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  1. Having heard from several people who have spoken to the boy, it wasn't to do with his ability and the saints keeper being better which is absurd, having watched them both last season the saints keeper is not up to much at all -average at best. Biased opinion from what I presume the coaching staff at saints giving out cheap shots. I have heard from couple people who have previously played with him last season that it's to do with his studies more than anything else and the fact he gets on well with Bryan Gilfillian who'll probably push him on more than the bog standard coaching that he got at saints with low numbers during pre season if I'm not mistaken! I also heard gilfillan ran the show from several people and also heard the young keeper had lots to do and kept saints out most of the time. Also heard his kicking was poor to say the least at the game on Saturday.
  2. Have to give them credit they seem to be attracting high calliber players to their club
  3. Asked around and found out that Bryan gillfillan was apparently his coach at queen of the south when he was younger maybe this is a factor in why he's went to uppers?
  4. Doubt uppers will be paying him? Especially seen as they've got Bryan Gilfillian as he'll surely be on some cash there.
  5. Under 20 as well I know a few teams were after him
  6. Yeh believe it is him. Added a lot to the Crichton team last season by all accounts
  7. Not sure why he left. I've only ever heard good reports about him maybe a young keeper to watch for later years
  8. Heard he had a cracking game as well and kept them out in the first 45. I too heard he went to saints, must not of worked out. I'm sure a lot of teams will be knocking points off eachother this season, looks to be a good one!
  9. Seems like someone's hit a nerve with oldcenterhalf must be coming to the realisation that his team after all haven't actually got the right to their arrogance. Heard from many that uppers simply outplayed them. In my eyes they've not played any big games if yet and have already dropped points. What a shame.
  10. Saints v uppers, Lochmaben v creetown, Lochar v heston, Ym v edu, Threave v Nithsdale, Newton v mids, Vale v wigtown. This weeks fixtures what's everyone thinking any shock results coming?? Nithsdale and uppers maybe causing shocks, mids and wigtown to carry on fantastic run?
  11. Newton to beat creetown Edu, heston draw Lochar to beat or draw wth saints Mids to thump YM Nithsdale to beat vale Uppers to beat or draw with lochmaben Wigtown to beat threave
  12. Heard uppers are looking gd this season with few signings Looks 2 b a cracking season coming up
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