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  1. It’s this sort of delusional mentality that I love about football fans. It’s not a small club ‘mentality’. It’s having less fans, less money, and - yes - being a smaller club.
  2. I thought he looked brutal in his few chances with us. Slow and cumbersome, but might do a job in League One against the haddies you’re up against. Pretty telling that he didn’t really get a sniff under McCall even though our defence has generally been dire. Da Vita and Hall, though? I don’t suppose we can interest you in any of the other donkeys that Caldwell has lumbered us with?
  3. I’d say he was a total shitebag. The word ‘meh’ was invented for him. He seems to have done okay at Livvy a few years ago but he’s garbage these days and I’d be amazed if he did anything with you.
  4. I’m genuinely unsure of what your point is here. I’m saying that fans should speak out against rapists being employed by their club. I also think all of the offences you’ve listed are bad things, and I wouldn’t want people guilty of them to be anywhere near my club (especially anyone guilty of racial offences). What is also true is that rape is a more serious offence than any of them. What’s the disagreement?
  5. I’m not saying that it isn’t serious. I’m saying that it’s a different offence to rape, as the criminal justice and sentencing system reflects. But nae bother.
  6. Rape is significantly different to drink driving or drug offences. It baffles me that this is even a question. Should a player be banned from football because of an offence? Maybe not officially. Should any club that wants to sign a rapist be absolutely hounded and should their fans - if they aren’t total scumbags - express their disgust? Absolutely yes.
  7. The fact that people defend Goodwillie even though a court has found that he raped someone is rank. Happy to see scumbags represent their team provided they score goals. Top stuff. Da Vita is pish, by the way.
  8. Morton were absolutely brutal. Genuinely eye wateringly awful to watch. Good to see Nesbitt is still a useless wee sand-dancer too. Great three points for us.
  9. The notion that unless you put yourself forward to get actively involved you aren’t allowed to express an opinion is a pretty rank one, too. There’s all sorts of reasons why people won’t be able to get involved, but they should still be allowed to express their opinion - especially when cowboys like Goodwin are involved.
  10. “Stupendous amounts of money.” We’e signed someone on a pre-contract who will currently be on a lot less than most of our squad. Calm down, dear.
  11. “This Low thing” is about the ownership and running of the club, which is incredibly murky and suspicious. But cool.
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