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  1. I have 3 ‘loves’ from your post! 1. No.4 is Jackie Myles and is my favourite player of all time! Was a bit of a live wire in his youth but fans absolutely love him for his commitment and endeavours on the field. Was out of the game for 18 months or so after a horrific injury and many players of around 30 would have said that’s enough. But Jackie came back, for me, not the player he was, but understandable due to his injury. But, again for me, he got last season out the way and is back playing the way fans love!! 2. The big bald guy is Brian Martin, who returned to Musselburgh for the third (?) time at the start of this season. He was our captain in the 2014-15 Season, when we got to the Scottish Junior cup final. Brian was a majestic left back / left midfielder previously and is absolutely at ease with the ball at his feet. Thinks he is too old to run up and down the wing, so now stands in central defence and a great guy to have around the club. 3. Absolutely love elo - probably confusion is my favourite song of theirs!! Not sure what the elo you refer to is ? It sounds though as if it would be a lot of hard work! Anything that involves stats though, I would certainly be interested in the results! Good ‘talking’ to you.
  2. I love the fact that we are in the Scottish, so for now I will accept that and dream should we get past the first preliminary round! The new Musselburgh office bearers and committee had a business plan in mind around the time of the EGM in (June/July 18?) When they were elected, the plan would have been cemented and it was to ensure the club, moving forward, could walk properly as opposed to running from the start. The option of floodlights, while important, was never an option for this round of licence negotiations/approvals. Fact Musselburgh got into next season’s Scottish cup is a bonus and confirms (now) that the club can work towards getting all licence requirements in place so that come season 2021/22 we progress to the Scottish as you say in your comment.
  3. Ha ha!! Not sure if you are just being jovial or taking the P , but I will accept this in good nature! 😂👍 One of our younger supporters had us away to Celtic in next season’s 4th round draw, and what this will mean to Musselburgh, in financial matters and what we should plan the money on!! Loved the optimism! 😂
  4. Super excited Alan! Thank goodness as well it’s getting played up here! We should win, but no complacency with it being a one off match!
  5. Three hours to play-off match between Mid Annandale and Musselburgh Athletic. Main incentive for winners is a place in 2020-21 Scottish Cup! Sunday football - get out and watch it live!!
  6. Musselburgh Athletic U20s travelled on Friday night to meet Stirling University U20s. Fourth v third, though with 16 matches, Burgh had played four more games than the home side. A side already affected by injuries, Musselburgh U20s were a further man down, as on arrival to The Gannochy, Jack Crombie was withdrawn due to illness. A second match of the season, saw Daniel McBay drop down from the main Burgh squad. First corner of match fell to Musselburgh on two minutes. Ciaran Young’s corner was a curling effort when came in and over the bar without another player touching the ball. After six minutes, Burgh’s first shot came from Daniel McBay but the ball flew over the bar. Stirling University moved up the gears and in quick succession, the centre forward, Swan had a shot blocked and put out for a corner. Then, the same player looked destined to score as he went by Ross McRae, but a lunge by the young keeper and he managed to grab the ball just in time. On 11 minutes, a free kick from the left winger, Kennedy, just went by Musselburgh post. First gal came in 17 minutes. Musselburgh were on the attack and Khasim Mdalasini chased ball towards the Stirling box. Keeper, Bushall ran out his box and punted ball upfield. Kennedy latched on and his shot was saved by Ross McRae. The rebound was then knocked in by Rae. Stirling 1-0 up. Stirling increased the lead seven minutes later. Kennedy’s corner flew over to the far side post. Up went an unchallenged Taylor and his header made it 2-0. On the half hour, another chance for the home side saw Kennedy’s shot, saved by Ross McRae. Couple of minutes later. Devan Craighead had a chance, but his header from a free kick, went high/wide of the post. Then, at the other to the field, two attempts for Stirling were both blocked by the Burgh defence. At the end of this passage, Stirling’s Swan received treatment for an injury. Best tackle of the game came with four minutes of first half left. Khasim Mdalasini ran towards the Stirling goals. Taylor was behind the Burgh attacker and got down and tackled on the ground, dispossessed Mdalasini, got up and Taylor still had the ball and preceded up the field. A great wee passage of play. A minute later, Taylor chased a ball near to Stirling by-line, with Kyle McFadden in hot pursuit! Quick thinking and movement saw Taylor get to the ball, looked to see where McFadden was and then turn and ghost by the Musselburgh player. An actual joy to watch this Stirling central defender so assured with his football game! Half time: Stirling University U20s 2-0 Musselburgh Athletic U20s. Burgh started the second half well. Good move down the left wing between Khasim Mdalasini and Devan Craighead ended with a block by the Stirling defence. Same two players involved on 52 minutes with ball played into the Stirling box. As it was cleared, Daniel McBay had an attempt which went wide. On 63 minutes, Connor Fitzpatrick replaced Dean Burgess. Five minutes after, Burgh went close. Ciaran Young played a good ball into the box for Conor Fitzpatrick. Stirling keeper, Bushall got down to collect ball and another chance gone for the away side. Burgh’s second sub saw Josh Whitson replace Kyle McFadden. Fifteen minutes to go and match was over. A bullet of a shot by centre half, Oliphant, hit the net and Stirling were 3-0 up. Two minutes later, another good ball forward by Ciaran Young found Devan Craighead in the box. From a tight angle, Craighead saw his shot go sideways instead of towards the goal. Burgh did get ball into net on 79 minutes, but Ciaran Young's goal was ruled out for offside. As the match approached the final stages, Ross McRae kept score at 3-0 to Stirling with a good save from Taylor. Still time for another attack by Musselburgh. The away side should have got a penalty as Connor Fitzpatrick was brought down in the box. The referee, however, played on and Devan Craighead somehow managed to shoot high, when only two yards out. Not sure why the referee did not bring back play and award penalty at that point. Final score: Stirling University U20s 3-0 Musselburgh Athletic U20s Burgh should not be too despondent about the loss as they were beaten by a very good Stirling team. Taylor, the home side’s defender was the stand-out man of match. Burgh’s keeper, Ross McRae was our best player.
