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  1. the kit man has posted his support for the IRA ... Thats more than enough . Get him to f**k out our club ...
  2. ^^^this^^^ nobody wants bloody stumps for fingers ..... i tend to use 10's on my electric ( nice and light for fretboard wizardry)and 12s on my acoustic (don't really need to be bending the strings as much ) ...
  3. As said above , learn the chords mentioned and practice strumming and just changing between them . Loads of good tutorials on YouTube ... Useful for learning technique and songs . But best off all would be having a mate ( or mates ) to learn with ...Just by watching other players you can pick up wee tricks and cheats to make your playing better (and easier ) But most of all STICK WITH IT , its worth it
  4. Why would you think that St. J . fans would get in "cheap " ? Or be " ripped off " ? Not having a go m9 , genuine question ...
  5. On average we have let in more than 2 goals per game , lost more goals than any other team in the league ...Yeah our defence is fine
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