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  1. You have to include Crossgates into these calculations. They may be in 8th place, but even Whitehill, in 16th position, can overtake their Fife rivals, if they win their three matches in hand! Bottom 3 come end of season, may be harder to predict at moment that who can catch Bo’ness at top of league!
  2. Musselburgh U20 met Civil Service Strollers (CSS) U20 at Pinkie Park on Friday night. Musselburgh started the night in 10th place in league; one point behind their opponents. CSS kicked match off at 19:46. With 20 seconds gone away team had a throw in, but lost the ball soon after. Burgh played up the left wing and a pin point cross into the CSS box by Daniel McBay, found Jack Crombie, who placed ball into the net. Great start to the match for Musselburgh U20s! Lead only lasted eight minutes. CSS U20 had a free kick on the left hand side of pitch. Ball came into the Burgh box, but was cleared away. However, from 25 yards, Tom Davies hit a beauty of a shot past the Burgh keeper, Ross McRae and into the net. Goal of the season contender for Tom! Musselburgh U20s 1-1 CSS U20s. On 10 minutes, CSS had another chance, again from outside the box, but Brodie McNab’s shot went past the Burgh post. Seven minutes later came third goal of match, CSS attacked down right side of pitch. Ball switched to the left and Cammy Fraser smashed ball into corner of the net. Another cracking shot and CSS now led match 2-1. After CSS U20s second goal, match took a bit of a dip. Burgh did have a chance of an equaliser, on 28 minutes but Daniel McBay’s attempt went over the bar. Half time: Musselburgh U20s 1-2 CSS U20s. Soon after second half kicked off, Devan Craighead was booked for a foul on a CSS U20s defender. Burgh’s first sub came in 64 minutes, when Connor Fitzpatrick came off, with new recruit, Reece Willey, from the disbanded Haddington U20 team coming on. Next attack for the home side brought the equaliser. Gary Ewing got a touch to the ball, which fell to Jack Crombie. His pass fell to another ex-Haddington player, Dean Burgess, who lobbed CSS keeper, Woods and ball landed in the net. On 66 minutes, score 2-2. With 70 minutes played, Ben Tracey ran up the left wing and into the Burgh box. His pass found Davies but the shot went by Burgh’s post. A minute later and Tracey again had possession of ball. This time his cross was met by Walker, who headed wide of the Burgh goals. On 75 minutes, Burgh took the lead. What looked like a cross from Ethan Wynne; the ball was met by Devan Craighead, who made no mistake from within the box. Now 3-2 to Burgh. Just after the goal, Dean Burgess was replaced by Josh Whitson (3rd player from Haddington U20s). Into the final seven minutes and Daniel McBay went close for Burgh. Daniel beat a couple of CSS players, then his shot from the edge of the box was saved by Woods. End to end football as CSS then attached and were awarded a free kick. The ball came into the Burgh box, but Daniel McBay blocked shot. Ross McRae was then brought into action by saving a shot and Burgh still led 3-2 with five minutes of play remaining. Final goal of match came in injury time. Daniel McBay tried to play a one-two, but it did not come off. However, two plays on, ball returned to Daniel. With his back to the goals, Daniel quickly turned and his shot hit off the post and landed up in the net. Full time Musselburgh U20s 4-2 Civil Service Strollers U20s.
  3. Still early enough in season for Whitehall to catch up with other teams just above them. But last 3 league matches lost, and two tough games coming up against Bo’ness and Penicuik. Could get into a rut if you lose bothmatches! Makes the 1st match of 2020 so important, with the short journey to Newtongrange; another team struggling at moment.
  4. No worries Alan. Was a good result for us today, just like our result against Camelon. However, no point in playing well against teams high up in the league, if we get beat by teams around us - Sauchie, Nitten, Crossgates and Dunbar to name but 4! Wins like today can give us a boost, but if we don’t move up the league, far more important to beat teams in bottom half of league than top half!
  5. Second match again ends in a win for Musselburgh. Dundonald down to 10 men in the first half went in 1-1 at the interval. Darren Downie got the winner in the second half. Things are now getting tight in the bottom half of league.
  6. First match ends in a win for Musselburgh. Down 2-1 at half time, but a great 2nd half saw Burgh win 4-2. Match report will follow!
  7. Two home matches coming up in space of two days. Tonight, Musselburgh U20 are at Pinkie; where they meet Civil Service Strollers. Kick off 7.45pm. Tomorrow, at Olivebank, Dundonald Bluebell are the visitors with a 1.30pm kick off. Hopefully a double with, though both away side’s sit above the Burgh teams in their respective leagues! #MTB
  8. No one came on twitter or here to say 65 was inaccurate, hence my comment, when both you and Tranent fan elsewhere mentioned the 60 away support figure. You know the answer to your own question re Musselburgh v Oakley. Same applies for Bonnyrigg, Penicuik, Linlithgow and Broxburn’s recent cup tie crowds in the Scottish cup. None will be repeated in a normal league match. I do live in hope that some of the Burgh ‘fans’ who attended the cup final will now come to Olivebank on a more regular basis.
  9. Surely you are not saying that some Whitehill fans got tickets for the Bonnyrigg match rather than go to a home match against one of best sides in our league? Also, if crowd of 65 included 60 (or more) Tranent fans, it must be soul destroying for the Whitehill players to have a home support of five!
  10. Robertson, Gruar, McAdam, Kelly, Ironsides, Gunn, Martin, Halpin, Love, Alan, Love was the starting line up. Craig Martin got first goal of match in 25 minutes Dylam McGowan got last goal of match in 81 minutes.
  11. Hi PTB. I agree. The back three worked for the Camelon match and it wasn’t working for the cup final. By changing the set-up on Sunday, within four minutes of the second half, Burgh had scored twice and there was only going to be one winner from then on. In that respect you are spot on! Let me give you another thought - bearing in mind we will never know the outcome! Burgh won at Camelon and I think it gave Kevin a headache, as I said last week. Did he keep the same side as that which won the previous week or did he break up a winning team knowing our ‘best player’ (my opinion) was fit again? He chose the first option and while I was disappointed for Michael, I could see why Kevin made his choice, as Jack had a good match against Camelon. For the final, a lot of play was going up the left wing, and we didn’t cope as well against Oakley as we did against Camelon. Cue the double substitution on Sunday which proved to be a match winner!! But if Michael started at right back, I think the back three would have worked again and we would still have won! I just think that Kevin shouldn’t ditch the back three from his mind as it can be a winning combination again! Regardless of any of the above, first half performance and second half performance for Sunday’s final was night and day and Kevin totally deserves praise for the cup win.
  12. We were told by others who had seen Oakley play this season, that Musselburgh would be in for a tough match. That proved to be right, particularly in the first half. Luckily for Burgh, the changes at half time was pivotal to our success! All best to Oakley as well for the remainder of the season.
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