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  1. Has it in his locker. Transfer window ‘slamming’ shut. Has an extra yard in him. Reads the game.
  2. Ok. Makes sense. Never heard of that but I take it that’s to monitor distance covered. Further couple of questions. Are all players using them? And is this purely for retrospective monitoring or are teams now using the live data?
  3. Quick one this. I’ve seen highlights from 2 games over the last week. Rangers in Europe last week and Livi v Celtic yesterday. I saw something odd. Both Arfield in the Rangers game and Menga in the Livi game both appeared to have some sort of rectangular, matchbox sized object under their shirts between the shoulder blades. What is this? I’m imagining it’s something to do with fitness. Am I right? I also wondered if it is one of those devices that they use in rugby internationals that monitors a players performance for peak ability so that the coach can make more effective substitutions (I saw a program on it once). However, I seem to remember someone saying on the program that they were only just using them in rugby and that football didn’t use them. So, what is it?
  4. What's that about then? Link to the story. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/3227934/motherwell-glasgow-sheriff-court-fan-run-over-car-nathan-mortimer/
  5. Oh my manbag it is beautiful, and it's full of sweeties and coins, It got a zip and a Velcro strap, where the two halfs of it join, It is green and white and comfortable, and it rests upon my loins, But the best bit is the embroidery, where the stitching says "f**k the Boyne". 1840 FTW
  6. The only thing that would bother me is if they played the Queen outwith her natural position. The rest I’m cock-a-hoop about. Just don’t spoil it by running up the pitch and goading the Orcs if you win.
  7. Can’t call this one. Motherwell are a team well capable of beating Rangers. Aside from that expect lots of over the top Britishness stuff, some woeful tifos organised by the Onion Bears, paratroopers diving in from the skies with Union Flag parachutes like the one from the Roger Moore Bond movie, a whole battalion of soldiers being employed instead of stewards and Paul Gascoigne drawing the half time raffle for a bottle of Grouse. The Queen will play as a ‘false 9’ and score a controversial winner before being struck with a toilet roll The Grouse goes ‘missing’.
  8. MAybe you can. How many times in the past have a team played badly and won, only for the supporters to say that’s the mark of a real team, to play shite and grind out a result.
  9. More likely to be one of those Chelsea supporting Croatians as that’s only a hop and a skip from Turkey.
  10. Sharpened coins? Wow! A level of planning on a far higher level than just throwing something there and then. It’s also defacing the Realm. Tower of London stuff for the perpetrators.
  11. Jesus wept! Can you imagine the numerous P and B threads, anger and whataboutery if this were to happen in Scotland nowadays? Also worth noting the police trying to shield the player, most ineffectively, from the downpour of missiles at the corner flag. Im struggling to remember where it is but I’m sure there is a foreign ground somewhere that has Tannadice style corner walls with a bus stance style canopy overhanging the corner flag. They also have upgraded protection behind the goals and the player’s tunnel. Could be in Turkey itself right enough. Our events this week would pale into insignificance to what goes on over there. One thing I do always like about foreign incidents like this is that’s the police are called the Polis. Always makes me chuckle.
  12. There’s been a lot this week about missile throwing and assaults on players. We all know what went on at Tynecastle and from what I read in the news, one culprit was outed by fans in the stadium. Most of the threads have focused on the sectarianism side of things but I’m interested in how often and where this kind of stuff happens. Not whataboutery but instead a more accurate idea of how widespread it is. We all know it happens at our big games involving Celtic, Rangers, Hearts and Hibs but I was also surprised to hear my mate say that it’s happened a few times in lower leagues. In addition I’d be interested to find out if you yourself have outed one of these arseholes during a game? Or have you wanted to but felt intimidated to do so? How would you approach such an incident if you were the only one that saw it? Or are you even brave enough to admit you’ve thrown something although I doubt you’d get many takers for that one. I'm especially interested in how the stewards, club and police dealt with it. Ejected immediately? Or were there fans trying to protect the culprit? Or nothing at all.
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