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  1. County Vs Morton

    Utter utter utter shambles
  2. County Vs Morton

    Tidser shouldn't even be given a strip.
  3. Kilday, Tumilty and Tidser were all horrendous today. A real disappointing performance all round. I don’t understand why we don’t have any movement whatsoever and always seem scared to move forward. 10 men for 30 minutes and we can’t score a goal f**k knows why JJ decided to keep 3 men at the back against the diving wee p***k Rudden. Falkirk time wasting to scrape a 1-1 it embarrassing aswell tbh, although it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as that pitch invasion :lol: (JJ Out)
  4. A good goal completely ruined by that mess behind the goal ......
  5. Maybe explain the reason why he’s been benched the last couple of weeks.
  6. Ton v Pars - 26/01

  7. East Fife v The Famous - Scottish Cup 4th Round

    Not really sure you're in the position to be mocking anyone else, yet here we are.
  8. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Does JJ realise that Tidser is one of our best players?
  9. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if we lost this
  10. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    I thought that last week.
  11. East Fife v The Famous - Scottish Cup 4th Round

    There were plenty at the game today.
  12. East Fife v The Famous - Scottish Cup 4th Round

    Pathetic display from start to finish. JJ OUT.
  13. (Another) Ayrshire Derby - Auchinleck vs Ayr