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  1. I’m reliably told that it’s one evening a week in Dundee, and the other in Edinburgh.
  2. The piece on Julian Wade was good, and props to the editing team who made him look like a competent footballer!
  3. There are definitely some players who get a game because of their name rather than their performances. Right hand side was okay, Bain and Marc seem to care. Maybe feels like Kirk is trying to be too smart with the formation? Sometimes best to start at the basics and go from there.
  4. I think it’s a terrible statue, it’s meant to be a likeness of the main character in a film which is fairly universally panned in Scotland (and beyond) for being historically shite. It’s not a statue of William Wallace it’s a statue of Mel Gibson (an altogether shite person) Its a shame because the back story surrounding the sculptor is a shame and I’m quite happy to have the statue as a tribute to Mr Church, I’d just wish it wasn’t THAT statue.
  5. See there was a couple trialists, one of which got a decent chunk of the game. Any use?
  6. Surely it’s not hard to see why Brechin fans (myself included) are delighted with recent results? Back to back to back relegations including dropping out of the SPFL altogether, and now we are in a position where we have won 3 games on the bounce, (one against a League One side (p.s f**k you Barry)). They may not have been world beaters and we will face better, more organised teams in the HL, but viewed in context, and although I’m biased, I can completely understand why some fans are getting excited.
  7. I’d just be happy if people stopped quoting his shite. I have him blocked because I can’t be arsed with the inane drivel he posts. Then someone goes and quote replies him and I get to see said drivel!
  8. Exactly, I’ve no idea why people even give him the time of day, and I know he will be enjoying the fact I’m another moaning about his troll ways but people really need to ignore his shite.
  9. Why would some tourist get a ticket when people who go and watch the games *but don’t have a season ticket* couldn’t get. The club even stated this on its social media feeds.
  10. As a fan that’s fucking embarrassing.
  11. Can’t quite believe the amount of people who are commenting on the Facebook post saying they think Paton should have been given time to build a squad. That is exactly where it has been going wrong for the last 4 years! Not being decisive enough and hanging onto managers, letting them build teams then bringing in a new man who can’t get it own players!
  12. Does ‘mutually agreed’ mean we don’t have to pay him out? 3 1/2 deal was ridiculous!
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