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  1. Are you honestly telling me you saw LTHV beating both Musselburgh and Dundonald, both away (a notorious venue in Fife, usually to come away with any away points)?
  2. New manager, so the club has still got to stick with him and back him! who would have foreseen newly promoted LTHV sitting at top of league, after 3 matches, with 9 points in the bag! Very early days and things will change for most clubs during the season. Burgh lost their 7 away league matches of season 2019-20. Not once did the powers at be question his leadership and look what happened. Won two cup/shields last season, and entry into the Scottish Cup this season! Give your manager and players a chance.
  3. Musselburgh’s 3-1 win tonight, away to Whitehill Welfare, puts the Burgh up to 5th in the league.
  4. Musselburgh Athletic v Tynecastle: Saturday 17 October 2020 @ 2:30pm Musselburgh Athletic’s away match to Penicuik on Wednesday 14 October was cancelled on the day due to a waterlogged pitch. So the game against Tynecastle was another home match at Olivebank. The management team for the away side was Stevie McLeish, who was in charge in 2014-15, when Musselburgh were last in the Scottish Junior Cup Final. His newly appointed Assistant Manager is Euan Greig, who until 5 October was the Musselburgh Athletic U20 Manager. Musselburgh kicked the match off, but within the first minute, Tynecastle had a corner, which was cleared. A few moments later and Brian Martin could not clear the ball from the Burgh box. Paul Grant produced a low diving save to turn the ball past the by-line. As ball came in, it was initially cleared, then a shot went wide of post. Mathu King went close in 17 minutes. After beating a defender in the Tynecastle box, Mathu King’s shot was turned away for a corner, by keeper Jackson. The next time the ball was in the box, the Burgh captain did better. A long ball was chased up the right wing by Dean Ballantyne, whose cross found Mathu King. The first attempt was blocked by Langdale, but Mathu King was the quicker of the two and his next attempt found the net. Musselburgh led 1-0. On 23 minutes, Mathu King won a challenge in the air to head the ball out to Jackie Myles. His pass was taken on by Jordan Orru who took the ball to the by-line before crossing into the box. The ball went out for a corner, which was taken by Declan O’Kane. Brian Martin’s attempt wide of the target. The equaliser came in 27 minutes. With play in the Tynecastle half, a header, then a pass, found the ball out on the right wing. As it came in, a diving header from Wales found the net and score was 1-1. Just passed the half hour mark and captain, Langdale had to be subbed after injuring his hamstring. Five minutes later and the home side went 2-1 down. From a Tynecastle corner, the ball moved forward coming off Mathu King. Up pounced Steele who scored from inside the 6-yard box. Half time: Musselburgh Athletic 1 – 2 Tynecastle Within four minutes of the restart, Burgh fell further behind. The ball was played up the Tynecastle right wing and from the edge of the box ball was floated in. Michael Moffat half cleared the ball, but Fisher was waiting. Two touches later and the ball went past three defenders and Paul Grant; into the next. The away side now led 1-3. In the next attack, Burgh were awarded a free-kick, about 25 yards from goals. Josh Jeffries took it and the first touch by Brian Martin, placed the ball past the keeper, Jackson. The second touch by the big defender and the ball was in the net. Burgh were back in the match at 2-3. Jordan Orru was then subbed with Nathan Evans coming on. The third goal in an eight minute period brought the match all square. Quick thinking and passing saw the ball move between Declan O’Kane, Nathan Evans and out to Dean Ballantyne. The close-season signing from Dunbar, chested down the ball and with a couple of bounces, Dean Ballantyne blasted the ball between Jackson and his right hand post, to level the score at 3-3. Tynecastle had a chance to go into the lead again, but the no.17’s header went across the goal area and out for a by-kick. In 62 minutes, Tynecastle had the ball up the left wing. Michael Moffat made a crunching tackle, but the referee played on until the ball went out of play. The Burgh right back was called over to receive a yellow card. An attempt on goal from the corner went straight to Paul Grant. Burgh’s second substitution saw Conor Thomson on for Josh Jeffries. On 77 minutes Burgh had a corner. Conor Thomson hit a low one into the box which was met, on the volley by Nathan Evans. From eight yards, the ball was blootered past Jackson to put Burgh back in the lead at 4-3. The third and final Burgh sub saw Dean Ballantyne replaced by Bradley Whyte. Into the last seven minutes and Burgh had another corner. Again taken by Conor Thomson, this time the ball went high and towards Brad Donaldson. However, Brian Martin gave a bellowing shout saying the ball was his! Donaldson ducked and Brian Martin’s powerful header found the back of the net. From going two goals behind at the start of the second half, Burgh showed true grit to pull this match around and now led by two goals. The final passage in front of goals fell to Tynecastle, with Paul Grant had to make a save, then the re-bound hit the Burgh post and out for a by-kick. Final score: Musselburgh Athletic 5 – 3 Tynecastle. For second time in eight days, Musselburgh lost three goals. Luckily for them, this time they netted five in a well-deserved win. Just a pity that fans are still not allowed onto the terracing to watch live football with 13 goals scored in 180 minutes of football. Next match is this Wednesday with a short trip into Midlothian where they will face Whitehill Welfare on Wednesday night. Kick-off 7:30pm.
