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  1. A signature from a certain P. McLean wouldn’t go a miss right about now
  2. A crazy length of deal as well, utterly bizarre. But never mind, MTH!
  3. Damn right I have, and I’d implore anyone else to do the same
  4. A 5-0 thrashing to Raith is a bit of a downer, but it has to be seen for what it is, a league 2 team vs a championship team, it can pretty much be disregarded. Our first couple of matches of the cup will be tough and probably result in more doings, but I must admit after watching the friendlies against Montrose and Forfar (both being a league above) im quite quietly optimistic and positive about the league this year. Which is something I haven’t felt in years MTH!
  5. Was impressed with the guys last night. Looks like a decent team has been put together! Did think Lewis could do better for the first goal. Never realised that fud Barr is at Forfar, shame it was only the 1 goal we beat them by.
  6. My moneys on a city win, with city being unlucky not to get a point
  7. I’ve seen plenty of this but any reasoning to why? I understand he finished 3rd the season he was at Airdrie? Did he just inherit a winning team/is he a fud? What is it?
  8. I think you probably know what he means but are just being facetious, the guys profile picture on Twitter is him in a SFC shirt. I’m assuming the poster just put two and two together. Irony is Dickson seems to be a ‘banger’ jobbing around for some diddy team. Which Brechin aren’t... yet.
  9. I hope whoever the new manager is has a really simple surname so that attention seeking idiot CDH can’t ‘miss-spell’ it for ‘fun’
  10. Anyone but John Hughes, seeing his face every time I go to open this thread will end up giving me PTSD.
  11. He’s not even consistent in the ‘funny’ miss spelling his name now. Getting really poor!
  12. While this is true, if the past two seasons had been that of success and mid table results, I don’t think many would have had much of an issue with the reduced ‘get you back’ tickets. But after supporters buying season tickets to watch the board and managers seemingly conspire to make us a laughingstock this was a kick in the teeth too far.
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