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  1. Despite the late promise of Mulligan at the end of last season and very beginning of this season he hasn't been nowhere near good enough. Alot of rumours he won't be signing a new contract in the summer aswell so i'm happy to see him drop out the starting eleven altogher and leave. Don't think he has the natural technical ability to play out wide, almost looks clumsy at times unless he's purely using his pace and strength. The only position he's impressed me is through the middle and at the moment Ben WIlliamson is streets ahead. Alongside Wiliamson you need a Maguire(hopefully)/Byrne/ type who is a bit more robust. The major improvement on Saturday was playing with pretty much an attacking four with Cameron high (no.10) as opposed to when we stick three out and out CM's in the middle and leave huge gaps to the striker (which happened to Rudden plenty in all fairness to him). If we manage to get Ben WIlliamson on a permanent contract it'll be the best bit of business in a long time - throw in Rudden out for Robinson and we'll be on course to tear apart this tinpot league. Thank you.
  2. Things from Saturday worth raising IMO: Maguire looked slap bang average and no better than Grayson, certainly technically anyway. A couple of good challenges in the second half, but gave the ball away alot in the first half and looked very slow. Not writing him off just pointing out what I thought. Totally understand he isn't completely match fit and don't mind him starting again next week as he hopefully gets more used to game time. McCowan showed the real problem with his consistency. On his day he's such a good player but when he starts he more than often contributes very little. It's getting to the point where I'd be offloading him in the summer despite his obvious ability just because we can't have someone who over two years has shown he'll be at it 50% of the time. Jakubiak deserves to start on Saturday and needs to perform from the start. My starting team would be: Legzdins Kerr Ashcroft Sweeney Clampin Williamson Maguire McMullen Cameron Jakubiak Thomas A win and we're in a great place. Get one of the postponed matches sorted ASAP (preferably Cove as they're utter pish at the moment). Thank you.
  3. Not atall, but ill whisper a prayer for your honking wee club when it slides down the shitter in the upcoming years. Thank you.
  4. The aura of sweaty wee geeks is strong around the Queens camp. No chance of an uprising from these wee ferrets, whether they trounce us by four on Saturday or not. As I told The Cowden, The Hamilton and the Morten, enjoy your little purple patch because it won't last for long. Be sure that I'll be waiting in the wings until I'm removed off this mortal coil to remind you of your Diddy status as you sneak away in the fashion of rats on a sinking ship like the Bateman and The Cowden Till i Die. Enjoy Saturday and your current position, tremendous at this moment in time. Time stops for no man however and the tide will soon retract sweeping away your golden period into the depths of history with only the moronic Quotes of the Owen Coyle to remember the hope that was given. Anyone remember Gretna? Thank you.
  5. Disagree. I thought he was very good on his opening game against Arbroath which everyone agrees on. I actually thought he was one of the best players in the Hamilton away match as well as the second half at Partick when we turned it round. Also remember thinking he had a decent game against Ayr in the win at home. His worst game was Arbroath away where he was utterly pathetic and looked like an amateur. Certainly doesn't deserve the criticism he gets. There's people like Marshall and Legzdins who've been sub par for years, but it's typical Dundee fans. Thank you.
  6. Lets not go on about understanding signings or we could be here all night. We'll just leave it with two words: James McPake. Don't think people should lose sight on the amount of absolute pish that Bowyer is working with - who wouldn't be anywhere near his or any competent managers starting eleven. We're in a good position considering and just need to hope Bowyer can get these players over the line with a few of his own additions in this window. If not the money thrown into MCPakes hands will be to the detriment of the club for another season despite eventually binning him. Thank you.
  7. With the Diddy cup on Tuesday alongside the Scottish next Saturday it would be the perfect week to bring in a couple of faces early on to bed them in before kicking on in the league against the Glesga Gretna. If we bring in a left back, centre back and striker of any capable standard the league is ours with ease. As it is it'll be good to watch the next couple of games without league pressure. I'd be starting Jakubiak and Sheridan up top on Tuesday in the hope one of them can show an iota of footballing ability. Give Lawlor another go aswell he was really good before his injury. Thank you.
  8. The run has put the goalkeeping issues on the back burner for many. All along it was getting to January within touching distance to then strengthen. Our weaknesses that could've been named in September reared their heads today. It's a long season and today doesn't need to be a disaster. Over to Bowyer to accept his mistakes today as well as Williamson who was pure stupid. Thank you.
  9. Start bang in the centre of midfield where Robertson was eye bleedingly bad - no beating around the bush. Utterly inept as said at HT in the match thread. He subsequently went on to cost us the fourth goal. McGhee pushed into centre midfield and ditching the five at the back that's served us so well of late. No surprises McGhee was beyond useless in that role. The two of their rotten standards in centre midfield compounded with Williamsons early sending off. This could be the most useful loss of the season at the perfect time however. Serves us all of the reminder incase any needed it that this squad is still so littered with dross(Legzdins, McGhee, Marshall) that the position we're in this early into the season has been great work by Bowyer. He's at fault today in large parts though - after the run of late I'm happy to write this one off. Reaction needed on Friday before massive games this month. The season won't come down to one dreadful home performance. Thank you.
  10. Robertson absolutely horrendous today. Miles off it - as I suspected when I seen his name on the teamsheet. Marshall beyond shite today aswell. If both come off we have a chance of nicking a point. Thank you.
  11. Where was he last season? Decent winger who I'd like to have another crack at the Prem with but if he was to go it would be far from a complete disaster. Infact I'd still be wanting someone in to possibly replace him if we did go up. Remember McMullen was one of the main reasons we went up when McPake brought him in the January window and then played in a dreadful squad who were pitiful week in week out. Our best player of late has been Ben Williamson who has completely controlled the centre of midfield in every single game; making the early calls against him look foolish. He's absolutely miles ahead of Mulligan right now which makes his contract situation simple aswell - sign for longer and learn your trade or piss off elsewhere and most likely fail big time. Three of our best players this season have all been Bowyer signings - French, Robinson and Williamson. Nae neck has turned up the last month. I'd be confident we could bring in a good replacement if McMullen is to go but as his current purple patch continues its hard not to see anything other than a new contract offered. For us to go up and be a top six club certainly doesn't rely on Paul McMullen or any of the current players (maybe bar Robinson) at the moment. Thank you.
  12. Youse are fucking shite and going back where you belong in tinpot town. The Bateman the first to crawl away. Glorious. Thank you.
  13. As always projected the takeover of this tinpot league is well underway. Got to say even i am surprised we've reached the summit before the January window. Not just the win but the performance was brilliant tonight. We were miles ahead tactically and looked like we could run all day. Night and day from the horror shows under McPake. WIshing all Dees a good Xmas, it is now time for me once more to crack open a cold bottle and chant in the least Xmas spirit led way of the Dayglo fuds across the road. Thank you.
  14. Seen this sort of game of plenty of times where Ayr will finally score late on. Thankfully for us we're by far the better side as we've shown. It's a long season and these diddies will be below us by May. Thank you.
  15. Basically our relegation squad out. No reason Ayr shouldn't be looking to win this. Robinson and French will be a big miss however all the pressure is on Ayr if they want to he winning the league. Thank you.
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