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  1. Aye those two cougars that work in the Forfar club shop coming down for it? Asking for a mate.
  2. I think the ones you've mentioned are about right. I'm trying to decide on Forbes. He did bail us out a good few times last season but then again a severe lack of pace cost us dearly last year and I feel Duffman has addressed that. I'll go same list except Forbes as my 'at a push' instead of Bobby.
  3. I was disappointed to see McCluskey get the nod ahead of Crossan. This could have been due a PJ nursing a knock or something so I'll try not jump the gun too much but from what I've seen and read (live tweets & match reports) there's zero composure coming from Stef and he's passing up big chances. How's his overall play been last 2 weeks and does anyone agree/disagree with him starting ahead of crossan?
  4. 100% behind this. Fess up or name and shame. Smearing, quite literally, our name as a good bus travelling away support.
  5. I thought Wardrop was immense for us. Injury robbed us of seeing just how good he could have been but when him and McLaughlin were both fit at the start of that season we were flying.
  6. I'm hopefully going to training on Thursday and film a couple of interviews. Last time we got half an hour before training so we managed to get two interviews in. I think Isaac Layne is a must. If we could get a second is there anyone the fans would like to hear from?
  7. The truth is they've stopped bringing the drum so you can come back and watch. That is a fact. The Ultras have made the grown up decision to stop bringing the drum so everyone can attend the games. That's all I'm saying.
  8. It's a fair point. Is it just the drum that annoys folk? Would the young team with a megaphone be alright?
  9. Anything but a f**king tambourine
  10. Common courtesy works both ways @Howlin Wilf they've ditched the drum for the sole reason that you can come back and watch the team. so next time you see the young team you should give them a wee tip of the hat.
  11. Just out of curiosity there I reached out to the young team asking the story behind the drum. "we stopped talking it because two fans had an hearing issue and because of the noise of the drum they couldn’t go to the games anymore so we stopped so they could come back" I think a lot of credit should go them for being so understanding and thinking of others like that and making that decision. I love the young team making noise. To me that's football. I'm almost embarrassed how quiet it can be down there sometimes. That being said the young ultras were different class today and sang for the full 90 without a drum and still managed to create a good atmosphere. So maybe that's the happy medium for all parties.
  12. No doubt it's still going to be a hard season ahead but knowing the team have that in them after yesterday makes me feel a bit better.
  13. If you've ever kicked a baw you'll know ringers are usually good so we can stop using that term cause we are not very good.
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