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  1. I had passed my Engineering officer of watch oral at the MCA in cessnock that morning and headed into town where I planned to get rat-arsed. by time I arrived in the hall on Sauchiehall Street, from Oblamov via mcphabbs, the 2nd plane was just about to hit. honestly thought I was watching a movie but the reaction of the larger than normal group watching tv in pub on the Tuesday afternoon told me otherwise, utterly surreal and sobered up pretty sharpish, did try another few beers just didn't feel right
  2. Think I may be racist too as I instantly assumed she would be Polish
  3. The Chef who won the star for isle of eriska also left soon after the award and opened up Condita in Edinburgh (got that booked for the end of August) then I think thAt the fella that retained it recently opened up a new one in the sisters restaurant in Glasgow
  4. Up on Lewis for a break and had a cracking meal last night at uig sands
  5. Over to Lewis on Wednesday for a week, got Uig Sands booked for friday night that i am looking forward to
  6. The Forum generally goes down for a little while between 0415 & 0445hrs (503 error or such like) just in my last hour of shift 4 hours of dedicated reading and then nada! furiously refreshing page until order is restored
  7. I'm on the very last episode, going to finish my watch at 6 and then settle down to finish it off. its been a great series, cant believe I hadn't seen it up until this year
  8. Came on to say same thing , I was walking down Lothian Road and seen 2 people doing this, what is the point or thinking behind it? Beastly behaviour
  9. Really struggling with this series, doesn't seem to have the same feel as the last 3 and none of the characters are really grabbing me
  10. Been tempted for a long time to buy some Karhu and finally bit the bullet. Look comfy anyway
  11. Using "Wait" at the start of a sentence/question, my 4 year old has picked this shite up from his older cousins and it is doing my tits in
  12. I enjoy using brewdog recipe 100ml Frank's 50ml. Honey 50g butter sweet spicy goodness (ordinarily I dont know rate Frank's on its own)
  13. Yo nasty! (Would have still eaten it)
  14. Finally managed to get some gas to fire up the pizza oven 24 hour dough chorizo, pepperoni and nduja one day I’ll hopefully get a round pizza but by f**k it tasted amazing not quite paesano or gusta pizza quality yet but it’ll get there
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