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  1. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Technically everyone would see it guinness! But, I take your point it would only be the Musselburgh dummy that would be shown and not the oppositions! ☺️. However, I am sure that the Musselburgh management team would take note of this, work on it at training and ensure that improvements were made for the next match!
  2. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Fair enough! Hopefully if you are a supporter your team are one of the few who does film matches, therefore does make it public for you to see it all! Nobody has spat the dummy out, and if you are a supporter and have watched previous Musselburgh videos you would know that! As said before, Musselburgh only show the goals it shows.
  3. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Thanks for that Rob! Thought it was a league game - so many cup ties at the moment!
  4. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Good win on Saturday in the cup tie at Gala Fairydeanrovers. Outplayed them in the first half and Burgh would be disappointed that only one goal was scored by Nathan, following a good ball through by Liam. Gala pegged us back a lot of the 2nd half. Yet, we still had the best two attempts on goal, both of which resulted in saves from the Gala keeper. Tough match coming up when we will play the title favourites, Penicuik, away in the league. Always confident that Burgh can get a result each time we play so roll on Saturday
  5. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    I am not the camera man so my comments are my own thoughts and not that of the team. As I have said before, good on the teams that show more than Musselburgh do. Maybe they have more time that our guy, but again, maybe our guy does other football/ committee work that others don’t so he uses the time available to him as he sees fit. I said on another media point, that the main purpose of videoing the match is so that it can be viewed by the management team and used as they see fit. I don’t think a lot of East of Scotland teams show goals/ highlights, but I stand to be corrected. As an a side issue, last year, I wrote a report on P&B on all the Musselburgh matches. However, this took a wee while to compile each week, and also spoilt my enjoyment of watching my team, as I spent too much time jotting down notes during the match. So, reluctantly I stopped doing the reports. Cause of this, I appreciate whatever my committee and other fans do for my team, whatever they do!
  6. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Are you and Jaggywaggy related? To the best of my knowledge and memory Musselburgh do not show highlights of matches as such. What Musselburgh do show is the build up and goals that their team scores, They do not show the opponents goals. Following the match last week which Musselburgh beat Dunbar - the three goals that Musselburgh scored were shown at night - not the Dunbar goal. Don't think anyone at Dunbar commented on this. Jaggywaggy was right when he intimated that there were no goals shown following the 5-1 defeat at Dalkeith. If Musselburgh had put anything out that night it would only have been the one goal from Musselburgh. Jaggywaggy still wouldn't have seen the Dalkeith goals. So I don't see what the issue is here?! Want to see your own team's goals - hopefully one of the committee/fans will volunteer their services. For teams such as Penicuik and Bonnyrigg to actually show highlights - that is a great service they provide! Not all teams do so.
  7. Fauldhouse United 2018/19

    Ha ha! Class Bryce!
  8. Fauldhouse United 2018/19

    Ha ha a kent yeah coodnae kept up that gid spellin fur two lang beefore yer seekrit came out! Noo am tellin yeah, if yeah murnae gonna sipport the Hoose nae longir, then as ma freend fae pumphae says, yeah shoed be supportin yon Belters fae close tae where yeah bide, none ae yon nonsince oh supporting a shipyeard - dae yeah ken whit a meen brycey! Betir still, sipport ae gid team lick the Burgh!
  9. Musselburgh Athletic F.C 2018/19

    Great post G4! When Musselburgh got relegated a couple of seasons ago, no one (or very few) expected that to happen. However, the players stayed with the club, and you are correct that the management team encourages players to play football that supporters enjoy to watch. Might have been an easier league to play in, but to keep a high standard all the way through, and break a number of records last season, was a great comeback, and gave fans / and players great satisfaction. There will be a number of tough matches to play in the league this season, but I am, and have been very optimistic that we will be in the top five come end of season, and no reason why Musselburgh shouldn't be challenging for top position!
  10. Fauldhouse United 2018/19

    Took a wee sabbatical from P&B, so thought I would pop back in and see whats happening! Now I am confused as hell! brycey - have you been on the sauce?!?! Why are you spending time answering yourself? Also, thought once a supporter of a team, you would always support them. So why the change from The Hoose to Buntisland? And why getting angry at a Fifer when you are now supporting a Fife team? Is it me that is losing his marbles or the person from a town near to where the Belters play that is losing his?
  11. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Dreadful decision. Match should be played in Midlothian - why not at Dalkeith’s ground? Also, Broxburn’s pitch not fitting for a cup final match to be played at!
