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  1. McDaid away to Falkirk on loan it would seem. I quite liked him as a player but perhaps the Premiership is a step above where he is at the moment. Regardless, no bad words to say about him from me.
  2. Wouldn't it be marvellous if we could get a massive screen in front of the Derry and charged something like £10 to watch it?
  3. Also a good opportunity for Gowser to reacquaint LG29 with the best nightlife that Dundee has to offer. Imagine the scenes when Jocky lays his eyes on him as he saunters back through the door at the Fairmuir...
  4. I've just reopened it and had forgotten how teckle it actually was. Work for the day has most definitely ended now. https://provieroadpod.com/2017/11/12/chapter-1-whas-in-cherge-here/
  5. No one pays (at least not that I'm aware of) or idolises bricklayers. Neither do they buy the shirts of the company that employs the bricklayer. Basically and in the nicest possible sense sense, no one really notices bricklayers and what they get up to in their private or working lives (other than the regular appearance of bricks being stuck together).
  6. How do you deal with an end of season awards dinner where the entire squad is in attendance along with members of the public? Or a calendar signing at the shop? Or any other perfectly reasonable scenario where players and supporters interact? We shouldn't put paying, long-term supporters of the club in a position where they feel uncomfortable or, worse, terrified. If he'd shown remorse and learned from it then it might be a different story but, to me, this just seems like a typical "I'm a footballer and I'm going to do as I please" story.
  7. Can't really believe some of the stuff that is being posted here. Imagine this was your younger sister, girlfriend, mum, friend or anyone else that you know that this lecherous creep forced himself upon. While it's by no means rape, it was not consented (from what I've read anyway) and no one deserves to be the victim of this. The guy may very well be a cracking player but I think we'd be insane to sign him, especially given his lack of remorse. Aside from the feelings of any female staff at Dens, how would female supporters, especially those that have been the victim of something similar, feel when he's in the team? I get the point that Gowser has a record (as did Benedictus and Gallagher) but society deems sexual offences to be more heinous than assault, something I'm inclined to agree with. I can only hope that McPake and Nelms see sense on this one and recognise that the risk is far greater than any potential reward.
  8. I'd be more than happy with finishing 10th and a decent cup run rather than being binned from the cups early and reaching the heady heights of 7th/8th. It might make for a bleak season but the only aim has to be survival which I think is absolutely achievable.
  9. It's a tough gig for any kit designer when the base colour is a garish orange but to consider mixing in some random streaks is almost taking the piss. That said, it's still not got much on the downright catastrophe of a jersey that was the 2017/18 "jobbie sleeve" home jersey.
  10. Few things that struck me about this match... 1. The incredible number of times that the posts were hit by both teams. 2. Artero in his prime was some boy. When he got going down the wing he was almost unstoppable. I remember one match against the DABs in particular when he was making runs in front of the Derry for fun. 3. I'd forgotten how fiery De Marchi was. Almost constantly looking for a scrap and occasionally remembering that was a central defender. 4. Fab Cab. So good.
  11. Hemmings has scored. May has not. Hemmings therefore has a better goalscoring record. May also has a shambolic lid.
  12. According to Wikipedia (I know it's not the most reliable source) Hemmings has played a total of 41 games for Dundee across his two spells and scored 22 goals. May's equivalent statistics are 64 games and 23 goals. I accept that Hemmings' most recent 4 appearances and 1 goal have been in the Championship so, excluding those it's a goal every 1.8 games for Hemmings versus 2.8 for May. In what world is May better than Hemmings?
  13. Forgive me, but I only recall seeing news about your sticklebrick omnishambles of a "stadium" crumbling. If you'd point me in the direction of similar stories about our world-class sporting arena then I'd be most grateful if you could share them. Until then, off you pop back to propping up the Crumbledome.
  14. Was the "technical error" that the stadium is falling down and they're concerned about selling tickets for something that won't exist by the time Dundee visit? Might make better financial sense for Dundee to sell tickets for a fanzone on Tannadice Street and we can watch the game through the rubble.
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