  5. All about volunteers NB! Thanks from me for tonight's live stream.
  6. Musselburgh play their 3rd league match tonight, away to Whitehill Welfare. A win would take Burgh, from 11th, into the top half of the table.
  7. I don’t think the club want to go down the route of charging supporters a fee to watch the football. Someone said, they might ask fans to make a donation (perhaps through donate a ticket), but not heard anymore since that! 13 goals from two home matches. Can’t be bad; though we would have preferred just 2 goals and 6 points! Glad and you enjoyed it anyway Philpy!
  8. I genuinely don't see the concern for letting, at the start, home fans in to watch matches. Easily get in 200 fans to most grounds. Add that to the players, coaching staff and committee members of both clubs and your limit is there. I agree Brian - I would stand in the rain before even thinking og going under the shelter, but that you not even be an issue, given that we have allocate out covered enclosure to the away team. I am a fan, but would happily help the club with ensuring that safe distancing is adhered to. Most Musselburgh supports I know and hear of, are itching to get back inside Olivebank so I see no reason why they would not social distance. Do wrong, and witnessed by any SFA spotters - and then we would be fanless for foreseeable future. Let fans in - Far safer to watch football from a standing point than walking down the high street or going into your local supermarket where self distancing appears to be a thing of the past.
  9. Musselburgh Athletic v Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale: Friday 9 October 2020 @ 7:30pm The East of Scotland Premier League Season began last weekend. Due to the uncertainty caused by additional COVID restrictions announced earlier in the week, it was thought that this match might have been delayed for a couple of weeks. However, discussions within the SFA came to a conclusion at around 5:00pm on Thursday evening that Musselburgh Athletic’s match against, newly promoted, Lothian Thistle Hutchison Thistle (LTHV) would kick off as scheduled. Initially, Musselburgh were due to play away from home. But, a request at the start of the week changed that and the match at Olivebank kicked off, unusually on Friday evening at 7:30pm. As will be the case for a number of weeks, no fans were permitted to watch the match on the terracing. Similar to a number of teams, Musselburgh lived-streamed their match for anyone who wished to watch at home. LTHV kicked-off. Within two minutes, the away side had a corner. As it came in from Kelly, the centre forward rose, but headed the ball over the bar. Burgh were on the attack a couple of minutes later. Up the right wing, a deep cross by Calum Donaldson went too far ahead for Bradley Whyte to chase and the ball was out for a goal kick. In Burgh’s next attack, they were awarded a free kick. Declan O’Kane played the ball out wide to Calum Donaldson. This time, his cross went straight towards the LTHV keeper. On eight minutes, LTHV had two corners in quick succession. The first one was headed out by Mathu King, but ball played in and cleared. The second was again met by a strong defence and danger was over. With 15 minutes on the clock, LTHV were on the attack down the right wing. Kelly squared the ball to Laver and his shot, from the edge went past Paul Grant’s right hand post. Just before 18 minutes, Paul Grant had to make two saves to stop LTHV scoring the opener. The first was a move involving Laver and Cumming, with the ball played to Kelly. His shot brought out a low diving save from Paul Grant. The big centre forward Wringe was quick to get another shot in, Paul Grant made a block to put out for a corner. Two shots were blocked with the ball finally cleared into the LTHV half. Up came the away side again. From the left hand side the ball came cross field and then into the Burgh box. More shot, while on the turn and Paul Grant saved it. However, Wringe followed up and blasted the ball high into the net and LTHV were 1-0 up after 20 minutes. In 41 minutes after chasing the ball, Darren Downie went down after pulling his hamstring. Couple of moments later and LTHV nearly doubled their score. In the centre of Burgh’s half, Cumming hit ball out to Laver. His cross, from the wing found Wringe, who