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  1. Mate .. we’ve done this argument already....
  2. Well done Arbroath.... we are shite ...
  3. Fair enough.... just found it a bit funny that you said not too many you’d take then named 6 that you were impressed with ... Nobody has said that Arbroath don’t have good players ( you obviously do to be playing at the level you are at ) ... looking forward to a good hard fought game .. which Accies SHOULD be winning if we have any ambitions of going straight back up ..
  4. 6 players then ? Or more than half of our starting 11 ? but there’s not many players you’d take ??
  5. I’ve listened to it few times ... you can hear the words “p***k “ ( possibly wee p***k ) , McGowan and something about next week ...
  6. ^^^THIS^^^ We stayed up despite Bouzy not because of him ....IMO......
  7. Well done Ayr ... normal service resumes at HAFC ....
  8. Not been confirmed by the club , but it looks like there will be no PATG at Accies , but punters will have to buy a ticket before hand ....whether you can get one on the day of the game is anyone’s guess .....
  9. Read it and as you say some interesting stuff ... be watching to see how well this pans out .. I think something like the ASA was needed and it’s good to see the club interacting with them ...but as I say I’ll be watching to see how the club and the ASA work together in the future . A good start however......
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