  12. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Final match of the season saw Musselburgh at Arniston. The reverse fixture was league match 4, with Musselburgh winning 1-0; Stephen MacDonald the scorer on that day. Two changes from Wednesday’s match saw Brad Donaldson and Chris Gray replace Matty Lynch and Michael Moffat. Michael, for the day was Calvin Shand’ s assistant in the dugout area. Match kicked off at 14:29 and Arniston were 1-0 up in less than 30 seconds. Jed Davie lost the ball, and Dylan Weldon put ball into the net. Mathu King had chance to equalise on five minutes but his effort was saved by the keeper. Not a lot of good play in the first 15 minutes, maybe due to Musselburgh thinking too much about the points record should they win the match. Lots of shouting by team mates that they were not playing good enough. On 17 minutes, on the left wing, Sean (Skip) Murphy and Bradley Whyte linked up, then Skip passed the ball towards centre of pitch. Jono McManus found Mathu, who layed it up for Jackie Myles. His shot was parried out, with Mathu first to ball, and put it passed keeper and into net. 1-1. Referee blew for a free kick on 22 minutes, when Chris Gray was adjudged to have brought down an Arniston player. The no.4 hit the bar, and then another shot also came off the bar, then cleared. Musselburgh also hit the woodwork, on 27 minutes, when StephenMacdonald’s shot hit the post and then cleared for a corner. Two goals in two minutes saw Musselburgh take control of the match. On 29 minutes, Jackie passed ball to Stephen who ran to the edge of the box, where he squared the ball to Mathu, who blasted the ball high into the net. A couple of minutes later, Burgh were awarded a free kick on the left hand side of the pitch, just outside the box. Brad Donaldson’s shot saw the keeper get a hand to the ball, but it came off the post and over the line. Brad’s goal ensured that all the outfield players in the Musselburgh team had scored this season, including Ally Adams, who came on as sub on Wednesday. Only Asher Tufail hadn’t scored, so if a penalty was awarded, a decision would have to be made... So half time saw Musselburgh lead 3-1. Second half kicked off at 15:27. Within a minute, it could have been 3-2. The Arniston right winger ran down the right wing. Asher got a touch to his cross, but Chris Gray managed to clear the ball from an incoming attacker. First booking of match came in 49 minutes when ref thought that a lung by Brad to get the ball, bringing down the centre forward merited a yellow card. Chris Gray played less than 20 mins of second half before he came off, with Conor Thomson on. An ice pack was required for his knacked leg! On 50 minutes, from a poor kick out by keeper, Bradley got to ball first, ran up the right wing and passed to Jackie, whose shot went straight to the keeper. Then with 15 minutes to go, Stephen got ball and passed to Jed. His punt up the park seemed to be going nowhere. As defender passed ball to keeper, he had enough time to clear ball away. However, in a moment of madness, the keeper tried to chip the ball over Stephen, but it just bounced off and Stephen’s shot made it 4-1. Musselburgh now were in total control of the match. With six minutes to go, ball was deep into the Burgh half. Brad played a long cross pitch pass to Jackie, who then passed to Stephen. He played ball through to Skip, who beat two defenders and his shot beat the diving keeper and score was now 5-1. With last kick of the ball, Dylan Weldon scored again. Final score; 5-2 to Musselburgh. So, season ended with a raft of bests for Musselburgh and particularly Mathu King. Musselburgh lost one match in the league, ironically to bottom team Kirriemuir. Musselburgh got 43 points out of 45 at home. With an away points total of 36, Musselburgh’s total points of 79, is the highest since league construction on 2013-14, with 16 league teams. Musselburgh are the highest scorers and conceded the least amount of goals in the premier league this year. A great season for Musselburgh. For Mathu King, he just keeps on playing at a high level and a credit to Musselburgh and Junior football alike. Against Thornton Hibs, his 286 match, broke Musselburgh’s previous best for most appearances for the club. After yesterday, his tally has risen to 290. On Wednesday’s match at Whitburn, Matti got his 150 goal for Musselburgh. After yesterday, his tally has risen to 152 goals. To mark the occasion of 150 goals, Matti was presented with a Framed stats page, including details all the teams he has scored against, how many goals he has scored each season and per calendar year. At last night’s awards session; Gary Cherrie was awarded (I) Supporters player of the year; (II) Supporters club player of the year - based on man of match awards throughout the year; and (III) Players player of the year. Full sweep of the awards so a great achievement of Gary. It was all the better, as during the early part of the season, Gary was either subbed, or was on the subs bench for a number of matches. However, particularly in the 2nd half of the season, he has excelled with his performances and must have been one of the first picks of the team. Mathu King received an award for the most goals scored, rounding off a great season for our captain.
