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  1. I don’t post very often though I do read the forums. I’m 100% committed to Darvel FC as I’ve ever been and management players and committee have been made aware of this. I’m sure the connection with Brownings, Kilmarnock Pie and Kilmarnock FC will benefit Darvel in many ways. I have been in attendance at every Darvel game this season... friendlies, cup and league games and this will continue for years to come. Onwards and upwards[emoji2]
  2. To ALL MEMBER CLUBS. I wish to apologise to all member clubs regarding the racist word I used last night at our meeting. I realise that it is a word that should not have been said and I apologise unreservedly and I trust clubs will accept this as sincerely as it is given. James Scott Robertson. General Secretary
  3. I got a price for a 40 foot container from a company in Kilmarnock kitted out like that but with no seats and it was £10K. For that price I was supplying the container and it would have steps as in the photo but for standing only The cost of hiring the lorry to move the container from my bakery in Kiilie to the companies workshop and then to Darvel was a good chunk of the total fee.
  4. Looking forward to the Cup game at Talbot on the 28th I’m sure Darvel will bring a big support up that day
  5. Glenafton are also in East Ayrshire and played Talbot in the final last year at Rugby Park.
  6. I’m sure you could play the Evening Times Cup on Sat against Dalry or Royal Albert. Then play Darvel on Monday and if you win both, The Evening Times final on Weds and West Final on the Friday That’s Assuming you win all your games obviously. Have I missed any games that Beith have still to play?
  7. Girvan Troon is Weds And Friday... so Troon were told last week
  8. It wasn’t me that called a game off on the September/ Old Firm game weekend[emoji849]
  9. Look forward to the visit of Kilsyth on Saturday Bar opens at the ground at Midday if any of you want a beer or 2
  10. They can ask him this weekend when they play at Darvel
  11. Still our biggest away victory.... And was only making a point so shouldn’t have made it with Meadow if you get so upset. I do hope you get promoted along with Troon but if you don’t I look forward to doing battle again next season
  12. The worst team we have played this season is The Meadow after beating them twice away from home and drawing at home with them. Doesn’t make them the worst team in the league though.
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