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  1. There is a woman locally called Shona Twatt.
  2. I've always wondered how the Richard gough song came about
  3. 4 caps and scored on his first and last appearance for Scotland
  4. Have to agree Benromach 10 is a fine dram, certainly my favourite and you won't regret it.
  5. I know his uncle, and that's the kind of thing that HE would do!!
  6. The general consensus is that Rangers would not pay the compensation so wanted *** dmc to resign, And Milne ofcourse would do anything to keep him so offered him a bumper payrise that Rangers at that time wouldnt match.
  7. He will be remembered fondly for his first 5 yrs, the consolidation, the marked improvement, the next 3 yrs have been a downward spiral, and reeks of overstaying his welcome
  8. Why can't you know your place? Winning cups, second most successful club since 2010, Pushing on, showing ambition, I'm sure the pundits will be most offended, they are sticklers for clubs not punching above their weight.
  9. Celtic fans are the best fans in the world! Aberdeen should know their place, 3rd.
  10. Celtic fans should be careful what they wish for! That's what we are told
  11. I finally completed my collection after years of searching on ebay. Id love to help but good luck The league review was the Bible of Scottish football and I miss the annual publication, perhaps it would have no place in today's world but I would still buy it
  12. 3rd is the holy grail for clubs who have a smaller budget than ours, who have ambition and desire and a positive attacking manager, The man is a clown, Yet again deflectinf blame from himself
  13. No the diela celtic and lennon side this year were up for taking on but mcinnes did his usual and shat it. Look he is pissed off now at rightly being held to account, he's not slow at giving the press what they want to hear when it suits him, He can't have it both ways, I really hope the final nail has been hammered in his coffin
  14. The man has had 8yrs of press arselicking. They are happy with his "3rd is good enough" defeatist negative attitude, it keeps those two in the top positions. He speils his shite that they absolutely lap up, now that English has broken ranks they are now starting to question him, yet two weeks ago wouldnt, What has changed, by Richard Gordon and English statements suggests that they have been tipped off
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