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  1. #Gary

    FIFA 22

    I have the digital console and the discount from FIFA 21 in-game and the discount from having EA play seemed to stack for the ultimate edition so ultimately it only ended up a tenner more than the standard so it's not too bad when you get effectively 30 quid worth of FIFA points bundled in and a ones to watch player on Friday. I also always top up my wallet by buying PS credit from shopto making it even cheaper. Ps "haven't packed anyone huge" followed by a screenshot containing a near 200k Rashford??
  2. Not to turn it into a debate as I've been a PES guy in the past and desperately wanted to the last few years but it's just not been up to scratch for me. FIFA 22 is worth a go though, it's obviously still pure arcade and played at an unrealistic pace but it does reward building up play rather than just lumping it forward to fast players this year I feel. You can get a month of EA play for about 79p at the minute which will get you a 10 hour trial of the full game to try it out. Just remember to cancel or the monthly cost jumps to 3.99.
  3. Gutted for Lando but what a result for Max. How shite is Checo though?!
  4. #Gary

    FIFA 22

    I've got a pretty decent team just now as well due to packing Rashford (hybrid nations sbc) and selling and taking the 160k. I know his price will likely rise next week but so will the others that I've bought so just got rid. This team should do me a while and all other coins getting saved. I'm interested to see how much the hero cards are going to go for as I'd love to be able to get Tim Cahill in my team. On another note, I'm absolutely fucking shite at this year's game.
  5. #Gary

    FIFA 22

    Still think it's mental seeing Hazard not being a "walkout"
  6. Does Lewis get a penalty for running over his mechanic or is it only a safety issue if it's another team?
  7. #Gary

    FIFA 22

    I'm quite excited to get going again. The squad building at the start is my favourite part. Planning on doing an RTG this year not spending a penny over and above the game itself.
  8. #Gary

    Ted Lasso

    Well that latest episode was random as f**k but also tremendous...
  9. Yes but it's quite literally the only thing he's done in 3 seasons. He has 1 goal against Championship opposition I think and it came in a heavy defeat. Scoring a couple against dross like Airdrie changes nothing.
  10. He's proven us wrong before but I'm more sure than not that Brian McLean is now completely finished... Robbie Muirhead has never got started - why is he still here? Another game we've not managed to trouble the opposition goalkeeper.
  11. I'm still new to most of these guys apart from the bigger names that have been in WWE. MJF is fucking gold... He's like The Miz character but done properly. edit - I have no idea what The Miz is like now, I mean the crappy heel version I last seen years ago.
  12. Take out your opponent only at entirely your own fault. 10 seconds. Racing incident that takes out both drivers. 3 place grid penalty for the driver less at fault. Tremendous.
  13. Didn't even see it but if you start Robbie Muirhead and leave better options on the bench then you deserve to lose.
  14. Robbie Muirhead starting... Ugwu and Knowles on the bench.
  15. What was that nonsense all about with the guy who came out and just flicked through cards with utter nonsense written on them. Who thought that was a good idea?!
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