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  1. He certainly was by the Jock Stein and Alex Ferguson, that man should have been capped
  2. Steve Penk. June Sarpong. Phil Jupitus. Alan Curbishley. Cathy Dennis. Bruno Brookes
  3. That was the infamous night George Cadete tore us a new Arsehole , and Roxburgh declared " a team died out there"
  4. I remember him doing a midweek score programme they do on sky sports news one night and they cut to him when a chance was created in the game he was covering to which he said keeper had saved a "low shit hot"
  5. Dykes I'd a far braver player will put his head in where it hurts takes a battering then gets up dusts himself down and goes in where it hurts again. Adams lacks the desire to go in where it hurts
  6. The same Luxembourg that Scotland would draw against a from home in at era
  7. There was a time in the 80s I think we had gone multiple years not losing a WC qualifier at home
  8. What will happen if Germany play Nigeria?
  9. It puzzles me that do much is made of qualifying for Europe only to be meekly put out in the first two rounds,. Does it not come down to the SFA nominating teams decided on thier league placing, How about the SFA say" nah they're all shite don't bother this year"
  10. So hold on the SPFL can just override voting results as it suits them, ? Well who would have thought it
  11. f**k knows but Nicky Walker suffered from it for most of his career
  12. f**k have you just realised that , he's been the media darling for years
  13. I reckon we have seen a European super League just delayed rather than never, It will happen probably under UEFA auspicious it's just how they do it. They were pissed off last time as the clubs were going to do it without UEFA getting thier cut And unless a European league happens with the " two of them" partaking then I don't think I will ever see another club outwith them win the league ever again and I'm pushing 50
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