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  1. Likewise. It's not me who began to attack posters for sharing their opinion. Thank you.
  2. Marshall is another player who isnt good enough. Got torn apart against any decent opposition. Particularly pathetic in the 6 2 defeat. Elliot looks a decent option however. Thank you.
  3. I wasn't complaining about the forum , I was complaining about dundee fans with that view. To which you quoted me and said my opinion was nonsense. I didn't say it directed to anyone on here, but you came charging like a bull in a china shop. Maybe you should have a word with yourself. I can't see what's hard to understand about you labelling anyone being negative as a boo-boy being embarrassing. That's what you done. Then rattled on about supporting the team, which I turn up and have done for many a year. Positivity doesn't correlate to the level of supporter you are. I never quote you or anyone for that matter much, however you and many others jumped on my comments ending in you telling me to f**k off from the forum. Make from that what you will. You're allowed the opinion that Brown is a whalloper and could never be supported however I'm not allowed that opinion on others who you dont agree with. I'm finding it pretty hard to support McPake; a bang average centre back who has the managers job because he got a terrible injury. Furthermore your impressionis wrong it's as simple as that. McPake wasn't aiming for the play offs, the board weren't, the players weren't. Simply some people on this forum thought that. Budgets decide where we should finish and not you. For this league, we spent massive and done nothing. You having low standards for Dundee FC isn't being more of a realist, it's simply being able to accept the pish and pass it off as okay. Thank you.
  4. Far too many. These are probably the same people who say to give the likes of Hamilton and Moussa time. If a player is substandard I don't expect him to be playing for my club. I couldn't give a shite if its negative or not. Can you think of any other club who would've went into last season with Hamilton as our only Keeper after a pathetic season, or Moussa as our only striker the year before. We really are a joke when you think of things like that. I want the best for this club and we're currently a fucking shambles. McPake will take us nowhere and why should he be allowed time when he shouldnt of been appointed in the first place. We're better than the championship if run correctly it's as simple as that. We're being shafted and some are happy to go along with it. Thank you.
  5. You are one who doesn't go to the games yet has opinions. Thank you. If you can't see why I made that thread then you're more thick than first thought. I said calling anyone who has a bit of realism about them a boo boy was embarrassing not supporting the team. However supporting the team and players no matter how drivel they are is indeed embarrassing and fully accepting of whatever we're given. Brown nearly kept us up and made a much better go at the league than McPake has so I can't see why you never supported him, although I presume it's the link to Rangers. Through supporting and following the team it allows me to formulate the views on the players, management and board and alot of it is negative at the moment - as it should be. Anyone who isn't happy with many of the players, the management and board are seeing it from my view, which I believe Is correct, of course. There are plenty. 'Mates probably don't like you'. Sounds like something out of primary school or maybe nursery. I've not said everyone is minters on here; you don't seem to be taken it well about the group of fans I'm on about which suggests you are a 'happy clapper' and it's hit a nerve. 'f**k off' from this internet site if you don't like my view. Oh Dear, tragic. Thank you.
  6. Condemning the team to relegation was correct because we had too many pathetic players. Your encouragement got us nowhere - well done. The usual support the team or you're a boo boy. Embarrassing. Things dont go well cause we employ absolute pish that you'll happily put up with all in the name of being a 'proper fan'. Being the best board at Dundee FC is like winning the slimming award for the week up against Granny Danger. Half you people don't even go to the games.DeeTillEhDee sits on here every away game and posts what's being said on Sportsound. I know alot of fans and many will not be buying season tickets. Don't be surprised to see sales plummet, despite all the people content on this site to accept abject pish with the moron Nelms making catasrophic decisions. This site doesnt represent the true fans. It said it all when the disgraceful vote fiasco occured and all that could be mustered up was laughter at Rangers fans on here. Minter. We'll go nowhere with the attitudes of our fans. Thank you.
