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  1. I see the proposed format of 48 teams, 3 groups of 16, with 1st and 2nd progressing includes the idea that any group game drawn after regulation time goes straight to penalties.
  2. Fucking Lewis bobbing about like she had the shakes put me off, also must've been freezing both her and the lad doing the draw were still in jackets
  3. I'd get in there and take another, once there gone they're gone
  4. Fucking goalkeepers get too much preferential treatment, if you can't see the ball then move, Surely every player at some point can't see the ball
  5. I'd say as good a value as you will get it is a bottle of Tamanvulin for 20 - 22 quid, I think it's a more than decent drop for a sensible price,
  6. Is Beale not better when working with Gerrard, and Gerrard better with him a bit like Clough and Taylor apart they weren't that special, together they were phenomenal
  7. No doubt -hey baby. " I'm just sipping on a can of beer"
  8. ABC- when smokey sings, I hear violence.
  9. Apparently in the outer Hebrides this is just another November day
  10. These public bodies pushing for 10% it will only result in funds being taken from elsewhere, and that will be from other lifeline services, or from higher taxes that those in public services will also have to pay , so they are infact punishing themselves too,.
  11. Timber prices is a fucking racket, sawmills were never stopped during COVID, Producers were storing timber to push up prices. Biomass is paying out subsidies when folk are fiddling the whole system, they get paid to buy timber to burn , they are then paid for burning it indeed in the hieght of summer these boliers were going .
  12. Picked up a bottle in Lidl Elgin, will be my Xmas tipple this year
  13. The night this was on we had not long got a new telly and in the week leading up to the program I had set the sleep timer totally at random for the TV to turn off just at the end of the program I shat myself and it wasn't until a few nights after when the TV turned off again at the set time I realized I still can't believe I set it to go off at the precise moment
  14. He really is a duplicitous shit of the first degree. Sleekit we would say up here
  15. She is fucking eh bloody eh terrible eh I can only guess she is still in employment by the BBC thanks to her gender, Mind you everyone on sportsound is better than that fucking jug eared gype Harvey who thinks he is funny on Grampion news
  16. Another great deal on Tamnavulin at coop last week £22 quid,
  17. He certainly was by the Jock Stein and Alex Ferguson, that man should have been capped
  18. Steve Penk. June Sarpong. Phil Jupitus. Alan Curbishley. Cathy Dennis. Bruno Brookes
  19. That was the infamous night George Cadete tore us a new Arsehole , and Roxburgh declared " a team died out there"
  20. I remember him doing a midweek score programme they do on sky sports news one night and they cut to him when a chance was created in the game he was covering to which he said keeper had saved a "low shit hot"
  21. Dykes I'd a far braver player will put his head in where it hurts takes a battering then gets up dusts himself down and goes in where it hurts again. Adams lacks the desire to go in where it hurts
  22. The same Luxembourg that Scotland would draw against a from home in at era
  23. There was a time in the 80s I think we had gone multiple years not losing a WC qualifier at home
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