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  1. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    This 100%
  2. Roy invests heavily and is a big advocate of youth development and the highland football academy as well as the facility’s around the ground
  3. The Highland Derby

    Even being in the losing end, can’t deny what a fantastic cup tie (both games) that was. 8 goals. Cards, punches, scrapping, pen shootout, shithousery, the lot. Great advert for the derby.sportsound on the radio in about the ‘friendly derby’ how county fans go watch caley when county play away and vice versa... WHAT? Load of shite. County could do far worse than taking a punt on Coll Donaldson at CB, consistently their best player. Was Not overly fussed on a cup run and wouldn’t of cared too much had we gone out earlier because the league is our main priority it’s just shite that it’s to caley and by pens and the fact that Dundee Utd quarterfinal was a great chance to get a semi final at hampden for a wee pay day. Neither us nor caley are winning anyway so oh well. Promotion is our main priority and we’ve got a cup final against the welsh albeit the diddy cup. Need a wee dig in somewhere so imagine almost being out numbered in your own stadium [emoji23][emoji23] Feck it onwards and upwards Staggies. Ps Stewart hates the caley
  4. The Highland Derby

    Was there actually a flare or was it just a smoke bomb?
  5. I’ve started far to early [emoji1390]‍♂️
  6. What do we think the lineup should be tonight? East fife will be no pushovers so I’d go with Munro Fraser Boyle Grivo Kelly (tom) Gardyne Draper Lindsay Paton Armstrong Graham McManus
  7. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    If enough tickets sell out quickly then the stand behind the goal will be yours
  8. I wouldn’t rule QOTS out of a playoff spot either they’ve beaten us and Ayr by 4+ as well as getting points off Dundee Utd
  9. Ross County vs Alloa Athletic

    Really don’t see Paton getting released at all, he’s still very young and Fergie and Ketts will have brought him in to play the odd game, go out on loan and learn from older players at the club
  10. Who are we wanting next round in the cup? Auchinleck away for me
  11. Motherwell v Ross County

    Ian Vigurs Josh mullin Liam Fontaine Callum Morris Stelios Demetriou
  12. Motherwell v Ross County

    Can’t see us even coming close to this, I’m pretty sure Kenny van Der Weg is still tracking back from a corner in Dumfries over the weekend as we speak so if you have any sort of wide player even if they crawl on all 4s your more than likely gonna have success. We’ve an injury crisis, suspensions, low confidence and just generally shite at football tbh so I’d be surprised if we get a shot on target. Worst case scenario we earn ourselves a midweek replay, best case you boys keep the goals under 5, we keep some of our dignity and we can all get on with our lives, sound good?
  13. Some of the signings he brought in weren’t bad but was the selections which were awful playing Right backs on the wing, strikers in centre mid. Some decent players that either fell out and never played or had a promising debut or 2 games then sat on the bench
  14. Assist for Tony Dingwall at raith yesterday
  15. Queens v Ross County

    Aye all I can say is well done Queens, played us off the park, a true loveless pumping. Surprised yous have only just got into the playoffs but by that performance you deserve it [emoji1319] Loy and Dobbie are top class! No excuses at all, better team won. Kenny van Der Weg and Lewis Spence sensational signings, can’t believe we can attract that kind of quality at this level. Fox and Gardyne only pass marks for me today. Felt sorry for Grivo been played at RB. Alloa home next who are also on fantastic form while we are missing graham mullin Fontaine Morris kelly stellios. Still top though