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  1. It was actually Wilfred Brambell we signed (Albert Steptoe). Sure the fee was actually £100k, but some of that was used to buy his shorts which were that big George Craig bought them off him and started a marquee company.
  2. Does the 'cb' in your name stand for Clydebank ?
  3. Covid is gone so its back to how it used to be. I wouldn't have expected it any other way. And rightly so. Get fans back to games. Watching on TV is very old firmish.
  4. They've done extremely well not to go down that route however tempting and being provoked, they've just got on with clearing up the mess. It would, imo help some folk to understand exactly what they've had to deal with if it comes to light.
  5. The interview was good and informative. What we've had for several years now is just words, words and more words from directors, chairman, managers players etc etc. Aye , just more words from McGlynn, but the marked difference us that he's been there, done it , knows the league and the players and what is required, so in that respect gives us some cause for optimism. The bod statement of everyone needing to pull together and do their bit is spot on. Difficult for some folk though as they seem hell bent on criticising at every turn instead of trying to help us out of this mess.
  6. And he's still hanging about like a bad smell. Heard yesterday he got invited to compere a sportmans dinner at Elliots..shameful if true.
  7. ' better find the money from somewhere ' Christ on a bike.
  8. Christ years of failure and ineptitude, Lex, Andy Thomson, Deans, PR Guru ' the fans will need to understand' , Craig Campbell, Lang, Hartley , McKinnon, relegation etc etc and that's what you chose to point your finger at? Utterly pathetic stuff. Unless of course your welded to one of the above then its no surprise.
  9. Aye grim reading but on a positive note, Dixon, Miller and Telfer can go..constants in our demise over 3 years. Ta ta.
  10. Folk still talking about Telfer 'potentially ' being a good player ' if he had decent players round about him ' etc etc. He's 27 this year for gods sake. Been overran by part time players and struggles to defend. Id move him on in summer we've seen enough.
  11. Dowds could have scored in the first minute, that would have set the tone. Seemed to be forgotten by some focusing on the negatives as usual. Yes, we were poor and could have conceded in the first half, but they didn't score did they and we scored 3 in the second half, some cant even find a positive in that. There's progress, no doubt, 6 new signings and with Dowds and Mutch back in the team has changed drastically . Rennie has got rid of some dross and replaced with better., bonding the team now is essential. We need to show steady progress now now on in. We're on the right track imo. Well done to those who took the time and effort to go last night, we do have some good and dedicated fans who support the team more than a forum.
  12. Should be, but even with Mulraneys negotiated 350k from spfl they can't replace them. Tinpot club.
  13. Well said. Some folk still think we can fix this in 5 minutes, on and off the park. When it comes to Falkirk some folks logic goes right out the window.
  14. Several hammocks strung from the lampposts outside Benny Ts when I passed
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