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  1. Ability and carrot shouldn't be used in the same sentence. But once our new young coach/manager starts winning trophys I will retract my statements about him so that won't be any time soon ???????? Poor razor isn't getting a look in and we genuinely believe if he was left to get on with it without the clown he would do well once he settled in??? What you think mick
  2. Coach oh that's what carrot does ??? He certainly can't manage that's for sure. From what I've seen there has only been 7 or 8 players at training since the special one took over ?? You know that the same as I do ? And your insistence that I am a member of the previous management team couldn't be further from the truth . Think again mick
  3. Are you insane Mr Kirkcudbright? We don't want a long time project where we are getting beat week in and week out.The word around the club and the town is we don't have any players signed up for next season? Would be an absolute disgrace if we can't even field a team next season and sorry but the word is the carrot guy won't get anyone to play for him. He has already been round all the lads who were at locher when he had a SHORT spell there and been told NO THANKS ? Contrary to general believe we don't pay signing on fees or pay wages so WHO are we going to attract? Certainly not players of the calibre in seasons gone buy. My concern is not about the way the previous management team were treated (disgracefully) IMO. But we're the club goes from hear ? If as you say you are not directly involved in the club surly you should share OUR concerns? Eh mick
  4. Aye right ? My obsession as you call it is purely because I care so much about the club and the toon. Unlike yourself. If you actually listened to what we (the supporters) think you would know that we are far from happy with the situation. And if that's blackening the clubs name you are more nieave than I thought.TRUE FACT just hurry up and rising along with the other TWO.
  5. Mr Kirkcudbright what a cheek you have you live in Dundrennan and work in Dumfries. Hardly Mr Kirkcudbright? The only thing that is obvious is the club is in decline and YOU are largely responsible along with the other TWO. We are going to be bottom three next season if we continue to let run the club into the ground. As for the carrot guy he's not a manager it's plain to see. And I note that Raymond was an after thought in your last post. Do the toon and the club and favour and don't wait until the AGM ????
  6. I was unfortunately present tonight at what is turning into a farce. How can a group of players who were so successful only 6 weeks ago? Suddenly loose all ambition and desire to play for us ? SIMPLY ANSWER the man commonly known as CARROT and the magnificent three. We're already starting to see what has to come next season and that's with a majority of the so called big players still here ? God knows what it's going to be like next season ? Bryce Wilson Grant Middlemass already committed to threave next season scooby milly Jack louden Roman & Miller all heading that way also. We are becoming the laughing stock of the SOSL. PLEASE PEOPLE WHO CARE ANYTHING ABOUT OUR CLUB. speak up now ????? The committee has to go. Shocking situation. All the best to nithsdale in the final. .
  7. Exactly! Bigstuff somehow the magnificent 3 are besotted with him ? The proof will be in the pudding? We are going to have to grin and bear it.or so they think ?
  8. CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING MANAGERS ? Word on the streets was a certain few committee members made it impossible for the last manager to stay. The truth seems to be getting Mr Kirkcudbright a bit hot under the collar.There's is absolutely no logic in the situation that arose ? We had the pick of the best available players in the region we were winning trophys (something we hadn't attceived for a considerable amount of time) but for some reason that wasn't good enough? Strange situation??????? We think Razor will be a good manager given the time to settle in. But I've seen it for my own eyes he's been over powered with this man who has attceived absolutely nothing in the game.
  9. Oh so I must be wrong then we have re signed all this seasons player's ? Was just up the street and been told that the magnificent 3 (you know who you are) are planning to stand down at the next AGM ? That's after running the club into the ground . On the subject of the ground it's really starting to look at bit grubby . Doesn't look as if any maintenance has been done since Richard Davis left. I can also assure you I speak for the majority of the supporters when I say good riddance to bad rubbish. The AGM can't come soon enough.
  10. I see after our 5-0 humiliation at the hands of edu last weekend our so called manager has stated in the Galloway news that there not his group of players?? . Up until now he has been happy to take the credit for the games we have won ("with someone else's group") this is just another example of his arrogance. There is no doubt in the minds of a lot of people down at St Marys we are in a bad place at the moment and it's not looking as if it's going to get better anytime soon. There seems to be a lack of leadership at the club . TIME FOR A CLEAR OUT and we're not talking about players (God knows we have very few of them left ) our Facebook page of the 16th of March stated that we had re signed almost the entire squad of this season and again the manager confirmed that in the press ??? False statements that don't bide well with a lot of people in Kirkcudbright.
  11. On the subject of Graham Wright he's probably the best Goalkeeper in the region. And yes we would love to see him back at saints? Very unlikely tho as milly scooby and Co all heading for the exit door I'm afraid. On the two occasions Graham has been at saints it was Rab Cameron who brought him. So as I say very unlikely he will probably be playing his football with milly and scooby next season.We're ever that may be ??????
  12. I have noticed that the lochar results have fallen away of late ? Maybe could do us all a favour at saints and take the one and only carrot back ? PLEASE
  13. Oh that comes as a surprise? He' has been reporting back that negotiations are going really well with prospective new signings for next season. Time will tell ? I had heard that there were a few managers/chairmen very upset in the way the special carrot going about things. NOT DOING THE CLUB OR THE TOWN. any favours I'm afraid.
  14. Unfortunately for saints.The article in the Galloway news was misleading? NONE of the current squad have put pen to paper. A few have told us that they are waiting until the end of the season to make up there minds ? With the exception of scooby and milly who have point blank refused to even speak to carrot. To be honest we expect a mass exodus at the end of the season. We shall then see the pulling power our current management team have ? We feel that Razor is somewhat being overlooked as the whole show seems to revolving around the man who rates himself very highly " it's about my career" is a quote he has been widely using. Bring back Rab Cameron all is forgiven!!
  15. Word is the special carrot is on the way out ? He's not happy with the SET UP ? Being the manager he is saints are not professional enough ? He has (absolutely no disrespect to the YM or Lochar) only won 7 games of football as a manager?? But we're not good enough ?
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