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  1. Haven’t watched the highlights but I was at the game and Palmer was absolutely anonymous. I would be amazed if he’s a regular starter this year.
  2. Agreed we looked crap, and agreed Caldwell is a fanny. You’re right that Miller was fortunate to stay on the pitch, but more because he looks absolutely useless (goal aside) - he did absolutely nothing to warrant a sending off.
  3. Good luck to him, but I’ll be astonished if McCarthy makes an impact. Some of our fans liked him because he was a youth product and flew into a few tackles but I don’t think he has the fitness, skills or technique.
  4. That doesn’t suggest they were “forcibly removed” by sheriff officers, which suggests a physical removal. But we are splitting hairs here. Main thing is they’ve been got rid of.
  5. Ha! Papers. Although there is something poetic about Low getting punted.
  6. He didn’t say they were “forcibly removed”. Sheriff officers would have served the poets to remove them from their positions. Agreed though, that the mood music appears to be financial mismanagement as well as mismanagement more broadly. Be interesting to hear from the Low et al’s defenders if that is the case.
  7. Caldwell was the perfect manager for the Low era (can we call one season an era? Maybe the ‘Low interlude’ is more appropriate). He talks a good game and knows all the coaching psycho-babble lingo but is - in my opinion - devoid of substance and of the character that he claims to demand from his players. Yes we went on a good run towards the end of last season, but we should never, ever have been in that position and that we were was (to a considerable although not absolute extent) his fault. He failed in his objectives, just like Low failed in hers. He shows no genuine feel for the club (see the treatment of Doolan and Erskine), just like Low (see the statement about club staff losing their jobs and their wages being used to sign more players). Now that the Low era/interlude is mercifully over, it makes perfect sense for Caldwell to be punted too.
  8. Allan Cowan wasn’t gifted shares and Brown McMaster is dead so you can safely take them out of the equation.
  9. I wouldn’t say it’s that obvious at all, even if it is the case. It’s poorly written, and fans calling it so probably don’t deserve your abuse about it.
  10. It’s not Fitzpatrick and his agent that are selling Fitzpatrick. The way the statement is worded it’s as though they decided Norwich’s offer (to the club) was too good to turn down. I’m genuinely not sure why it’s difficult to grasp that that’s a weird state of affairs?
  11. I think the point is that the statement is written as though Fitzpatrick and his agent accepted Norwich’s offer to Thistle, rather than Thistle being the ones who accepted Norwich’s offer. It’s either poorly written or just, well, weird. I have no issue with us selling him, but that statement is a bit pish given the above. Not sure why you’re so angry.
  12. Didn’t mean it to come across as a pop at you, apologies if it read as that. I just wouldn’t want anyone to be put off medication if that’s what the medical advice is. Delighted to hear your mood is lifting and that’s working for you, and I hope it continues to. All the best.
  13. I’d be careful about taking anything that Johann Hari says seriously or even about recommending people listen to him, especially on issues as important as this. He isn’t a medical expert and he’s also a proven charlatan (fired from the Guardian for plagiarism).
  14. The fact that other black players weren’t racially abused doesn’t mean that another black player wasn’t, you absolute moron. Falkirk fans’ response to this guy seems very similar to Celtic fans’ response to Shay Logan suffering racist abuse from one of their players. Rather than condemning racism they hound the victim. Rank. If a bunch of white guys on the internet tell a black guy he hasn’t experienced racism I’m sure they’re absolutely right though. Nice one lads.
  15. Turnbull has been a first pick and an absolutely outstanding performer for one of the top clubs in the country. That he’s not already in the Scotland squad is a surprise, and I’m sure he will be in the next one. Fitzpatrick has shown flashes of talent - in the second tier - but has also been absolutely anonymous in some matches (as can be expected from an 18 year old). Turnbull’s value is clearly going to be exponentially higher, and he’s also three years older. Martin Lauchlan also represented his country at that age. We turned down offers (from Middlesborough if I recall correctly), and then he went to St Johnstone for peanuts and his career never really happened. Not saying that’ll happen to Aidan, but there’s clear comparisons there. £400,000 plus clauses would be tremendous and if we turned that down we are daft.
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