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  1. What about the Artero song that used to be heard from the yinited end. At least you lot support knee taking though. Thank you.
  2. Zaha for one. You do the research I'm not doing it for you. Enough on this from me now, this thread has been distasteful with likes of you and Bannockburn bringing in nationalist agendas. Onto the football. Sure to be one of the best games in Britain on Sunday, looking forward to it. 2 1 win for the Derry infront of many empty home seats. Thank you.
  3. Most of the football players affected think its alot of bollocks aswell, as seen in multiple cases. Unlucky fat yin, you supporting people kneeling before a football match is contributing absolutely nothing to society. At least you can pat yourself on the back (it's a saying I know you couldn't reach) for supporting it. Thank you.
  4. Since when has taking a knee done anything to help those who need support. Alot of shite that is peddled by clowns like you and Bannockburn. You're contributing nothing to the cause, and I hope you didn't clap for the NHS either considering the amount of shite you pile down your gullet. Thank you.
  5. Do you know where hell is? Hell is Tannadice You've only got to cross the road to get to paradise. Oh, I was born, under a Thank you.
  6. I wouldn't be going on about patter if I was you. You're a Battle of Bannockburn comment away from being the biggest roaster in here. Lucky it's not you taking the knee aswell , would be like a circus act. As it is Dundee FC will not be partaking in such meaningless gesture politics such as kneeling before kicking the ball in action. Thank you.
  7. Don't bring up swords around the Canadian one, we'll start hearing about Bannockburn again. Thank you.
  8. Well known Rangers man. Good to have him on our side knowing their hate of the DABs post liquidation. Thank you.
  9. 62, that's how many strands you've got left on your baldy wee turnip of a head. Your End cut is upcoming don't worry about that. I'll decide BTW; it was an Abba haircut which may be outdated but at least it's not 1314 where the CanadianClown is still living in. Thank you.
  10. You're off your rocker mate. A thread for the Dundee Derby and you've attacked people for not being bothered about a Flag before ranting on about the battle of Bannockburn. Settle yourself down Rabbie the Bruce it's a football game. Can only imagine you used your time in Canada playing alot of Ice Hockey and taking multiple blows to your skull. Crackpot. Thank you.
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