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  1. Surely Celtic fans would have to admit they thought moravcik would be shite.
  2. That aldi stuff unless your there when it's out on shelf your fucked. A pal got Tesco own brand malt said it was surprisingly good.
  3. Wonder if duke of Edinburgh has been allowed home to die?
  4. I thought it was bbc newsreader Laura Mciver
  5. Think you will find its a buttery to the teuchters and rowies to the toonsers
  6. Petrol diesel cap is always opposite side to the end of the exhaust.
  7. Strathisla 12 yr. Or Glenrothes 10yr A couple quid different price which should I go for
  8. My missus for years thought Freddie Starr was Bobby Davros dad.
  9. So this is the same SPFL the wanted the reserve league instead of the youth league now they contest that
  10. Well Jimmy Nicholl has allegedly gone through most of the female staff in Scottish football must be due Dundee now
  11. Eric black he can stay with you until his rightful place at Pittodrie is available
  12. Asda and Amazon selling aberfeldy 12 for £25. Had to take that
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