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  1. Has the Darvel tandem arrived today.
  2. Just going to put this out there, does Mr gall being an loyal kilmarnock supporter see anything wrong in singing about ayr fans be black b*****ds bearing in mind his words they have always sung that song.
  3. Remember it well Graham Neil was the manager I think.
  4. The point i am making is while darvel spunk money all over the place Auchinleck are still the cash cow for this level of football in relation to supporting their team.
  5. It is m8 but I think one man is probably to blame.
  6. I am only guessing but I would say about 800-900 at the game , maybe around 50 Darvel. Thanks m8 and they have the cheek to want half the gate.
  7. What was the crowd and how many were from darvel.
  8. This is probably of topic but how many supporters did darvel have on Saturday at the game.
  9. Just showing a total lack of class and integrity to any team that he does it to. Omo
  10. Do you think the team is playing well as a unit this can effect player's confidence and performance level . But I am sure you would rather slaughter player's management.
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