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  1. I did say when Marshall got injured that Kerr is better at left back then right back. Being on his wrong side i genuinely believe makes him think more about what to do instead of punting it straight out the pitch. He has been better of late but Marshall should come straight back in, simply as he's the better player. I'm afraid its a massive no from me on a new contract aswell - it's time to move on. Thanks for the effort, Dundee FC needs better quality to move forward however. As for Fontaine, i wanted McGhee and Ashcroft to be our pairing for the play offs anyway so i'm happy for that to stay as it is. McPake has the decisions to make though and lets hope his choice turns out well. For me Raith have hit a patch of bad performances and i'd rather play them, Dunfermline missed sitter after sitter in the first leg (highlights available on Raiths youtube). Thank you.
  2. If McPake survived the months of torture then he's not going to be shown the door after sealing promotion. My personal view is that he's saved himself through large slices of luck instead of competence. McDaid was very good in the latter stages and the two natural wide men giving our formation some balance was the main reason for our upturn . McDaid was being sent out to Partick; i can only imagine McGowan was going to be our wide man which wouldn't have led to us finishing second. Replacing Hamilton and Forster were the next biggest issues and were finally sorted. Two utterly incompetent players who McPake stuck with for at least a year too long. Throw in Cummimgs, McMullen and Anderson since January and the factors behind our upturn are clear. there's no magic reason, we have simply replaced the dross in our team while adding some good players. Does make me wonder why Kerr was preferred in centre mid at Arbroath and Moore at Raith ahead of Anderson - the sort of lunacy we've had to deal with (while Adam took the blame). Overall we're in a much better place than early in the season where Adam won us so many points on his own while we were a sack of shite. We now have a starting eleven capable of beating any of the teams we'll face in the play offs. Now comes the need to rely on the players - something no Dundee fan will ever be comfortable with. We need McPake to rise to the occassion better than his hair follicles have risen post hair transplant. Come on the Dees. Thank you.
  3. There's no chance of us getting McInnes but the point is the next manager we get has to be something different and ambitious. I'm sick of this clubs choices which continually get more and more amateur. On another note, wouldn't be surprised if Nelms sees this as a perfect week to roll out 21/22 season tickets knowing his American thought process. Thank you.
  4. Correct. We need to rise above the goldfish bowl of Scottish football. Thank you.
  5. That would sum up the standards and professionalism at our club if we ended up with any of them. How about properly looking through the personnel available (including previous managers of English lower leagues) and target the man who could take us forward. I was happy with Hartley at the time but apart from that i can't remember any appointments who have been thoughtful and out of the box (maybe Alex Rae) Thank you.
  6. Happy doon day! The day the Dabs abandoned their team in the hour of need, missing out on the 'cannonball experience' of being wooshed back home on a tidal wave of Hooleys tears. The pathetic claps on the stairs of the Shankly from a few really doesn't hide the pure misery felt inside. This seasons been absolutely painful at times and i still feel we need changes to reach a level we should be at, but lets hope we have something to celebrate in a few weeks time. Thank you.
  7. Adam was the best player in the league during the early stages of the season. Thank you.
  8. Ashcroft was abysmal for large parts of the season defensively. Player of the whole season - not a chance. McMullen has made more of an impact than him since Ashcrofts goals have came. Ashcroft has been good the last month or so, however. The upturn in form is only because he made the changes we were all calling for. We had to endure Forster and Hamilton for months on end along with lunacy such as Kerr in central midfield at Arbroath with Anderson and Robertson on the bench. Thats only scratching the surface aswell i could go on for ages. At this very moment though the changes have been made and we have a chance. Thank you.
  9. Throughout the course of the season Adam has been POTY for me. Games such as Alloa away and Hearts at home he single handedly won us points. He was also our best player by a country mile in games such as the 6 2 pumping to open the season aswell. Add in wonder strikes against Dunfermline and Raith which would've won us tight games but for scandalous defending along with his assist numbers (most recently after falling behind to 9 men Inverness) and his impact can't be overlooked on the seasons whole. Valid case for McMullen who has been brilliant since coming in. Thank you.
  10. Looking to avoid Killie -see nothing in the County or Hamilton teams that would scare me. Ideally Dunfermline to beat Raith aswell. Thank you.
  11. As i've said lately the performances and selections have improved the last month or two. However, we could've been going up if so many unforgivable errors hadn't of taken place. Right at the moment we are in an okay place though and have a fighting chance of going up. Morten in the relegation play offs adds in a bonus tonight. All the best to the team in the play offs. Thank you.
  12. The Monkey and Parrott would be a great name for a pub within the new stadium if it ever comes off. Thank you.
  13. Thankfully Adam came on and put an excellent cross in for the goal then. Thank you.
  14. Cammy played okay second half, alot better than the first. Alot of wingers play on the opposite side so they can cut in attacking the fullbacks weak side. It's done all over the place right upto the top level. It was proven tonight Kerr on the left he cuts in and makes more passes. As i said pre match i prefer him there than on his right to hoof it up straight away. Adam had a free kick where he can't move with the ball and played it back to receive it to move forward against 9 men (why the keeper is high up). The ball was then played slightly behind McMullen who as you said took on two players and was in a better position to create a goal. Would you rather a hoof in the box than spreading it out (slightly behind) our best creator on the ball. Odd decision making - not so sure. Gracias.
  15. That last substitution was so fucking negative with Jakubiak and Sow on the bench. McPake couldn't even go for it when the opposition was down to ten. Scared to fail. Weak mindset. Thank you.
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