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  1. I totally appreciate what it does for the community and how it supports. However the flow of a "professional game" is haltered by the fact the SPFL authorities allow it. The fact they allow to promote this on a national level (Sky TV - Killie v Rangers ) is embarrassing. On a different note. . . .if Celtic want to fund it, fair play. How much is it to fit a plastic pitch in comparison to employing someone to install a proper pitch and look after it. . . .
  2. Fair point. Well played. What would you prefer though?
  3. Cheers for clearing the renting out part. You can notice a difference. However your average attendance is 6k. Motherwell very similar and they have one of the best pitches in the league. . . . It's how your team's hierarchy manage the cash. I do not believe in this day of age that "Professional Football" teams find the need to install an artificial pitch.
  4. They don't. Upgrade to a new plastic pitch this summer and don't rent it out. Shambles
  5. They don't rent it out though so how does that fund repair works?[emoji848]
  6. Do Kilmarnock, Hamilton and Livingston rent them out? Is it really professional approach?
  7. Nonsense. . . .Employ a decent groundsman. Would never happen in the English premiership.
  8. Why in this day of age are the powers to be allowing clubs to install artificial pitches in the Scottish Professional Football League. . . . Professional football. Are there any real benefits to this within Kilmarnock, Livingston and Hamilton?
  9. Conspiracy. . . . . Or maybe it was a fair tackle!
  10. Pity he couldn't show a bit of his "passion" or "continuous moaning" when he was Scotland manager. . . Absolute fool.
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