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  1. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Not lucky with the goal Martin made Skirtel play the ball if he had pressed him he would have cleared it or let it go to the keeper
  2. wullie360 is Scottish Football's Last Man Standing 2017!

    Week 1 Motherwell
  3. Rangers European Tour 2017/18

    Progres Neiderkorn 2 No progress needaloan 0
  4. Progrès Niederkorn - Let's All Laugh Now

    Is Pedro the matador from Tommy Steele's " a little white bull" ?
  5. Rangers visit Firhill 7th May

  6. Rangers visit Firhill 7th May

    Two cuckoo clocks and 12 w**k mags
  7. Rangers visit Firhill 7th May

    Good tackle although off side
  8. Rangers visit Firhill 7th May

    There is at least one player named Barton who can play well in Scotland
  9. Garner a big ugly big girls blouse,
  10. Inverness Caledonian Thistle v The Rangers

    Credit where it's due good save
  11. Port Saints having to play the opposition and have a biased ref giving help whenever he can
  12. No wonder Celtic can go on this long run when openly assisted by biased refs if they don't lose this result should be expunged as it has been so horribly contrived by awful refereeing