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  1. In front of a good number of club members, sponsors and invited guests, a very successful AGM took this afternoon at Olivebank. A number of announcements, ‘openings’ and reports took place. Whenever the 2020-21 season begins, Musselburgh will be prepared and hoping to begin the campaign on the up!
  2. Club’s AGM tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the floodlights up at Olivebank. Having been on Shielding for 4+ months it will be first time since middle of March I will be meeting up with committee, supporters and players of this great club. Burgh have come on a long way since we nearly folded two years, saving grace being the new office bearers and committee who brought us back from the brink! Interesting to hear, how we are, financially, since this pandemic brought football to its knees! Certainly, fingers crossed, looking forward to resuming the support of our players in the next few months. MTB!
  3. Absolutely right Jambo. Was gutted at losing that match, particularly as we were 3-2 up. You had a player sent off, then the debacle with your no.2 (Blackie?) hiding in the enclosure after his antics, only to come back down when the ref was sending off Max in error. Bo'ness were on the ropes, but as per norm, you battled right to the end to 'steal' the victory. Give or take a few matches, Burgh seemed to play well for 70 minutes or so each match, but form dipped, which cost us many points at end of matches - Bo'ness and Dunbar (away) two of the sorest! What we need to do, if we want to challenge for title, is play the 'Bo'ness way' for full 90 minutes and never give up, whether in the lead or not.
  4. It would have been interesting to find out where we would have finished last season, if it was concluded. Don’t think though it would have been higher than 8th. Lost our first 7 or 8 away league matches, our first win coming up at your ground! Though, with 8 minutes to go, no one was thinking that was going to happen! IF, we start season, like we finished, I would be confident of top 5. It is a stab in the dark, but I have tried with my earlier message. Look forward to another trip to Rosewell, when I hope your floodlights will be up and running, and you maintain your licence with SFA! 👍
  5. We played Tynecastle in our last match, before COVID-19 put a stop to last season. A very close match, but their top scorer, with 40 (?) goals is now with Bonnyrigg.
  6. Can say what I want as it is all about opinion. Why not compare it to last season? Burgh have made a few signings, which improves our squad from last season. Who knows if I am right or wrong, but I bet the top 8 will come from the teams I listed.
  7. Linlithgow will have to improve an awful lot to be in contention for the Premier League title in 2020-21. On last year’s evidence 9 teams will vie for top position. Hill of Beath - extremely competent team Broxburn - didn’t play them last season, but must have been top 3 on merit. Tranent - Improving year on year. Depends on how new manager gets them playing. Camelon - Don't see them as top 5 team, but they do well against other teams so must be considered. Dundonald - stuffy side and can be hard to beat Penicuik - didn't play them last season, but always hard matches against them Jeanfield - the only team who completely outplayed us last season and would have finished in top 4. Linlithgow - Will never discount, but as said, need to improve a lot. Musselburgh - Terrible start to season, but came onto a game + won two trophies. Definitely not saying above teams will finish in that order, but they will all be top 9 in 2020-21. Good luck to Bo’ness. Any team that beats Hill of Beath, home and away in league, deserves the title and I am sure will do well in Lowland League,
  8. Have you been in the sun for the last few days (excluding yesterday) ? If not, must be some other reason why you are delirious to make such a remark! No.1 When was the last time we limited crowds into Olivebank for a cup match? In 2011 and 2015 when met teams like Linlithgow, (Penicuik?) , Kilbirnie, Largs, Dalry (may not have been in these 2 years), crowds were big, but not even a quarter of the figure you quote. No.2 When we got to Scottish Junior cup final in both years, yes we got a great following on both occasions, but not even a half of the figure you quote! No.3 The guy who acted as if he was Burgh’s salesman/manager at these cup finals bought a huge number of merchandise, including flags and at end of day, he couldn’t give them away for nothing. Hopefully he went on a training course on supply and demand after that, as his cash flow must have taken a battering. He saw the crowds coming over the hills, but unfortunately for him, it was just a mirage! No. 4 No slight on any teams I mention, but if we were to face Blackburn or Camelon or Dalkeith, no way would the crowd be near 10,000 and that includes both sets of fans. No. 5 Since moving over from the Juniors set up, crowds are increasing, and in comparison with like for like teams in Premier league, we were top 3/4 in average attendances, but none greater than 1,000. No. 6. So excuse me if I do not share your optimism. I will leave it at that! Yip I hope we get a home tie as the spectacle of playing in the Scottish Cup will be great for the club, the town and for me. But spare me the claptrap. ps - No. 7 Thanks for naming me in your last response. I don’t hide it, but most people put a ‘nickname’ on their feed and I don’t see many being called out.
  9. No idea! Would not think anytime soon or until at least until it is confirmed when Tier 5 and 6 have it confirmed when their season commences. Think you are being very/overly optimistic with fans wanting a ticket. Thousands of tickets is fantasy league scenario, particularly for preliminary round(s) and without knowing who we will face. Still, it is something that players and regular fans eager await!
  10. Nothing to argue about there NB! 👍 i just responded to the ‘shambles’ comment. Who knows if Ormiston applied for funding or not this year? Who knows if they applied for funding this year? Perhaps they received funding in recent years, given they have made recent changes to the ground (I think).
  11. Paul (Bobo) Grant was voted Musselburgh’s Players player of the season for 2020-21. Given there were a number of players who had a good/great season. Being given the award by his team mates, shows how well Bobo performed during the year! 👍 Mathu King was voted supporters Player of the year. Although in, what should have been his testimonial year, Mathu’s standards show no sign of reducing. As well as a great goal scorer, he is just as good in the captain’s role and his around display! 👍 Darren Downie got award for top goal scorer, with 26 goals. Darren was also East Of Scotland, Premier League, top scorer, for 2020-21. 👍
  12. An original response, bet it has never been used before! Actually my auntie does have bows and proud of the fact. If you had bothered to read my post I never said that Kelty would not have won the league, merely pointing out that Kelty weren’t cruising to the title. Looking forward to your next articulate reply.
  13. Don't talk nonsense!! No way were Kelty cruising to the League title. They may well have won it, but perhaps only by goal difference if all 30 matches were played. Bonnyrigg would have had a great chance of beating Kelty at home, then if both teams won their remaining games, both would have had same points come end of season. But there probably would have been slip ups on the way to final matches of season. Bonnyrigg had 6 matches to play (5 at home) - home against 1st, 5th, 11th, 12th and 13th in league and away against 3rd Kelty had 5 matches to play (2 at home) - home against 9th and 13th in league and away against 2nd, 4th and 14th. Arguably, Bonnyrigg had easier run-in with the 5 matches at home. However, we will never know the answer. Good to have reasoned debate but not when you open with stupidity for an argument.
  14. Not sure it was a shambles! Most likely reason is that Ormiston cannot afford getting floodlights. They are a comparative small club when considering the other 5 EoS clubs from East Lothian. Although the council granted funding to Musselburgh, there was still a huge amount of other funding to raise before the floodlights could be installed.
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