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  1. Tony Warner. Juan cobian. Alan tate.. Brian o Neil. Colin Woodthorpe. Nicolas fabiano. Craig Robertson Tom jones Gary Hackett. Lauren d jaffo. Nicky Maynard. Subs. Bossu, Gillies, MacKinnon, Hetherston, Gibson,
  2. I can tell you that there was never intention to have both asda and tesco in Huntly. They both applied for planning at roughly the same time, each expecting the other to withdraw thier application when they saw the other had applied. However neither did. Also Tesco originally wanted and cafe with no fuel outlet. ASDA wanted fuel without the cafe. Also for a long time after its opening Tesco Huntly, was make five figure losses every week. Tesco has Elgin, Keith, Inverurie and Westhill, within a 50 mile radius all bigger stores than Huntly
  3. Was it as bad as Gary Caldwell giving Heather Dewar a doing last season, poor lassie. Though tbf something about Jane Lewis that makes her a wid
  4. She has a stutter of some sort , I've noticed.
  5. Turnips are an ingredient used in making jam
  6. A guy on radio today wondering why there is such a long time lapse from departure to derailment, Would the next station on the route not be enquiring as to the whereabouts of the service, Looking at the wreckage it defys logic how everything had ended up I guess we will never know for sure what transpired. Ive oftened wondered sections of railtrack I know well from living in the area for 30 odd years. The Aberdeen to huntly stretch how regularly are these stretches checked, are they walked, or how are they surveyed.
  7. 10 Yr old Benromach to end my birthday tonight!
  8. I hope the club is severely punished for this, Cormack was always on that football deserved to be treated differently, I'm finished with the club
  9. Up in my neck of the woods Turriff!!
  10. From the highlights Considine red card, was no worse than the o halloran one he got a booking for. Under mcinnes it's going to be a long hard season
  11. Jayne Lewis seems to have a stutter of some sort, And the other woman your on about is that Leanne Crichton
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