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  1. Good to see Liam pick up both awards. Took a risk a couple of seasons ago going to LTHV on loan, but this has now shown the dividends. Lots of interesting thoughts. 1. Will Mathu King still be a player at Olivebank next season, or in this, his testimonial year, will he decide that his time has come, possibly to move ‘upstairs’ into a coaching role. 2. How many other more established players who have been there for 4 or more seasons still be at Olivebank next season. Is it time to move onto pastures new or fight for a place in the team next year. 3. For fringe players, if you are not getting much match time, in what was a disappointing season, for us, should you be thinking of trying to start at another club and see if that improves your fortunes. 4. If the manager stays, has he got players who he can bring to the club that can bring much more success that this year. Is there any good calibre of player who wants to come to Olivebank, cause from here, it looks like a big re-build is required. 5. If Mathu goes, is Liam the next captain of Musselburgh? At start of this season he probably wasn’t in the frame, but it makes sense to me that the next captain is a defender, who, hopefully sees everything in front of him so is able to read what is going on in the match. Make no mistake, Mathu is a fabulous captain, both as a player and those in the team who look up to him. But, Liam seems a natural replacement (has to find his voice though). Close Season is vital that we start early and make sure squad is in place for pre-season training, which can’t be that far off, allowing for an early August start of 2022-23. Interesting times ahead.....
  2. For some clubs, season end cannot come quick enough. Think this applies to Musselburgh. Looks like the best they will finish is in 8th, with a possibility of slipping further to 9th. I remember the feeling when Burgh got beat 2-1 at Jeanfield in 2nd last season of older times in Junior league. There was a sense of disbelief that we didn’t get the 1 point required in last 3 matches to stay in the Super League, particularly as we just beat title chasing Bonnyrigg away from home. But, in a way it galvanised Burgh as the team were utterly superb in the Premier League next season, winning it in a canter, while playing silky football that players and fans were proud of. Musselburgh are no where near as bad (league position wise), but the demise since November has been striking and I doubt that next season will be much better unless fortunes change dramatically. It is clear something has to give, once season ends. How many players will be retained for 2022-23. How many players want to be retained? Lost 4 players in season, who have gone to clubs higher up than we are. Remaining players seem to have an spparant disbelief of themselves, yet on paper, there are still a number of really good players at Olivebank. Fingers crossed that our fortunes change and we come back in fighting mode come August 22.
  3. Where isAlan the Camelon man gone to? Been a disastrous league campaign this season for this club. Used to be a solid team. Wonder if Camelon (and Nitten) will be confident that they can regroup in the close season and have a side who can strike at the first attempt at promotion from the newly formed 1st division.
  4. Seemed Max wanted a big squad so a bit like the card game, Trumph. Instead or taking one or two who might have fitted in at Bo’ness, took the lot knowing some would purely be there if lots of injuries. Camelon weren’t even in top 6 best teams of Premier League so regardless how flush Bo’ness were/weren’t it was never going to work.
  5. Turning into one of my favourite posters on P&B. Never sugarcoats tweets and honest reviews even in defeats. I suppose as at outsider, see this as a disappointing season for Bo’ness. When you see how Kelty and Bonnyrigg did when they got promoted, had hoped that Bo’ness, would have had a good season in the LL. Perhaps 2nd season will have your team better prepared to climb the league. ‘In Max we Trust’. If this to continue, he is going to have to make better signings, me thinks. Always thought the signing of so many Camelon players was a bit odd and appeared not to be successful at all.
