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  1. Nevermind the time he gifted Hamilton a certain goal which every other player would have been slaughtered for.
  2. Now that is a totally different basis and I can fully accept your concluding opinion. But I can't accept the other guy quoting someone with hope about a new player and calling it 'impossible' that he can be effective.
  3. I won't try and pretend I saw anything in his first games either and I can't comment on his Dumbarton performances. He is still a 23 year old who signed off the back of a trial with a manager who I have very little choice but to back right now. Perhaps I am in denial about the decision making at the club but a two year deal on the 9th of July doesn't sound like a panic buy to me. If he has "pace and an eye for goal" as Sheerin put it, then coming off the bench and scoring 5 goals this season is still an effective player to me. I simply can't accept the proposition that Sheerin has bought a guy, after seeing him train for a while, that is so shit that posters on a football forum can tell he's useless in two games.
  4. So off of two games you think it's impossible he can be an effective player? Again, writing someone off after two games is laughable to me. If it isn't to you, that's fine 👍
  5. I've seen the same two games, his and the gaffers first two games in charge, and besides that not a single training session. Your second sentence is a conclusion neither our new gaffer nor our hated DOF seem to come to and the way you are stating it as fact is laughable to me, that's what I'm talking about. Maybe he's shite, maybe he's decent, but what's certain to me is that none of us have a clue what we're talking about at the moment. No need to pretend that most people's minds weren't made up about him before he played these two games anyway.
  6. You've seen lots of Dumbarton last year then? Or was it your Inverness development team season ticket that's coming in handy here? Maybe I'm the only one out of the loop, but our scouts on here seem to have a pretty sensational grasp on the talent around the country. I'm repeating myself to death, but how folks can't even give players a chance really ruffles my feathers and the implication that our new manager has no sense of how to judge a player is almost disrespectful to me.
  7. I really hope Nesbitt - Telfer - Morrison can be creative enough to cover that perceived hole, them and a guy like Keena making runs could be good to get us into space. I would worry, however, if we are relying on them to be the scorers. Agree with you though, looking forward to it.
  8. Out of that mentioned team I think the highlighted can be part of a good side from what I've seen: Mutch Williamson Mckay Dixon Mccann Telfer Hetherington Ross Morrison Wilson Mcguffie Williamson and Hetherington are being viewed positively from other folk here, with McKay, Ross and Wilson not earning good reviews. 8/11 that in my mind can be decent with the other 3 unproven at the club, a new manager and supporting team in place and a development side to come. Still some folk from last year's team that haven't had a run of games. I'll give them a few games at least.
  9. Good luck to some of your guys' mental health, what a ridiculously hyperbolic and depressing experience this thread has become.
  10. We don't need a higher playing budget to get out of this league at all in my opinion, we need some sort of tactic that starts getting anything out of the players we actually have. The teams promoted in recent years didn't have a much better squad than we did, they just resembled a football team.
  11. Understood, I couldn't start to guesstimate the compensation amounts. Anyone up for a charity bet, Strathcarron perhaps? I'll put 50 quid on Dowds or Keena to score more than 10 league goals (or 15 all comps?).
  12. Can't seem to find any goss on what Harry Cochrane's next move is, could be a good prospect for midfield but his past will have him looking for a higher club.
  13. Does look very much like him and at first glance that could be a great option for centre midfield. Played 18 games in the Championship for Ipswich at 18 years old and was seemingly out with injury for two seasons. Must be checking out his fitness status but if that is ok, surely he has the quality for this pish league?! Still only 21 on top of that so sounds a belter to me. Edit: Here's a link on his time there: https://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/ipswich-town/tristan-nydam-exit-interview-7978966 "So why was his release surprising? Well, Nydam’s courage to battle back from a nasty injury saw him first return in the Under 23s in February, after 581 days out. He then took to the field for 30 minutes in the first game after the club’s American takeover, showing many of his old qualities as he provided the only real highlight of another drab 0-0 draw with MK Dons in April." His display prompted some extremely encouraging words from boss Paul Cook, who said: “Tristan has the heart, desire and hunger that a lot of people at this football club don’t have. "I’ve watched him in two Under-23s games. When pain comes, he bites it to his bottom lip and drives on. That’s a characteristic that I love in players.”
  14. Home kit is ok in my opinion but the sponsor should have been implemented better. I see you can't do blue or white, but then box it in for example. Away kit follows the lifestyle kit trend from recent years, seemingly meant to be worn at festivals etc. Don't usually like those designs but I don't mind us going for something like this, again could have been better though.
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