  7. I was referring to the attitude of the likes of you. Thinking you're some sort of holy grail of fan because you support any old pish, whether it's on the pitch or in the boardroom. It's an embarrassing and childlike view on things, that often happens online. When we started the league campaign with Moussa as our only out and out striker and Kerr as our right back I said we'd go down. If I can see it then I'd expect the people at the club to. I was deemed negative. One example of happy clappers 'being proper supporters'. It actually led to our demise - great work. Having such an interest in the club actually leads me to wanting the best, not whatever we're given. Last season we had a huge budget for our league and couldn't even finish remotely near the top of the league come March. Anyone saying a years consolidation was absolutely acceptable isnt making that statement using the facts and simply going with ratios of promotions of previous teams who have went down. Next season is a dead rubber with McPake in charge. That's the truth. He'll take us nowhere and was continually found wanting. He was on a good run before the corona virus struck but he had many good runs during the season that ultimately would end and we'd be back to a dreadful run with insipid football. Thank you.
  8. Most of what I say actually turns out to be correct or is spot on about the players and management. We're now in the championship cause of absolute shite like Cammy Kerr and managers like Neil McCann. I've called it all. Whether its negative or not doesnt matter. I want the best for this club and its run like a circus. John Nelms is failing time and time again and his latest decision was the cherry on top. It was an absolute disgrace what he done, and it's not went as he'd planned after his shambolic vote change anyway. People like you can bury your head in the sand and call yourself the proper supporters all you want. 'Go and support someone else's. 'Doom and gloom brigade'. How about calling us the fans with a bit of realism and seeing why we're continuing our years of absolute dog shite and perma failure. Still not buying a season ticket this season -i've had enough of Nelms. No doubt I'll end up attending some home games but at the moment I'm planning on away games only. I'm not buying into Nelms shite anymore. I've had enough. Thank you.
  9. No he didnt. He lied to others and then used the situation to try and twist the situation to suit himself. Let's not use the blue-tinted blinkers here. Thank you.
  10. The Dabs with their begging bowls out. A fine sight to see. Maybe they could use the baldy-skulled doberman, Hooley, to front a national advert that can be beamed into the houses of the nation. I'm sure his tiny tears would stir up some pity amongst watchers. The advert can be filmed from his cage, where he can bark about the unfairness of being promoted without winning the league. If the Hearts manage to get this relegation overturned it wont be the cannons fired at 1pm on the rocks of Edinburgh castle, it'll be a very own shot of my own from the rock hard boaby; forming a bulging sight that no castle could ever replicate. Who would've though Ann Budge could ever cause such a seismic rise in the nether regions. This crowdfunding fiasco is hilarious. A new chapter in the DAB hilarity. Could there be a new chapter about to be inked however? One that would take some beating. Re-relegated without playing a single game having lost their loved manager for Mr Melon. Over to you Budgey. Thank you.
  11. I'm sure the money could be spent better than a message on the sleeves of a football team whilst the NHS staff get shafted annually by the Tories. Clapping like seals on doorsteps whilst the government plan their next cuts -whilst forgetting many cases were probably linked to Boris himself arrogantly shaking hands with covid patients with glee. The NHS isnt a charity but if you want to plough money in on the bandwagon and make yourself feel as if you're doing some good then do it. Not for me. This countries fucked. Still wont be renewing after Nelms U'turn. Scandal at the time and I wont forget. Away games only for me now until Nelms is out. No surprise nothing came of reconstruction -didnt quite work out as Nelms thought (shocker). Thank you.
  12. There lies an open admission that we were offered different terms to make us vote the SPFLs proposals through. An absolute scandal. Pretty much sums up our national game. An absolute shambles. No doubt nothing will be done about this. Stranraers statement shows they will receive a weeks worth of players wages through this being voted through due to installments being the way its paid. I honestly can't see me returning anytime soon. Any Dundee fan who wants to laugh at that you can laugh when the squad suffers due to decreased income and a diddy manager. Disgusted. Thank you.
  13. There's no coming out of this. We voted No. It's as simple as that. We voted no and have changed our minds due to circumstances that should never have been allowed. The SPFL have a major role in this aswell. Thank you.
  14. They're our club, not his. Years of fucking shite under the c**t. Get him to f**k Thank you.
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