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  1. Not sure we were at the same game. His passing, even basic, was awful. He was also at fault for their goal too. He wasn't the worst on the park but certainly not our best player.
  2. Windup?! It's the truth none of us could see. Bigbr should be commended for such investigate excellence.
  3. If a 6-0 scudding generates mad thoughts like this I'll take a turgid 1-0 every week.
  4. Proper 4-4-2 today hopefully... Doyle. Bucky. Toshney. Dixon. Telfer. Gomis. Tidser. Longridge. McManus. Sammon.
  5. Sluggish, turgid pish. Nowhere near good enough offensively, entire forward line completely anonymous. Not a single shot on goal in the second half and little to test their keeper with in the first half is a concern. Tidser played like he was on the piss last night. Gomis best of a poor bunch. C minus.
  6. Tidser’s a liability in this last 15 minutes.
  7. Is there a link to anywhere that confirms BTB leaked details to a newspaper?
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