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  1. Wrong person you fucking clown you know big Ally is a pure gent, I hope you bump into him and he flings you 40 yards
  2. In reality it’s not a surprise as Beith are a top junior side, but their is a difference between confidence and arrogance and Some Of the Darvel supporters have been dishing out the latter in spades. so not a surprise that it gives some a bit of pleasure.
  3. 100% correct Darvel will be promoted for sure,but it will be interesting to see if they only manage to hover mid table for a couple of seasons if the cash keeps coming in, only time will tell.
  4. Aye you just got on with no excuses then
  5. That’ll save Mick a bit of time and effort this morning!!!!!!
  6. Someone take an extra umbrella for DL cos there’s no way one will be big enough to cover his head nowadays lol.
  7. I was working with Del and he keeps his runners up medal in his van lol.Think he might be at the wind up
  8. I hear the boots are getting pulled on next week mate !!!!
  9. Surely you remember playing beside him mate especially with him being a Legend!!!!
  10. No but I did watch them for 5 seasons as DL will no doubt tell you.
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but you only came doon the brae when they looked like winning the league? And before that you watched Troon
  12. Mick the problem at Darvel has never been ambition more like impatience thy want it and they want it now, when they won the Adl they were looking for instant promotion and when that didn’t look like it was happening the impatience went in to overdrive and resulted in an epic fail,You seem like a good guy and I hope you do well but if you don’t trust me the knives will be out, good luck
  13. Shortlees played Darvel preseason for about 3 or 4 seasons and never beat them once!!!
  14. Seriously it’s time you behaved like the professional you are acclaimed to be and stop getting involved on here you want to manage a top junior side then have a look at how many managers of the premiership are on her getting involved.
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