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  1. Delighted that Jesse is gone. Another step forward. Roll on the fixtures. Thank you.
  2. Fife Arab. No surprises there. At least it's a change from East Angus and the surrounding hills. Thank you.
  3. 'Why on earth would he even consider that? Even if he was a Dundee fan he'd struggle for reasons to go there.' Tree House Tam furiously smacking his keyboard whilst on his old folks home 30 minutes of computer allowance. What a fud. Good signinfs so far. Away the Dees. THANK YOU.
  4. Granny Danger is awful quiet. Did the fat filled arteries finally clog? As for Gibby82 I hope his hairstyle is still continuing to scare the youth of Dundee. ABBA looking c**t. Thank you.
  5. I'm really glad you came into the Dundee FC thread to tell us this. Really glad I read this valuable piece of information. Thank you.
  6. My previous accounts are listed below. All of which were deleted inappropriately by mods who wet their briefs. Any other alias comments are from the sad acts on this site (Boredumguy etc). Thank you.
  7. Trying to make sense of this post has got me as confused as I have been in a long time. Let's keep it simple. f**k the Arabs. Thank you.
  8. If we sign Simon Murray then someone can have my season ticket for £100 and I won't be attending this season, home or away. It would put Mcpake appointment into a lousy limelight aswell. Thank you.
  9. I'm not going to pretend these two are the best in the world, but there's something about this photo that makes me want to grab Granny Danger by the breasts, plant my nut right between his beady wee eyes and scream Derry Rhumba as he leaves his circus orca frame in the cobbled ground. Maybe, we could get Hooleys tear stream when we romp to victory at Tannadice to act like the old 'cannonball' at the Olympia and send Orca Danger right down the Hulltoon and back into the sea as he falls. Two c***s in that photo that know the club and will fucking love it if we do them Arab b*****ds in the league this year. This is what football is missing in the English top tier. A bit of raw passion you fucking disgrace to the game b*****ds. That champions league final was a fucking disaster, but that's the way football is going ladies and gentlemen. Listen, I'd of rather have a video of Susan Boyle strumming her goods than any clips from last season. But I'm not going to slip off and start supporting an English club for some success. People dancing up the paves of Stobswell as Liverpool lift the cup. Fucking good ane you muppets. A bit of euthenesia wouldn't go a miss folks. It's not all about money and foreign players, it's about passion and me leaping over the seats of the Derry with my arms spread wide to the dayglo filth as they disperse back to Angus in their droves. That'll do me. It really fucking will. Arbroath away fucking lovely day out. Prime time to slap someone over the pus with a smokie too if anyone pipes up. Dunfermline brides. Inverness scenery. Greenock heroin. Alloa... That's enough. Fucking c'mon Dunde, let's tear these animals apart this year. No mercy, but many merci's. Peace out. Thank you very much.
  10. The big boys are back in town. Let the Hyenas chase the Lion.
  11. Ah, Jaggy. Another call out at Firhill over the Tannoy? Also, is Nizzys briefs still hanging out to dry after his temper tantrums of years ago. It's nice to be back. Even better that there is no Cowdenbeath filth. Thank you.
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