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  1. I wasn't referring to posters on here, was referring to folk at the games.
  2. And the rest of the team according to some.
  3. Still believe we'll bring another striker in, albeit on loan. They openly talked on the QnA session about a 15 goal striker, Sheerins interview on Saturday kinda contradicted that to a degree, but I still believe we'll be looking. Sheerins Arbroath side that won the league had the seasons top scorer in Gavin Swankie (21) , so he knows the script. Still believe Keena is good for double figures at least, but we need more than that from striking department.
  4. Folk that were moaning about youngsters topping up the first team squad now moaning that they're going out on loan. Fickle fc.
  5. One of the things that annoys me most about Deans tenure was the absolute diabolical decision to appoint Gow. Everyone and their dug had heard he was a front for a consortium..apart from Gary Deans obviously. Maybe if hed went to games before being chairman he would have heard this. End result was a knife edge vote with the future direction of the club up for grabs. Lets not forgot the small shareholders carried it through. Now we have Rawlins pulling the strings ( which I dont think is bad thing at present, time will tell),while Deans and his cohorts hanging onto the coat tails and will no doubt claim credit if were successful on the park. Look at the previous 18 months with this bod, horrendous record. Rawlins himself said the club was a mess, hence the restructuring. Deans and co are merely puppets for Rawlins, whos intentions we still dont truely know, but he has at least experience and a track record in football.
  6. Think we will see more of the setup Clyde employed yesterday with teams coming to the FS. Its up to us to get the breakthrough, although patience will be required. Good thing is we are getting goals from all areas of the team which is pleasing. Morrison with new deal, we need to enhance Nesbitts and Sheerins too before the vultures start hovering. Dig deep Mr. Rawlins. Good bond developing between coaching staff, team and fans. We've needed that for a while.
  7. Was out for 4 months at end of last season, hamstring tear. Been on bench for majority of games so far. Sounds viable he'l go out on loan to get up to speed.
  8. Dowds will he 25 in a couple of months and we're still talking about potential and fitness. We've seen enough. We need better to progress.
  9. Firstly, how good was it being back at the games wi your mates. The simple things we took for granted. Know fans of other clubs who feel the same. Different way to win yesterdsy which bodes well for future tough games. Good team spirit. Handy we have players who can play various positions and adapt well. Q. Park, Cove etc will find it tough at Airdrie. 4 points away from home v Cove and Airdrie is good at this stage. Have to make next 2 home games count.
  10. Watch out he might have a dodgy consortium lined up to take over. Chairman would be oblivious of course.
  11. Was very impressed by the young lads ( and others) who played last night. In a short space if time you could see they had been coached well in their roles. Bodes well. Is it too early to start worrying when another club comes in for Sheerin? Its in our dna.
  12. A great feeling to finally have our team back. Some excellent stuff played and players buying into Sheerins approach. God, its been a while since we came out of games having been entertained. Its not too much to ask. Nesbit motm for me, he was excellent,and imo his best position. A bit of pride in our team once again. Good feeling. More of the same please.
  13. Holts working 12 hour days, surely could cobble something together
  14. We shouldn't be signing anyone unless wikipedia give their height in feet and inches. This cm pish is just not on.
  15. St Johnstone play Galatasaray at home next week in a European tie after drawing first leg. We are at home to East Kilbride in the Diddy McDiddy Cup. If ever there was a stark reminder of the appauling stewardship of our club over the last ten years this is it.
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