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  1. More game tonight time for the likes of McKay, Lawal, Kennedy. Squad is looking stronger with more options. Bodes well.We've had a bad run of injuries since the season started, hopefully now on a run with only a few. It makes a difference.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if the Elizabethan was one of the local creditors they screwed over .Glad to see some fans helping them out as the dungfermline ones didn't and even now still refuse to. Shameful tbh.
  3. He played against us at TFS last season, was poor and got subbed.
  4. Was this the Killers gig or the public hanging of Gary Holt?..
  5. I'd rather we kept Alegria in starting 11, his hold up play is decent and developing. Much rather drop Nesbitt for Lawal. Burrell will feature later in game imo.
  6. At least they turn up in the first place unlike some of the other imposters.
  7. At least he's consistent, unlike some if our so called fans attending matches.
  8. Bambi on ice wi a pair of nylon socks under oversized Doc Martins with the laces oot.
  9. Even this early that game was a must win for me. We did so with a determination and attitude that we must continue with. Aye Peterhead we're poor but they came along at the right time for us we needed a bit of canon fodder after last week. Morrison especially showed what he is capable of and he's good for 8-10 goals a season if he takes onboard what he's coached to do. He's deserved criticism but I'd bet any other team in the league would take him. Their keeper saved them from a hiding. Good all round but must perform and win next week too. We're still building and have to keep momentum going.
  10. That's 11 signings and with a bit of shuffling, a brand new starting 11. The cliche that we can't keep changing the team every season doesn't hold as after the disaster of the last few( especially last)years, we simply had to do it again, albeit with the right man at the helm. Who knows what the season holds but on evidence so far McGlynn will have us challenging which is a welcome change. We have our deficiencies yes, but others clubs have too and I dont see anything we should be scared of. I'd much rather have McGlynn than McPake, Gibson or McCabe. That gives us hope, something we've not had for a while.
  11. I've absolutely no doubt there's an element that would much rather be proved right than see players/ managers/ bod succeed. Incredulous stuff. It's usually those that pick and chose their games as well or spend more time on a forum that actually supporting the team.
  12. Kilmarnock had him watched too before signing. Let's hope he does well. Kilmarnock manager Tommy Wright said: “He’s a young striker and Paul Stephenson (assistant manager) brought him to my attention. We’ve watched him and had good reports about him. "He’s quick, strong and decent in front of goal and will stretch teams as well and he should be fine to be added to the squad for Monday’s game (against Ayr United).”
  13. Can we stop the bring back Telfer crap, he didn't get a new contract for a reason. McGlynn still has a couple to bring in, let's see what happens. The fact Telfer hasn't got a club yet speaks volumes
  14. Oh great, the 15-20 goal striker cliche raked out again. The top league goal scorer in all divisions in Scotland last season had 13 and he was a winger. So if there's a guy out there he won't be coming to us and scouts from all clubs must have missed him. We need goals from all over the park as does every other team. Some posters live in cuckoo land.
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