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  1. Drivel have made contact with Barcelona about the players due to be released they are prepared to wait but not forever.
  2. Name them or is it the little fairies buzzing round your head thats telling you
  3. Well trot of to their forum three times
  4. Am thinking he's maybe a fan without the bus fare.
  5. Oh sorry maybe I didn't explain my post correctly for you, I was talking about you new found love for darvel.
  6. Your interest seems to be taking over your life as you have been the one constant poster over the last couple of days. Looking back over the years I have been on the old forum I couldn't find many posts from you ,is it a bandwagon thing or a money thing, just a thought 🤔
  7. Why are you not on there form
  8. On a serious note is the £4k man danny (fanny) Boyle still at drivel
  9. As been pointed out before you moron the manager and team don't want the title as they didn't get the chance to win it on the park now sneak of back to the amateurs
  10. Wondering how long before it was dirty tricks or poor refereeing and no just the better team won
  11. Back in your box drivel leg end
  12. Just keep with the Mars bars work rest and play.
  13. Ok knobnosh just had a look at the three main competitions that being Scottish, west and league going by my calculation you have zero chance of winning anything so go and crawl back to your rented park and let the big teams play for the trophies
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