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  1. Agree cookie! Most players know that if their clubs pay wages during a period where income has dried up, this would have large detrimental effect on any reserves that clubs will/may have. Indeed in the long term this could be hugely detrimental if not fatal to a number of clubs. The effect of this will not be lost to fans and committee members a like. By the looks of the current of isolation we have, no chance of any football for the rest of this current season timeline.
  2. Guy can’t help himself and the funny thing is he actually report posters to moderators himself, rather than take hints from those who highlight his issue.
  3. The guy is the biggest pain on P&B. NB who is regular on Whitehill Welfare thread gets red dots with every post he writes. I’ve had a number since I questioned questioned about it. No crime, but I wish he was banned from P&B for a wee time of about 10 years!
  4. We’ve got a good number 1 keeper so no need to bid for a guy who will sit on the bench. It was a serious question Belter. Ally had a lot of good reviews by Tranent supporters and I did think I saw something recently which said he had re-signed recently. You are correct that the manager has the right to keep players he wants, but only around 3 or 4 league matches ago, everything seemed quite content at Tranent. As a supporter, you will know more than that than me. It seems there is a distinct lack of posts on Pie and Bovril in the last few weeks by Tranent supporters. You know that 4 or 5 guys, including you were regulars on here but not at the moment. On your Facebook page, there is a split between those content and those not with the current happenings, so perhaps it’s not just me who ‘sniff the paint’.
  5. What has happened with Ally Adams? I thought he had just signed again for next season but now he is up for sale? With the season possibly ended now, not a great time to put in a transfer! is it no coincidence that Sinky was the reserve keeper last week. Can’t remember last time that he was included in a Tranent squad. Or after Ian Black and Ally, are more guys signed by Calvin also going to be put up for sale? Isit the start of a cull, or like the new male in a pride picking off the newest offspring one by one, until there are non left?
  6. Still don’t see it that way. If you take the Premier league , that would be 3rd and 4th bottom relegated, but 2nd bottom staying up and 3rd top just missing out winning league by 1 point! Just not sure that is how either end of the league would finish! I don’t have a thought how to resolve an unfinished league, other than to hope the season manages to start again and play to a conclusion - though I much doubt that will happen.
  7. After Burgh’s last match, against the Haws, someone referred to Olivebank as a half eaten chocolate gateau! Four weeks later and the huge effort of George, our pitch looks in great condition! The centre third of the pitch is still very soft, but I never imagined there would be so much greenery around the centre circle. Disappointed not to have the match on today against Bo’ness, but if the old pools panel was still around, I think the match would have went the way of Musselburgh by 2-1! Two keenly contested matches already, but given the current run by Burgh, and home advantage, I couldn’t see us losing the match..
  8. Daft! How can every team will all their matches?
  9. Did not mean to upset you and still think you are up there with the best posters on a P&B. Never thought your posts as being immature. Just thought you were a golden oldie that didn’t suffer fools (mainly wee Rose fans) gladly! And then some of your comments are quite cutting!
  10. Bang goes that idea. I sometimes get a picture in my mind of what people look like! I had you down as a guy about 58! Maybe you are but then your ‘child’ would be around 32?!? Anyway and sorry, there could reasonably been over 500 at today’s match, particularly as Musselburgh didn’t have a match last weekend and Bo’ness bring a good crowd too. We got over 500 against Tranent. Under those circumstances, would Fans have been stopped from entering once crowd reached around 450-460?
  11. Are Fauldhouse in no hurry to get a new manager? Or has no one applied till they find out where the Hoose will playing next year or have I just missed an announcement! I would have thought, in normal circumstances, it would have been a coveted post to get?
  12. Sorry BigTL, but I had to get someone to untie me!! Thanks bb for this. I can see that the side was weakend - particularly through the spine of the team line up. Dean and Brad would/could be a centreback line up for most teams in the Premier league. Skip must be in the top three of midfielders in the league Stephen being your top goalscorer! Now where is that tape? 👍
  13. My lips are sealed and my fingers will be taped up after this post!
  14. That is hardly 7 or 8 Belter. It’s surprising so little traffic of Tranent supporters have come on before you did - always better, when guys like you do come on. Normally Tranent support is a tight ship joining up behind the team and committee. But looking here, twitter and Facebook, you can’t say that. If anything there is more negativity about from Tranent support than usual.
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