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  1. Looks great. Sponsor could only be in red with it being a half and half. Probably cost a small fortune to alternate the sponsor in blue and white.
  2. You won't be if he takes the huff for playing second fiddle. Which he will.
  3. Is Crawford's club legend status tarnished by his completely meh managerial stint? Was Gordon Dalziel's for us? Of course not.
  4. I have massive respect for Alloa. For years now they've been a beacon of stability and how a club can routinely go beyond perceived expectations (As opposed to my own club barring the last couple of years). I'm not saying relegation means all this stops you understand, but it does seem a bit of a watershed moment for your club. I absolutely hope you can continue in the same vein.
  5. They can't finish 2nd because we still have to play Dundee so one team at the very worst would have 41 points. Queens can only get 40
  6. Only 1 off ICT. But yes, we've never stolen many/any points off teams this season. Only chucked them away.
  7. They're lagging behind the rest of the division
  8. Nor do they have the same 3 away games as Raith. Because they can't play themselves.
  9. We won't re-sign Mendy. Why would we? Been a waste of 2 years' wages. Put it down to simply a bad signing and move on.
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