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  1. Greatest opening lines of a novel thread for this pish.
  2. Some other Tory twat had described Truss as a hand grenade and Dorries appeared on a news programme trying to convince the world that it was a compliment and that it meant "Liz gets things done". You do know what a hand grenade does Nadine? It maims, disfigures and kills people. Oh, you do? Thought so you utter fucking cretin.
  3. Gary Linear depicted by a single line was a work of utter genius.
  4. Surely even the right wing thicko population of England wouldn't vote to keep Boris in. It's worse than that. C4 news interviewed two Johnson supporters who said their choice if the Eton mess were to go was Dominic Raab. Truly the thick c***s thick c**t.
  5. Sonny Barger, Hell's Angels leader (83) presents a conundrum for Saint Peter.
  6. The toxic c**t has gone to Ukraine to flog his Poundland Churchill grift to the gammons in the UK. Trumpian levels of desperation and delusion.
  7. 15 guesses at 60% accuracy for no. 57.
  8. 158 guesses for#55. I have way too much time on my hands.
  9. Attitude - leg = "issues". Could still take in my sleep btw.
  10. There is a George V look about him tbf.
  11. Its either dog food or dog as food. The latter I fear.
  12. Still at it with terrible punctuation I see. 1869 and all that.
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