  7. Just over 13 hours till kick off! Have to say I’m both excited and nervous at same time!! MTB
  8. I think I can predict what I want! Doesn’t mean I am right! i do think the 3 relegated sides will come from bottom 7. So guessing 3 out of 7 is a bit easier than at start of season! Haven't said for definite but I don’t think I will be far wrong from the 3 out of 4 I’ve gone with!
  9. Linlithgow will not go down. Newtongrange are in such freefall at moment, I cannot see them escaping bottom 3. I think the other 2 will come from Crossgates, Blackburn and Sauchie (all, by the way who beat Musselburgh at their grounds). I think Musselburgh will escape, as will Whitehill, who are beginning to come onto a game, and Dunbar.
  10. All potential hard games! However, I do think it is advantage to Bo’ness as you have points on board. Haws can have very few slip ups in order to catch you up, but they are a good side! Think it is really good though that both top and bottom of league there are still lots of scenarios to digest!
  11. As you have all the knowledge of that league and I have none, I bow to your better judgement.
  12. Hoping you are right Burnie. All week it has looked as if all except (180 under cover) will get a soaking. But the rain now looks as if it may be easing off mid afternoon!
  13. So LTHV have won the conference!? I say it like that as you have LothianThistle first in your list, yet Leith are currently at the top of the conference?
  14. Cannot see any complacency on Sunday. Musselburgh beat Mid Annandale 5-0 earlier this season in another cup. In truth it could have been more. But two things spring to mind. It will be good to win the shield ( I think that’s what we play for) tomorrow, but make no mistake, both clubs see that win gets them into the Scottish Cup next season - what an incentive for BOTH teams! Mid Annandale are 2nd in their league with 11 wins in 20 matches. Musselburgh are 11th with 6 wins in 20 matches. While the EoS is most likely a stronger league, a team who wins the majority of their league matches will have the confidence to keep doing that!
  15. Win for Whitehill moves them out of bottom 3 for first time since?? Crossgates loss last night means a 7-team fight to avoid relegation. I fear for a Nitten, who are on a dreadful run at moment.
  16. 😀 Football continues to be a mystery!! Last week, you go back to your dressing room wondering how Whitehill didn’t get anything from the Musselburgh match. Seven days later, Whitehill away to league leaders and go back to Rosewell with all three points and a move away from bottom position.
  17. Saw from pictures how good Tranent’s ground is looking with the new installed floodlights. With no football today for Musselburgh, intend to watch Haddington - St Andrews match and see how their ground work is progressing. Great to see ground improvements at pace at a number of EoS grounds.
  18. Bottom seven getting closer by the match! Watch Under 20 matches quite a lot so, I agree with you. Good way to start weekend sporting life! 👍
  19. Musselburgh Athletic U20s lost 3-0 tonight away to Stirling University. Sometimes you have to say your team were beaten by a better side!!
  20. Cheers NB. After beating Mid Annandale earlier on the season in another cup competition, I am confident Burgh will win the play off. But one off matches; you can never be sure and Annandale will want to be in the Scottish Cup draw next season, just as much as Musselburgh!
  21. Don't know if there will be a programme for Sunday? The last two cup finals Musselburgh were in; in May and November, both times they were done by Edinburgh United. I haven't seen anything to suggest the same applies this time around.
  22. Don’t agree. If you know something is wrong, or is contrary to other (most) other clubs perceptions of how to record attendances, then you change now.
  23. Musselburgh Athletic U20 are currently on the best winning run, in the East of Scotland league/conferences set-up; alongside Jeanfield Swifts. Both have won their last 4 matches. Burgh U20s look to make this 5 wins in a row tomorrow night. But they face strong opposition, away from home against Stirling University. 4th v 3rd in the Under 20s Conference B. Good luck lads 👍
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