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  1. 1-1 with Kelty Hearts last night, meaningless friendly but y'know...
  2. In all honesty if people are kicking up a fuss and being like that towards the committee then they're idiots, there's a huge step from league 1 to the championship, the club have said themselves they are using this year to recoup losses from last year, do I agree with that mentality maybe not, do I understand why they're doing it, god yes
  3. Houston comes across as a right bellend in that interview, has the air of a man that has no idea what to do now but is that stubborn that it can't possibly be his fault. Don't know if it's a standard thing on all the YT videos but comments being disabled speaks volumes
  4. Not being pessimistic but that 'different animal' lost 4-0 last time, team was switched up a bit today, has to be one of the better 11s we can field, wonder if jacko shout retreat into a more midfield playmaker roll
  5. Someone from celtic? They were fairly sooking up on Twitter haha!
  6. Just watched the highlights from arabzone, how the f**k did that deflection from Durnan not go in! Couldn't do that again even if you wanted to! Haha
  7. Wasn't at the game, but certainly seems like the arse kicking that was Tuesday night has hit home, hope City keep it up!
  8. Na it's pish, we never wanted to be in it.. Haha
  9. Well done lads, your guys just wanted it more!
  10. Dear mr guy in the red baseball cap, not sure if you're on here, if not people will know who I mean. You're passionate I get it, the club means a lot to you I get that too, we were shite which is frustrating I totally get that. But who the f**k do you think you are to speak to people like you do? Telling a group of fellow city fans to 'stay at fucking home' because they clapped when we won a corner, what's the problem? Yes they were shite but a bit of positive reinforcement does wonders, which I hasten to add you were more than vocal about how people should be spurring the team on, yet when they did it at what you thought was the wrong time you launched your foul mouthed tirade at them. You go every week, so what? The club needs money and you're telling 4 paying adults to stay at fucking home, well well done sir, cause with people like you about that's exactly what people should do, you're an embarrassment to your self and even more so to the club.
  11. Like it or lump it, we ARE your league derby this season. How the mighty have fallen eh
  12. I think the majority of us thought that too! Just to complete the bingo card of 'reasons why we got beat' the referee and the nearside linesman had mares too. 22 fouls Brechin committed, a lot of them very soft In my opinion
  13. Isaac needs to net a couple to grow his confidence, the one he scored against the loons was impressive. With confidence will come flair and enthusiasm. I rate Ally, but Isaac will need time to grow into it.
  14. Was standing right inline with the penalty, he slid in at least a foot away and the guy turned into/over him. Very soft but going off your feet in the box you always run the risk!
  15. Agreed, haven't heard about Paddy Cregg being signed though, has he missed out because of the recent influx? Be a shame if he did I think.
  16. So you weren't there? Played off the park is simply not true.
  17. Second half was a big improvement, get Cregg signed and I think whoever was number 14 too, looked keen and really put the pressure on, Isaac has some strength on him and is good on the ball, seems to have heavy feet though. Miles better than at montrose on the weekend though.
  18. £8 for adults, £4 for concessions, parking at the Co-Op across the road is the usual for away fans or streets nearby, cookston crescent is close and usually easy parked, can supply a post code if you want. As for pubs the usual is probably the stables lounge round the corner from the Tesco, there's also the dalhousie or the Brechin arms, parking behind both and you'll see them as you come in off the dual carriageway from Dundee [emoji1360][emoji846]
  19. Also good to see Isaac at the game yesterday, knowing he was injured and wouldn't play but still making the effort to come up (although basic) is a good attitude
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