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  1. Always described as sticky back plastic on Blue Peter. I was about 49 before I twigged it was fucking sellotape. c***s. I never started a single BP modelling project as the dearth of "sticky back plastic" in our house made them impossible. c***s.
  2. Good. It will be worth it to hear Willie "Willie" Miller and Dick " total and utter" Gordon reverse ferret their way from SOD isn't good enough for Scotland to a defensive genius.
  3. And he needs the backing of a board who, on recent evidence, don't know their arse from a hole in the carpet.
  4. We somehow got Laksi & Coulibaby, something will turn up, it has too, right? I'm scared wub. We go into the unknown once more. AD isnae Lee Clark though, thank f**k. But Clark did get Coulibaly. Even a blind pig finds acorn once in a while.
  5. You know that's not true. Nothing will ever be well in our world. Goal scoring geniuses who sign contracts with dysfunctional mid to lower table Scottish diddies are, I would humbly submit, thin on the ground.
  6. It's very welcome news if true but it's the other end of the park we need to strengthen.
  7. I don't know, I was working. Since you were clearly at the game why don't you enlighten us?
  8. Fully expecting a reaming at snake mountain but we won't spoil the game as much as you spoil every thread you pollute ya warmer. 5 or 6 scud to the vermin.
  9. Great news. Nothing like a winter break to f**k the life out of football.
  10. I hope he has done something completley mental tbh. Like suggest a change in diet, habits, training methods and professionalism. Fucking player power? At Killie? c***s could hardly kick a ball until Clarke and Dyer got hold of them. Hope the door hitting their arses on the way out causes a career ending injury.
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