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  1. Think it’s a very good start to the season, i would of happily taken a draw but 3pts is great and Hamilton next is a very big game early on. As happy as I am though Motherwell were shocking and created very little and yet still should of had 3 goals. The defence although we had a clean sheet worries me. Largely untested and could of concede 3. I think Ried was very good first half, obviously seadorf brought pace as Reid Tired but for a debut he did fine. Donaldson whilst going unnoticed did actually supply some very good balls forward and headers clear but did have a few mistakes. Lacovitti largely untested really and I wasn’t too impressed with Randal. Improvements to be made and I’d argue swapping Watson in for Lacovitti might provide a bit more solidity but that’s just my opinion. RCC did look like some first game nerves despite having a very good pre-season. Can’t fault his effort and running for the team though. Stewart, Paton and Vigs were a class above, a lot of English clubs watching that will be after Stewart now I’d imagine. Anyway, great start, hopefully we can continue against Hamilton
  2. It doesn’t. There’s a reason we are shite 90% of the season [emoji23] but like they say, if you can’t support us when we lose, don’t support us when we draw
  3. Laidlaw Donaldson Morris Watson Kelly Draper Vigurs Mullin RCC Midge Stewart I think that’d be our strongest 11 but we’d probably not play that against ‘top 6 sides’. Might be in the unpopular opinion bracket but from what I’ve seen I think Watson is a better defender than Morris. We’ve got a really good attack and useful that RCC can and has played as a 10 before, think it’d be good to keep midge and Mullin our wide. Do still fear for left back though, unsure of Lacovitti as his reviews weren’t great and he’s played a lot at CB. Tramarco surely getting an academy gig as he’s a big downgrade on foster. Wonder if Grivo will be given a shot out there again? He did look quality in recent performances albeit at CB
  4. Pleasantly surprised at how good a window it’s been, can’t remember the last time we addressed every area of the pitch we needed to in one window. Charles-cook I have to agree and would say Kelly too but lacovitti I’m unsure about going by what others have said. 19th in league 2 isn’t the best but you never know maybe he’ll settle better here and the gaffer will coach the best out of him. Here’s hoping
  5. I thought Tillson looked very good from what I seen of him last season, the competition in midfield is definitely a good headache to have. I can’t see too much more business been done from us now unless someone leave. As far as the RCC signing goes, I haven’t seen a bad thing said about him and Gills fans I’ve asked all rate him highly and thought he deserved more game time than he got. Time will tell but I dare say we’re in a good position. Just hope we can keep hold of Ross Stewart
  6. Wish we had kept Ricky now, one of our most consistent players over the years. Squad is shaping up nicely and think it’d be even stronger had we kept foster. Charles cook seems like a good signing and Gills fans seem disappointed he’s gone which is usually a good sign. I have a feeling that both him and Kelly will limit Patons game time though, hopefully not!
  7. Be pretty ‘staunch’ of me to make this account 4 years ago with the name RossCountyfan14 for the chance that county might sign a loan player from rangers which I could give praise to [emoji23] I do think the boy will be good for us even though we are well covered in midfield but our defence does need some improvement and I haven’t a scooby who we’d even be looking at. Hopefully Donaldson can continue how he started and Grivo gets the opportunity
  8. For anyone moaning at the signing of Stephen Kelly you can come back to me half way through the season for this post but he’ll be our best signing this summer. Class above at Ayr Utd. Gerrard rates him highly which speaks volumes and rangers have given him a long term contract and a clause to bring him back in January so that shows how highly he’s rated. The boys is pure focussed on football doesn’t go about the town every week. As bad as we were at Ayr Utd last season he ripped us apart. Desperately need full backs and can’t believe why we let foster go, our most consistent full back for a good few year bar Naismith.
  9. You can’t just end the season on assumption, it isn’t mathematically over. You either have to void the season or carry it on once all this is finished. Imo it’s a great chance to expand the league and transfer to summer football
  10. Agree for the most part with what most here are saying, I think we can all agree that a) the ‘style’ of football is guff to watch. b) we recruited poorly not signing a winger in particular and kept a championship squad when improvements were needed. C) we could be doing better but could be doing a lot worse. I don’t think swapping managers now will be helpful with no window for a new gaffer to craft his own squad. But i definitely think we should have a plan in place for who we want to bring in instantly if we do change in before or during summer. Who? We can all look and admire what livi are doing on a shoe string budget and say why can’t we do that but that is so rare that we can’t expect to replicate it every season. I get you can’t have a negative mindset and small ambition but there has to be some realism involved also. If we can grind out a 9th / 10th finish then I’d say we achieved what we needed to this season and look to improve that over summer. Our form isn’t great but need to look at the positives imo
  11. I think it’s ridiculous to suggest binning the managers. Everyone at the start of the season said they’d take finishing 10th and bite the hand off finishing above that. We’re 9th, yes the football hasn’t been pretty, Was Naive not to strengthen more in January and I don’t agree with some tactics used by the managers. But we are doing better than 99% of us hoped for. It’s fergie and Ketts first crack at management in a top flight, they’ve won a cup and championship the year before and are still learning so I think we need to have some realism amongst us. What’s the best we realistically could hope for? 7th? Donaldson and Tilson have looked like great additions so credit to the gaffers for that. I still have faith in the duo progressing us over the seasons
  12. I think if we were going to change managers at this point it should be being planned already and implemented immediately upon the release of Fergie and ketts. (I’m not calling for their heads yet but it’s something we should be considering already) Who would everyone want to see? Robbo across the bridge is doing a brilliant job with little budget and a piss poor team. Wouldn’t need to relocate but would he leave them for us?
  13. Blockbuster transfer deadline day eh Stsggies. Who needs more than one winger for a relegation battle, not us
  14. Couldn’t think of a funky title but who needs that with the entertainment we’ll get this Saturday. Huge games for both teams, both will be disappointed not to get the 3pts imo. After county’s 3 losses on the bounce it’s important we get some momentum going now. That’s how I’d line up the team personally, struggling without wingers and a hard choice between Fraser Kelly and Foster. Think Ricky is our best full back and Kelly our only natural LB so that’s why I went for them two.
  15. Still a 100% record for county at hampden though I guess
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