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  1. Anyone suspecting an upset or 2 tomorrow?? Looking forward to our tie at Berwick
  2. Never on here often but heading down to the game tomorrow - looking forward to a good day out and a cracking game of football! Whats the general thoughts on tomorrow's game? Haven't managed to watch Berwick so unsure what to expect.
  3. Yeah so far i am relatively pleased. Dropped some daft points (3-1 up at Vale against ten men and lost) but otherwise its been a promising start. Big couple of weeks coming up with Dalbeattie this weekend followed by the Scottish the following. Enjoying LL life so far, all clubs have been very welcoming!
  4. A lot of talk on here about 'Team 16' as the thread title goes. Whats everyones early thoughts on Hawick and Strollers being introduced? Both have had indifferent starts and funnily enough have drawn each other in the scottish!
  5. 9th september BSC Glasgow 4v 2 Civil service strollers 10th september Dalbettie star 3 v 1 selkirk east stirlingshire 3 v 1 cumbernauld colts gala fairydean 4 v 1 preston hawick RA 3 v 2 edinburgh uni spartans 4 v 0 gretna 2008 stirling uni 0 v 4 east kilbride whitehill welfare 4 v 2 Vale of leithen
  6. Civil Service Strollers 0-3The Spartans Cumbernauld Colts 3-1 Edinburgh University Dalbeattie Star 4-1 University of Stirling East Kilbride 2-2 East Stirlingshire Gretna 2008 1-2 BSC Glasgow Preston Athletic 0-4 Whitehill Welfare Selkirk 0-3 Gala Fairydean Rovers Vale of Leithen 1-3 Hawick Royal Albert
  7. Edinburgh University v Civil Service Strollers 3-1Gala Fairydean Rovers v Whitehill Welfare 2-2Gretna 2008 v East Kilbride 0-3Preston Athletic v Vale of Leithen 0-2Spartans v Cumbernauld Colts 3-2University of Stirling v BSC Glasgow 2-2
  8. Did wonder about this also - ref was only alerted by a Hawick player! On a separate note, thought Hawick played well in parts, could have scored a few more but just glad to record a win after a run of 4 hard defeats.
  9. Good game for the neutral yesterday. Thought no.8 and no.2 were standouts for us. We struggled with just the one up top. Thought WW looked good in spells and probably edged first half. Pretty even second half. Hard one to take with such a late penalty but such is football. Onto Wednesday now...
  10. Dalbeattie Star 1-1 Cumbernauld Colts East Kilbride 4-0 Selkirk East Stirlingshire 5-2 Vale of Leithen Gala Fairydean Rovers 2-0 University of Stirling Grenta 2008 3-1 Civil Service Strollers Hawick Royal Albert 2 - 2 Whitehill Welfare Preston Athletic 0-2 BSC Glasgow Spartans 2-1 Edinburgh University
  11. I know - can't blame us for getting carried away after years of suffering!! Long season ahead but good way to start!
  12. 5-0 Hawick today going on 7 or 8. Laughable some peoples predictions of them bottom. Top 8 easily .
  13. They played Civil 3 times over the season and beat them twice IIRC. One of which they were 4-0 up at half time and could've scored 6/7. Everyone wrote them off past season at EOS and they finished a strong fifth. They've added a few new boys (all Edinburgh based) and I think they'll surprise a few. Could be wrong but time will tell. They are certainly not in the bottom 3/4 teams in LL.
  14. So Hawick having a soley Edinburgh based squad means they'll finish bottom? They had a similar squad last season and should've finished top 3 in EOS
  15. 1- East Stirlingshire 2- East Kilbride 3- Cumbernauld Colts 4- Spartans 5- Dalbeattie Star 6- Gretna 7- Stirling Uni 8- BSC Glasgow 9- Gala Fairydean 10- Hawick Royal Albert 11- Whitehill Welfare 12- Edinburgh Uni 13- Selkirk 14- Vale Of Leithen 15- Civil service strollers 16- Preston Athletic
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