback to the glory days of the Smackdown games. Being 2k, they've obviously added in a monetisation mode but I actually enjoy it and it's really not necessary to put any extra money in as it's a single player mode anyway so it's not like a pay to win or pay for competitive advantage kind of thing. Don't get me wrong, it's far from perfect but it's a lot of fun. The first thing I did was download everyones CAWs of AEW guys, obviously.
  11. Wasn't impressed with the attitude from Wilson after the game either. Seems we will be playing for a draw against Ayr next.
  12. Deserved equaliser for Dunfermline and it wouldn't be underserved if they were to grab a winner tbh. f**k knows what Robbie Muirhead was doing at the front post. He's scored a few under Dougie but he's still the first to go in the summer for me.
  13. That's the type of goal you regularly see in women's fitba. Garbage from the keeper. Will take it though. Hopefully a boost and helps Wilson kick on cos he's been pretty mince.
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