  6. I thought Musselburgh shaded the first half. Great save by Dale Cornet which saved the home side from going 1-0 done. Mathu had a shot from outside the box, which went, not too far, by the right hand side of Disco’ right post. Long effort which flew over the bar, but good banter from the Hadd goalkeeper saying how dare the Burgh lad try and out-Fox him from distance. Haddington came out flying in the 2nd half, scoring in 47 mins, then before the hour got the 2nd. Although Burgh pulled the ball back, I am in agreement with you PTB, that although Burgh had more of the ball, Haddington weren’t hanging on at the end. Yes there were a few close calls in the Haddington box, the home side frequenty had attacks in the Burgh half too. A few observations. Why was Liam Reid either playing right back or a right wing half? He is an out and out centre half, where as Declan is not. Out of that team on park, I would rate Jordan top two, but he seemed anonymous yesterday. Not sure if that was tactics or if his game has gone off the boil. Think four subs came on yesterday. Didn’t think any improved the performance of the team when they came on. Why do managers insist of bringing on a sub with only a few minutes to go? Burgh down 2-1, yet Liam Gregory, not even a forward, gets 3-5 minutes on the park. If manager thinks he can possibly change the fortunes of the team, bring him on earlier. Finally, thought Musselburgh were flat, almost going through the motions yesterday. When a win or even a draw was good enough to see Burgh win the group and advance into last 16, disappointed in that performance.
  7. Good to see them progressing NB and hope WW progress further, it what has only been a difficult campaign for the team/fans
  8. Stage comment to make. Yip, Haddington is my home team, but as a Musselburgh supporter, I was disappointed at the result and how Burgh performed. I will wait till PTB does his match report to see how much I agree / disagree with him, though I assume it will mainly be the former. There was no fall out at Olivebank so no idea where you got that from or why you said it.
  9. Sounds promising then as it’s not often teams score so many in a match. So was the drum core there to support the 50 year old mascot? Hope he behaved during the day and enjoyed his orange squash and pick-a-mix at half time. Think Haddington have been short of a player or two recently but hopefully it should be a good match between, the probable best two teams, on Saturday. Think given the matches coming up, Musselburgh will be keener of progression in the cup more than Haddington as the latter’s main focus will be securing promotion come end of season. That’s not to say they won’t be giving their all at a chance of beating Premier League opposition.
  10. Think the 3 matches should be a boost for Musselburgh, especially the amount of goals scored in them. Good to see 6 players getting the goals. No surprise with the win on Saturday PTB, but what about the performance. Did it live up to the scoreline? Burgh should be going for the win this Saturday as anything less would be a disappointment.
  11. You surely arenae a Linlithgow supporter? Granted, with the 6 matches remaining, it will be a tall order for The Rose to win the league. But they surely still have a chance. Two matches against Tranent and one against Penicuik - the only 2 other teams that can win league apart from Linlithgow. Win all three and who knows... I was talking with a Premier league player today and he said Linlithgow were clearly the best team his side had playEd against this season.
  12. So you proved my point All teams you detail,asper my comments have a great chance of winning their respective league. You look no further than Syngenta who were absolute ( close to)certs to win Conference X. But wetting their pants ability has allowed to steal a march. Who xan say if the same may happen now to Bo'ness given they are in a few cups still. I could yell you who will win each league but you or someone else may come back with its not quite that simple .....
  13. Apart from the supporters of the 3 clubs involved, it is great at this time of season that it is this close and literally all 3 could win the league. Indeed Conference A has two teams; Conference B has three teams and Conference X has four teams all with great shouts of winning their respective leagues. My only hope is that whoever finishes on top, wins the 3 team play off to gain promotion to the Lowland League. Shabby that winners of league could remain there next season due to the Lowland league’s shocking vote during the week.
  14. Well said NB. Even on that basis, I hope Penicuik go on to win the league. Before it really didn’t bother me who won the league. In the first season that was stopped by COVID (2019-20), Jeanfield were by far the best team that played Musselburgh, home and away. Like you I was very surprised at their slow start this season in league. But it looks like that form, from a couple of seasons ago has been re-discovered.
  15. Honest as usual PTB - thank you. Saw a tweet from HWU saying they deserved the win and in effect we had Ross McCrae to thank for getting the draw. How was the crowd today - did the reduced entry fee boost numbers at Olivebank?
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