turned, in the box, and played in back. The shot from Kelly just went past the post. With a few seconds remaining Dean Ballantyne came on as the first Burgh sub. Half time: Musselburgh Athletic 0 – 1 Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale With the players having to stay outside during the break, the usual 15 minutes was cut back and the second half resumed at 20:24. With 47 minutes on the clock, Dean Ballantyne played a one-two with Calum Donaldson. The shot from the sub went wide. In Burgh’s next attack, Declan O’Kane was brought down, but the referee played advantage. Joe Orru got into the box and he is also down, but again the referee played on. LTHV countered attached and Paul Grant had to make a save from right back More. When the ball went out, the Burgh bench remonstrated with the referee for not calling the foul on Declan O’Kane. Musselburgh’s second substitution came on 61 minutes. Bradley Whyte was off with Liam Gregory on. Within 60 seconds, Musselburgh had a free-kick in front of the away goals. Declan O’Kane came down with after a crunching tackle by Doherty, who seemed to come off worse. Play went on, but Conor Thomson lost the ball, the referee brought the play back. Conor Thomson’s cross came off the top of the bar, and out the ground. Burgh were on the attack straight away. Nathan Evans flicked the ball into the box. Dean Ballantyne beat a defender but his shot went straight to the keeper. Third sub came after Calum Donaldson went down. It looked as if his studs got caught in the mud but rest of his leg moved forward. LTHV doubled their lead in 69 minutes and it came from defence into attack. Burgh were pressing for the equaliser and were in the box, but Lally got the ball and moved it up field. Lally played ball out to Cumming and kept on running. When Cumming returned the ball, Lally was clear of the Burgh defence and the centre half slid the ball past Paul Grant and LSTH were 2-0 up. Michael Moffat came on at this point. A minute after the LTHV goal, Burgh were unlucky to reduce the deficit. With Burgh in the opponent’s half, Dean Ballantyne played ball to Mathu King. As the Burgh captain moved forward, Dean Ballantyne stepped in and his shot came off the top of Beveridge’s left hand post, with the keeper beaten. Burgh reduced the deficit on 77 minutes. A free kick by Declan O’Kane was floated into the box and Brad Donaldson rose to header the ball into the next to make it 1-2 to LTHV. Nathan Evans received a yellow card trying to wrestle ball from the keeper. Five minutes later and the lead was back to two goals. Just like the second goal, the ball was cleared from the LTHV defence. From a header in the box, the ball was played up to Sean Cumming, just inside the Burgh half. Cumming played it square to Wringe then ran up the wing to receive the return from the centre forward. Cummings was always just in front of Liam Reid and the winger slid ball past Paul Grant to take a lead with seven minutes to go. In the final minute of normal time, a Mathu King header was cleared off the line by More. Ball then went out for a corner. As it came in, Ballantyne’s attempted skied over the bar. Into injury time and Jordan Orru is brought down by sub, Donald. From a Declan O’Kane free-kick, Dean Ballantyne scored. From the kick-off the final whistle went. Final score: Musselburgh Athletic 2 – 3 Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale. A sore one for the home side to take as most people would have expected Musselburgh Athletic to win. However, LTHV did not look like a newly promoted side and over the piece, were worthy winners. As said later in the week, by one of the Burgh players, Burgh needed more fight in the match, which was not always there.
  10. 🤣🤣🤣 Made.My.Day!!! If I could have, I would have given you more likes!!
  11. Unfortunately our away match tonight (Tues 13 Oct) at Penicuik is postponed due to waterlogged pitch. So, next scheduled match is at Olivebank on Saturday, against Tynecastle; no doubt buoyant so far with 6-0 win at weekend, against a Inverkeithing HS!
  12. Are all the changing rooms solely for the football pitch, or is the youth changing rooms there, as they have access to other sport facilities? A number of teams would be jealous of all these facilities 👍
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