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  1. He scored on his debut for us as well. Chill out. He's still garbage.
  2. Forza Motorsport 6 is currently the games with gold game. You can also buy ALL it's content for £3.99 (usually £79.99). The reason being it is being pulled from the marketplace and will no longer be available to buy after 15 Sept. Edit I know there's a Motorsport 7 but 6 is better.
  3. Only until January? Shame. In saying that, I wouldn't be surprised if that was a term Dumbarton wanted rather than us in case he turns out to be mince (hint - he will).
  4. As I said at half time the game was crying out for John Sutton and I was surprised when he didn't come on for the whole 2nd half. We were pretty fucking hoaching until he came on. Cameron Blues needs to be dropped surely?! The new boy had a pretty decent cameo appearance. Few neat touches and got stuck in. Above all else, Nicky Cadden is the fucking goat.
  5. We need to change our approach completely or bring John Sutton on. We will likely do neither. Millar is off the pace, Blues is just garbage and our defence has been spoke about plenty...
  6. Wasn't there but expected it to be much worse. Probably should be a foul and a free kick bit it's not that clear cut and I've seen them given and not given in equal measure. Glossing over the real issue with the 4th goal though... It's not that difficult a ball for Jim McAlister to stop going through and he makes a complete c**t of it - the sure fire sign that he knows this is that he's not seen shouting at everyone else for it.
  7. Because we don't have any decent centre backs and he's honking everywhere else on the park.
  8. That'll be why a central midfielder was preferred to start at right back today against Alloa of all teams. He's absolute garbage.
  9. Regan Tumilty managed to look completely out of his depth with about 6 minutes on the park as well. If we're not going to try Salkeld there then we need a right back in almost as much we need a decent centre back.
  10. We were abysmal in the first half. Better in the 2nd and then result never in doubt after the (bizarre) sending off. Cameron Blues was surprisingly ok. Millar had a poor start but good 2nd half. McHugh is McHugh - largely underrated by Morton fans but will score goals when he gets chances of which he will get many with Cadden and Nesbitt either side of him. The referee was fucking abysmal.
  11. The ticketing arrangements are an absolute nightmare. Last couple of games I've waited in the queue at Cappielow to buy tickets and it's all a bit of a shambles to be honest. Decided to try get a fan card and it's impossible to actually do on that awful website. I had a season card last season, which I thought could function as a fan card for this season but no one at Morton answers emails or phone calls to actually tell me and when I try buy a ticket it seems to suggest I'll need to collect a paper ticket. So I click to buy the fan card which I thought was £2 but it adds to the basket at £0 so you can't get through checkout as it asks for card details then says amount must be greater than £0... Have we paid interstadia their £100k yet because it appears that we still don't have a functioning website!
  12. Hearing Hopkin has spoken with Greg Tansey after his release today.
  13. Nope. The plan was probably for Robbie Muirhead to go there if Ramsbottom got injured.
  14. Why was Robbie Muirhead at left back? Why was van Schaik signed? Why is Tumilty still at this club? Why is McAlister starting on midfield ahead of Lyon and Millar? Why is Blues coming on in midfield ahead of Lyon and Millar? Why have we not signed a competent keeper yet?
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