  13. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Musselburgh Athletic had its Player of the Year awards last night. Players player of the year award - Gary Cherrie Supporters Player AND 1934 Club collective player of the year (based on player of match awards) - Gary Cherrie Top Goalscorer - Mathu King Congratulations to both
  14. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    League match 29 saw Musselburgh travel through to play Whitburn. The usual away contingent of fans were there to support their team, which saw one change from the team which played Fauldhouse on Saturday. Matty Lynch came in for Brad Donaldson. Reverse fixture was a 3-1 win for Musselburgh. Tried to get the Whitburn names but unfortunately no joy. Match kicked off at 7.17pm, and Musselburgh had two corners in first two minutes, but nothing came out of these. First goal should have been in 12 minutes when Jono McManus brought down the centre forward and penalty awarded. Kick from no. 10 was saved by Asher Tufail. First goal came in 25 minutes. Burgh had possession up the right wing, but lost the ball. No. 10 collects and his shot is saved by Asher, who pushes the ball to his right hand side. Michael Moffat was about to get ball when he slipped and the left winger Tomaszewski (Whitburn website) turned and his shot hit the net. 1-0 to home side. Equiliser came in 32 minutes. Bradley White, who was offside, ran towards the Whitburn goals. His shot from the edge of the box hit the post but went in, much to the dismay of the Whitburn fans. Thing was, that Mathu King had four offside decisions against him, three which were border line, yet Bradley was offside and he was allowed to play on. Who would be a ref. Half time 1-1. Whitburn brought on two subs ( 14 & 16). Mathu could have had goal in 1st couple of minutes but his shot was saved by keeper. However, it wasn’t long before he did score, putting Mathu on the 150 mark for Musselburgh. On 52 minutes, ball was played into the box and Sean ( Skip) Murphy played a great wee pass to Mathu, who scored. On 5I minutes, Skip and Jed Davie were subbed, with Ewan Ralton and Conor Thomson on. Then on 51 minutes , Stephen McDonald got ball on left hand side of the box. He beat two players before guiding the box into the far side net and it was 3-1 to Musselburgh. Four minutes after, Gary Cherrie gave away a foul outside the ‘D’ of the Musselburgh goal area. No. 6 shot just went over bar. The centre forward then was subbed with no. 18 coming on. Matty Lynch brought down no. 10, in the 67 minute. The free kick was taken by the left winger which was saved by Asher. On 70 minutes, Michael Moffat went down injured. His old legs were telling him that was enough for the night, and Michael came off. A couple of minutes later, there was amusement within the Burgh support as Ally Adams pulled on the no. 9 shirt and came on as the no.1 forward!! With 15 minutes left, Whitburn were on the attack, with Asher having to make a couple of saves and a couple of corners, which both came to nothing. On 82 minutes, Ally got ball in the middle of the Whitburn half and his shot comes off a defender. Mathu then gets ball and tries to chip an outcoming goalkeeper, who just collects ball. The fourth goal came with six minutes to go and who else was going to score?! Conor and Mathu play a 1 - 2 on the left hand side of the Whitburn goal area. The cross came in and Ally beat a defender in the six yard box and found the net. 4-1 to Burgh and a huge cheer from the fans, a fireman’s life by Mathu and a cheesy grin from Ally. So with one match to go. Musselburgh now on 76 points from 29 matches. Only 11 points dropped in the whole season, Enjoyment of the result negated by the news that this was Calvin Shand’s second last match as manager.
  15. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    At times like this, I hate being a poster on Pie and Bovril. When a question is 'leading' or contentious' , then at times, if I have got nothing good to say.... I just don't reply. There are also times; as a supporter and not a committee member, that I genuinely don't know the answer. However, on this occasion, the management team have gone onto twitter and confirmed they have left or will leave come season end. Reasons - I can't give you that. Even if I could, it is not my place to do so. Personally - I am lost of words (excuse the ton of writing below) - just stop reading if you have had enough!! Calvin and Kevin have absolutely been superb this season, Musselburgh will be a poorer place without them next season. It has been great to have been a supporter home and away. Performances, on the whole have been good. Players seem to be enjoying themselves, are committed, played as a team should be. Whilst it is players who perform week after week, a huge factor this season has been the management team - Very little shouting - loads of encouragement, advice and talking to players all through the game. Management team and players have all been receptive to the supporters, and if you talked to any of them, they stopped, listened and spoke to you. It felt good being a supporter this year. Musselburgh had a great season. Now we have won the league, I can say that we have, by far, been the best and most consistent team throughout the season! A guy last night at the Whitburn match claimed we were so lucky with dubious decisions; and that is the only reason we were at the top of the league. That is just crap!! One of our players scored, I think, our second goal, and probably most supporters who were standing around the half way line saw that he was offside. The ref didn't think so. Genuinely - how many other teams has that happened to, and how many teams would also score, and then go back to the ref and say, it didn't count as I was offside?! Unfortunately, that is one of the issues not playing in the top league - the ref is the only official there and it is hard for him to keep up with play all the time and always make the correct decision!! Anyway - we won the league cause the players bought into what the management team were telling and training them to do. The players were collectively great this year and played with a lot of pride. The joy of two weeks ago when we won the Premier League trophy, will live with me for a long long time. But at this moment, it feels comparable to the way I felt when we got relegated up at Jeanfield last season.