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  1. Ok knobnosh just had a look at the three main competitions that being Scottish, west and league going by my calculation you have zero chance of winning anything so go and crawl back to your rented park and let the big teams play for the trophies
  2. I will try and make a case for staying at this level 1- employers might not give players the required time off to go to say peterhead, Elgin, or some other far away places in midweek. 2- players have trained and gained qualifications for their chosen employment while enjoying a decent level of football. 3- fans might not want to pay £15 per game every week to watch their game
  3. Ok I will bite compared to cove on a football basis you ar miles behind them they had players that were justified in playing pro football aird and fyvie to name two we took our chance against them your team didn't have one play that stood out ie take the ball slow the game down make a pass. Think possible 4 or 5 would play in your team and not look out of place . The left back was very poor by the way. Between Donnelly and wilson I would have Wilson all day long ,Donnelly actually made ollie mcburnie look like a football player. Rant over hope it's a good well contested game and our grade don't embarrass you professionals to much
  4. Best of luck tonight obviously I hope you don't win good luck for the rest of the season m8
  5. He should take a leaf out of truckers book I'd if it's not broken don't fix it. Just didn't see where you were going to score on Saturday
  6. In this game you are only as good as your last game m8 so are you saying he disrespected auchinleck on Saturday
  7. The left back was horrendous on Saturday like to hear about all these changes means he's slightly undecided on his best team
  8. Is that the same two fullbacks that played on Saturday
  9. Just watch the incident again high boot no contact player doesn't even appeal runs after the ball to continue playing looks like the ball hits his face only my opinion but
  10. Dick didn't seem to know either his comment was penalty for handling so just saying seems to be somewhat of a gray area
  11. On the two stonewall penalties first one both referee and linesman in good position decide it's not a pen on second always thought high boot was an indirect free kick especially when there's no contact between boot and head
  12. Not doing very well just at the game
  13. Not any more than chessy if you look at the picture chessy is over the ball and down Gareth shin/ankle
  14. Hes 20 yards outside the glens box with a clear run in on goal look again
  15. Looks like Talbot player is ahead of the glenafton player chessy foot is over the Talbot players foot think the referee might have got it wrong
  16. Think it was a wee bit harsh as he played the ball plus looks like the big guy did a few triple salkos . He didn't have them up for very long
  17. Looks like he played the ball imo
  18. Still not seen footage of said "reckless " challenge some would say self protection
  19. Oh well maybe there is a reason we can't see the tackle let me play devil's advocate. Two committed players going for the ball venomous crowd influenced the linesman from 6 feet away oh the shin guard didn't see any of the glens players making an issue of it at the time maybe just justified the incident.
  20. Tried glenafton tv bu the contentious bit is missing surprisingly
  21. Any highlights of yesterday's game
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