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  1. Only Dundee FC could look back on their last three managerial appointment's and find them to be a sky pundit, ex rival striker and a youth coach who wasn't even a great player. We have to start looking at the clowns in charge here. I'm calling for the death of the clowns in charge. They're getting off Scott-free. No doubt the Americans are backing the managers , but at the moment it's like ploughing money into Granny Danger becoming an Olympic athlete. Choose the right fit and maybe we'll be able to jump the mighty hurdles of Morton away and Queen of the South at home. Who are the board members who are sitting round the table and making these decisions? Get your act together you fucking clueless twats. Thank you.
  2. This season is a disaster. Summed up by Forster last weekend. Who could of called it being this bad? Oh ye, just about every c**t who had an iota of sense about McPake''s appointment. The title race is over by December and we'll be papped out the play-offs by Inverness. The defence was needing strengthened in the summer and we brought in Forster to play alongside Cammy. Mackie has turned out to be worse than Cammy, which is some doing.
  3. Absolutely pathetic game of football. Atmosphere was shite, as was the whole occassion. Worst derby I've seen in my life. United edge it due to mistakes. Our fault, I have no complaints. Thank you.
  4. 7/7 That's how many Dabs will be getting the tefal treatment if they pipe up. Off to the pub. Thak you.
  5. For fucksake is the knitting, bingo and dominoes extravaganza cancelled in Outer Angus tonight? Thank you.
  6. Says the bigot calling himself Dundee Hibernian. Thank you.
  7. Wasn't that long ago you were sat in your vest (tent sized) typing threats of physical violence to people on this very site. Thank you.
  8. Kon'nichiwa. 1.That's not a maths equation I've heard before. 2.Point scoring would mean we needed the offside goal to count. 3.Incoherent nonsense. You seem a bit simple. I heard you got asked to spell burger king if you wanted to go and had to plump for a kfc instead. No surprises you're from out of town again. Gracias.
  9. Offering people cuddles online, what a freak of nature. Thank you.
  10. Not to mention the business model which is to 'act like a premiership side as we should be one' All whilst throwing over £80 000 at your near neighbours in ticket sales the week after the announcement.
  11. Your team is absolute trash. Alloa looked like Barcelona against you lot a few weeks ago. QoS then battered you four nil. Partick outplayed you on your own pitch last week, but Shankland managed to score a good header to win. What's your point about being six clear? You're basically the shambolic Dundee defensive display at Tannadice ahead of us this season so far. Not to mention we opened the scoring that day. I'd be worried if I was a DAB that the gaps not bigger. Thank you.
  12. 'Well getting pumped' Not a saying from a Dundonian. Are you the Angus breed or Fife? Actually it stinks of Perth to me. Thank you.
  13. Are United planning a world famous flag display again or is it just a Love is in the air sing along pre match? The St Johnstone Ultras who storm through the Wellgate with their happy meals and painted bedsheets from their Fridays art lesson are more intimidating. The woman and children of Angus flocking to this derby but couldn't face it in their time of need. When the club was on the brink of relegation the Dab players looked into the away support for inspiration and were met by a baldy old man weeping his eyes out. Hopefully the DABS throw the multiple bog rolls onto the pitch before the match again (like watching the Primark version of an Argentinian match). It can be returned to them when they shite themselves at the sight of a real footballer - Graham Dorrans. Robbie Neilson's got a pus like a careless beekeeper and it's only going to get worse as he sees his side pummeled by the dark blue machine. This United team are absolutely garbage, make no mistakes. At a push they have one above average player in Shankland. Make it be Dundee. Thank you.
  14. That's it sold out. Granny Dangers local butchers stock for the day. Thank you.
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