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  1. ICTFC 18/19

    Is he actually good? I seen he got players POTY but can’t say I’ve even noticed him in derby games?
  2. Fox has been very good since signing (apart from one season when confidence low and everyone was meh) I really hope we haven’t low balled in the negotiations but it almost seems like the club are putting out an advert for a new keeper in the post which doesn’t look good 🥴 ‘The club are actively looking for a replacement goalkeeper’... He was fantastic last year and won us a lot of games, but he could be upgraded. Fox was easily good enough as a top flight starter and would of been comfortable with him start of the new season but like I said not impossible to upgrade. It’s just another position we could of done without worrying about, LB, CB, ST were the main priority positions needed upgrades now a GK too. Wish fox all the best
  3. ICTFC 18/19

    Few on OTB saying Stelios Demetriou is in Inverness training at the gyms. Maybe nothing in it but possibly signing for yous? Won’t be for us anyway
  4. I think as a player Watson is better than Fraser, just seems more comfortable and confident. I like Fraser he always gives 100% but last 2 season has been underwhelming. I’ve not seen Watson enough at RB to judge as he’s been CB most of the year. If he’s as good at RB as CB then I’d drop Fraser and shuffle Donaldson in (if he signs) next to Fontaine or Grivosti. I think Fontaine will be in and out a lot next year as he’s older and Grivo maybe in and out too to gain experience. From what I seen of Morris he looked solid, Watson Morris and Donaldson as 3 in a back for looks good. A LB is a must buy though
  5. What CB partnership does everyone think we will go with next year? Let’s assume the rumours are true and Coll Donaldson does come in... Watson has been very consistent all year I think I would go as far to say our best defender but most of our defence has been out most of the season. Grivosti really came on to a game in the final half of the season, certainly growing into a comfortable player, would imagine if his progress keeps up then the next season he will be one of the first names on the team sheet. Fontaine, obviously injured for most of the year but a bit of a fan favourite already , very experienced but he is a year older, still plenty to offer but will anyone replace him out our options? Morris did look pretty good from what I seen of him, although that’s about all I can say, not seen enough to make judgment. Donaldson (assuming he signs) has strolled it this year for them and been easily one of the best on the pitch every time I’ve seen him play. Is he much better than what we currently have?
  6. 12 team Championship

    I’ve not read all 9 pages of the thread so might miss things that have already been addressed. But I will say Rangers and Celtic are not at fault for wanting this, why shouldn’t they, it benefits them, begs the question of why other teams (hibs hearts Aberdeen) aren’t pushing for it too. It’s a stupid idea proved not to benefit the national team directly in countries where they have implemented it. From my own coaching point of view, if you want to give youngsters more game time then the loan system should be being used a lot more than currently. With lack in funds for transfers, our reserve games should be filled with scouts from lower league teams like your Anna’s, Cowdenbeath’s, Clyde’s etc. Get players out on loan early. This colts idea screams a lazy ‘quick fix’ from the SFA for our national teams failure. A wee wash their hands with it moment and revisit in 5 years. Personally the reason we are shite at football starts at the very bottom. No investment in grassroots football, I mean ffs every Saturday team is run by some boys da voluntarily coaching drills he learned 40+ years ago. Small countries like ours such as Croatia or even smaller, Iceland you need a minimum UEFA B licence to Coach over 5 year olds I’ve read, here our coaching badges are just a money making scheme. We lock pitches up on summer holidays etc. Relying on 2 teams to produce players is the laziest idea I’ve heard from the SFA
  7. I mostly agree with the replies to this, the management of Coyle was probably the main factor and an extreme low level of confidence. Fox has been excellent this year, last year the whole team was shocking but fox just lost all composure and I think that’s down to confidence if anything as the season before he was also very good. Draper and midge are easily 2 of our best players and good enough to do well in the top flight. Fraser hasn’t been fantastic this year but he’s decent enough and there’s more crucial areas we need to strengthen imo (a back up RB would be good though). Like others said Left back is a must. If it’s true Coll Donaldson has signed then I’d be happy with that’s as a CB option. Another striker would be very handy though
  8. Alex schalk would be quality but no chance he’s swapping Geneva for Dingwall. Heard the Donaldson Rumour too and would be happy with that
  9. ICTFC 18/19

    Heard Donaldson to county is a done deal but being kept hush until after playoffs
  10. Ross County v Queens

    I know Vigurs and Fontaine were in the reserve squad but we only needs point, we’ve gone this much of the season without them, let’s not risk losing either for more months for the sake of 2 more games. Give them time off until next season to be fully ready.
  11. Ross County v Queens

    De ligt has Tom Grivosti posters in his bedroom
  12. That’s fair comment, no ones suggesting that it needs ‘venom’ blah blah. But clubs shouldn’t be publicly wishing other clubs well, especially not your rivals. Especially when the derby is one of the biggest selling points for both clubs.
  13. Why is the clubs media team insistent on wishing Inverness luck every time they are in the latter stages of a cup? It’s embarrassing and every main Scottish football social media outlet it’s ripping us for it now and rightly so. That met more of an angry response than our fixture change to QOTS and that’s saying something. There is not one county fan I know who isn’t wanting hearts to win so why do the club keep doing it? Rivals are rivals your not meant to wish them luck. Embarrassing.
  14. County vs Partick 13/04/2019

    I’d like to see us go with a back 3 mainly because kelly has been rank rotten. Fox Fraser Boyle Grivo Cowie Lindsay Spence Mullin Midge Armstrong Stewart