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  1. 7 and 8 looked pretty good, confident they'll get signed, to be fair, all the trialists looked like they'd do a job and if we are going to be short of players we could maybe make most of having some squad players.
  2. Liam watt out for 6 weeks after getting a broken wrist in a closed door friendly. Definitely need to get some injury cover in
  3. Doh, yeah that's makes sense! Article isn't worded the best haha! He did say he wants to play but doesn't want to move! He and Dods played together at united of course, what a catch that would be!
  4. What you didn't mention is the Sun refers to a coaching role...
  5. Excited to see the new season begin and get to some different scenery! Going in with my eyes open in relation to potential doings, but as long as the team are playing good football and not embarrassing themselves I'm happy, even if that means coming down!
  6. Dillon did say he didn't want to move, and we are close (geographically) and of a similar level at which he played. But alas I reckon there's one chance, and that's nae chance!
  7. McGeever announced on the Facebook page today. Never realised he was so young at 23, brings a good dose of height to defence being 6'3"
  8. It's all about the occasion and the achievement, yes brechin will no doubt be odds on favourites to come down again, and yes, we will probably get a spanking from some of the teams in our new league. I see this as an over achievement of the club, the guys should be immensely proud of what they have achieved. We have a good core team, a core which should be retained and improved on, what do you want Darren to do rip up the whole team and start again? Why would we do that with a team which finished 4th, and won promotion the hard way? If it ain't broke... You can't say you wouldn't be excited to see your club promoted and into the second tier of Scottish football? That's what I don't really get!
  9. What a day and what a match! Such a rollercoaster of emotions but what a job by the club and every one of the players! Caldwell if you're reading this (probably not) stick at it and with us (in my opinion) there's a good intelligent player in there, if his passes and balls came off every time he would be celebrated with the great players at Brechin! Looking forward to some new scenary to visit next season. Yes we may be staring relegation in the face next season, but I'd hate to see Darren being shown the door if we don't get on that well, although in the flip side if we bag some results and impress I'd hope he stands by us!
  10. Just to pick you up citydiehard... 'diabolical defending' even with defence as poor as you say it is we have conceded fewest goals in the league. Do you actually have any idea what you're on about
  11. Your mafia guff is wearing thin bud. There was good and bad today, keeping possession seemed difficult with the midfield, but the competition is a league above (literally!) wasn't impressed with Dougie Hill in the first half, seemed static and disinterested, Elliot was impressive after he came on. Impressed by Love, he really seems to bust a gut. Is Jacko injured? Felt like we missed him today.
  12. I wouldn't take notice of him, eternal pessimist and can never say well done to his own team!
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