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  1. Any time before June and on grass has to be the goal
  2. Agree what would be wrong with a Friday night game in that time period when all the players still have something in their legs
  3. Read my post on match officials page 3 second post down think it just about covers both topics
  4. Referees are being micro managed. They are being told how to present themselves on the park, not to show any emotions and don't interact with players. They are advised to copy one of our top officials who is in the papers most weeks.
  5. Just a couple of things from earlier posts, I was in the centre of the away stand and never heard any clapping or cheering when the Hearts player got injured nor did I hear any racist noises what I will say is some of the hangers on that were there yesterday who probably never attended a Talbot game were out of order. Ie one In front of me steaming drunk with his son embarrassed the wee boy from start to finish pure clown
  6. No what tucker said was players should want to play in these games you should worry more about your own team m8
  7. Glad ur that confident cause I can't see hearts scoring 2 never mind 15 has usual ur just another twat who thinks Talbot are there to roll over let's see on Sunday and hopefully this time there won't be any dodgy decisions You should have left it at him being a twat
  8. If I was you I would put your wife's hard earned cash on that how much did she make hocking her haddie down at the docks last night
  9. Please play it on a grass park and not one of they shitty carpets
  10. Aw pure dead brilliant did your mummy do spell check for you
  11. Who wants to come to beechwood is a better question
  12. Oh how funny from the we guy with the bum fluff beard
  13. Congratulations you have given an opinion it is after all a democratic society
  14. Actually I quoted you but as I said if I offended anyone sorry ONLY MY OPINION
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