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  1. Then was brought back immediately his pals got Alessio out the door. Player power? If the board allowed that they're not fit to run the club.
  2. We're going to be relegated, no doubt about that. With our current boards clueless approach to recruitment and retention we could be saying cheerio to the top division for a good many years. That's what happens when you don't have the balls to tell jobbers like dicker and Broadfoot to do one when they want the manager hunted so they can appoint their pal. A fucking shambles of a club.
  3. Killie to edge a seven goal thriller 4-3. Kabamba hat-trick with Brophy scoring a 95th minute penalty. Scenes.
  4. Hastings' military histories are brilliantly researched and totally engaging. When you've finished Armageddon I'd recommend Nemesis, about the war in the Pacific. His book on Vietnam is very good as well, but not as comprehensive as Neil Sheehans' A Bright, Shining Lie. I've just started Chastise, Hastings book on the dambusters. Guy Gibson was 24 yr old when he led that mission, an age when I could rarely find my arse with both hands.
  5. With a Masters in Public Health from Harvard. Your "dentist to trade comment" marks you as a member of an other, more elite (in their own minds) branch of medicine. Which one is it?
  6. Two middle aged fuds going full carry on movie about a young womans twitching sphincter has to be a new low point for this programme.
  7. Cowan displaying his ignorance again today. "How did Andy Millen get in the a closed doors gemme yesterday? Is it because his son plays fur Kilmaurnuck?" No, you fucking simpleton. Its because he's the assistant manager. Fud.
  8. Serious question chaps. Is Lyndon Dykes champions league quality? That must be the rangers ambition.
  9. Then make Neil Doncaster and Ann Budge see who can eat the most kittens to decide if Brechin get relegated without a 3 game playoff.
  10. Jamie's always seemed one of the more reasonable posters on P&B over the years (not a high bar I admit).
  11. John Collins made Willie Miller sound like Bertrand fuking Russel today. Chapeau. c**t should never be on that programme again.
  12. I've done the same. Not that it will make any difference but the BBC legal department need to be keeping an eye on this clown and his lack of journalistic objectivity, obvious hatred of certain people and borderline libellous comments. A shitshow of a programme.
  13. The whole BBC Sotland football set up has been an utter car crash during the pandemic. No balance or objectivity that I can think of, especially SS. Its been no more than a propaganda broadcast week after week.
  14. English's snidey, bitter wee comment about Doncasters uefa appoitment was where I switched off. If the c**t has evidence of corruption then present it. If not, the BBC lawyers should be telling management to get him punted.
  15. Get a half pished deans back on. At least he was great entertainment.
  16. He's at it. The double exclamation mark. Trolling, just not very well.
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