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  1. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Am only doing what yous were doing going by what people are putting on twitter so wind your neck in dont know what any one would expect when openly associate there selfs with the old firm always going to get that shite that comes with it wouldn’t have been much said if yous had won
  2. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Abit pot kettle when yous have people with this as there Twitter name. And as far as rangers/Celtic, ****/Tim’s Craigmark has nothing to do with that shite
  3. Due to cancellations Craigmark are looking for a friendly next Saturday
  4. Girvan

    Aknow a right some shite on here to noise people (spanks just now) but but some you old yins on here are incredible wit did yous do before p&b times hahahaha
  5. Girvan

    He once said to me and I quote Taylor’s desperate for me to be manger when yous had your weekly conversation at Thursday night training
  6. Girvan

    I wish the man all the best only thing ave ever said is about his commitment he applied for at lest 3 jobs last season getting the girvan one. Even know that yous Spoke about annbank job aswell
  7. West Region AGM outcome

    It’s certainty that people will be moaning about the new fixture guy before the seasons out
  8. West Region AGM outcome

    Can only be that they didn’t actually want the secretary job as it will be a lot of work and appears young has the job he wants be interesting to see how the fixtures go this year
  9. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Well a can’t speak for everyone but am quite pleased with it
  10. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Greg is manager with Lawrie Dinwoodie in helping him
  11. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    You know what they say 3rd time lucky
  12. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Just shows Footballs not always about money
  13. Girvan

    So on a very rare occasion it clicks and even at that one of them will have a bigger say
  14. Girvan

    http://www.cumnockchronicle.com/sport/16244545.craigmark-celebrate-promotion-to-championship/. That’s the way they were both brought in last year as co managers because Greg had a great interview imo a don’t think co managers ever work
  15. Girvan

    Have you read some of the previous press releases