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  1. Some Clyde fans might be pound for pound the most delusional fans in scottish baw.
  2. You got absolutely nae change out of Rico Quitongo all night. Easy nights work for the wee man.
  3. I played against McCabe in a charity game once and he was ridicuously incredible. *this is not an endorsement of managerial ability.
  4. I don't know why but it must have been decided early(ish) on in the game that Jai was the only sub getting game time yesterday. PJ's face was absolutely tripping him as he "warmed up" with about 20 minutes left. I would love to know why because that's the strongest our bench has looked all season and we actually had options for a nice change.
  5. @thecamel'shump are we done for the window? And whatever happened to Miller?
  6. Delighted with the business but not really eating humble pie because we dropped 3 points to Peterhead and could only muster a draw with Stranraer. Plus aberdeen were there for the taking.
  7. McKee for assisting free kicks and Forbes when theres a shot to be had.
  8. I'm happy with him coming back. We were such a slow team last season and Duffy has addressed that so ai think we can afford to have him in the team now more than last year. That being said he was still class for us last season. DT gets all the plaudits, and rightfully so, but Forbes came up big when needed it.
  9. I think we've definitely strengthened this window. I still think we are a bit light in terms of bodies though so (very wishful thinking) 1 or 2 more please Duff!
  10. Exactly it I think. He's our plan B.
  11. If it does happen I think he'll be a good addition again. He likes the club and Duffy seems to get the best out of him.
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