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  1. So this is the same SPFL the wanted the reserve league instead of the youth league now they contest that
  2. Well Jimmy Nicholl has allegedly gone through most of the female staff in Scottish football must be due Dundee now
  3. Eric black he can stay with you until his rightful place at Pittodrie is available
  4. Asda and Amazon selling aberfeldy 12 for £25. Had to take that
  5. It's a wonder that p***k McGhee wasn't doing to yknow.
  6. Would love us to get Macron apart from Ross County they haven't made one bad strip
  7. McLeish had a turn between the two games. And that came from Craig Brown
  8. I hear that Caldwell has been talking to Scott McDonald hoping to get a deal tied up in next day or two. itk
  9. strachan has said before it was ambition to manage hibs at some point in his career.
  10. id expect mcinnes Tommy wright steve clarke gordon strachan to be the 4 on the shortlist
  11. apparently she was a fair lassie in her younger days. i have to say when she does sport bulletin on radio on mornings she sounds sexy as f***
  12. That was awful. I take it the woman isn't a sports reporter? She kept asking the same question three or four times, asked him about the lack of chances despite Caldwell explaining twice that Falkirk were sitting deep then said at least twice that it was a loss when it was a draw. And it went on for so long there was no time for any other manager interviews. It was a car crash. Truly awful. Heather Dewar once admitted on John Beatties show she was involved in a mass orgy!. anyway she got very little from Caldwell, who was dour and monotone
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